Monday, November 24, 2014

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Come let us give thanks and praise
Cry out to the lord

Gather round children of  earth
The Holy Book of wonder is here

Pure lyric is truth in rays of sun
All the flowers know it and are laughing

Gather round children of the earth
Rally around the red  the gold the green
Come and see come and see

To be released January 15 2015(commemorating 1981 Rally for peace press conference held by Stevie Wonder At washington DC united press building) 

For the ones robed in light separated by the long night.
May Allah be pleased; the torch passed on by the Prophet Bob Marley this work is dedicated. This is that light. To all the warriors not stepping upon the dawn of the new day and to all those souls who persevered along the path narrow we all started around the year of change that time the prophet departed orb-ship earth, and Stevie wonder stood in the shoes of Martin Luther king to petition the powers that be to honor him. The Holy Book of Wonder is essence of that journey. We give thanks to the almighty for his mercy endurth forever. I’m overjoyed to be alive, chosen to present to the world at this time my life’s work. Bob Marley was a runner in this relay of information from the divine who successfully delivered the baton as torch of light. His influence on the musician Stevie wonder allowed
This miracle to be, for he sang in a song “I don’t want to wait in vain for your love”(SPEAKING TO HIS AMERICAN Negro audience) and the message in the music was received by the Rastafari poet Ital Iman I  33 years ago,(1/15/1981) the Holy Book of wonder is that narrative. a metaphysical experience in our life time, we honor the prophet Marvin Gaye who saw it and sang it in a song called "praise" where he acknowledges the divinity of the blind seer Stevie wonder on the album “in our life time “shouts go out to Frankie Beverly who help us journey through the maze of these changing times from that time  making the connection “right on time” from the album (we are one)for everything is on the one the Mother- ship will fly like it always does  as we were told in song by George Clinton, the prophet Maurice white of earth wind and fire with his guru spirit revealed the light of Egypt informing us truth is written in the stone (great pyramid)from album I am…give thanks also to the foundation mystic Mr. lee scratch Perry Author of the music 23rd dub the foundation of it all ,blessings for Mr. Kenney gamble (Bro Luqman Abdul Haqq)

Author of soul train theme the 23rd dub spiritual connection.Hallie Selassie is earth’s rightful ruler. Elijah Muhammad is the messenger of the last resurrection. Deliverer
  Of the message to the black man in the wilderness of North America. Holy Book of wonder is tribute to this vibration, for our ancestors did not die in vain….this is the ‘Native American Spirit’ of Ancient North Florida the Holy and sacred vibration 13 anointed and ordained by the Saturiwa and  Mayaca, The Great Owl Shaman  totem stand as witness at banks of the majestic saint Johns River ,this is the vibration of Sirius …
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