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The word "Street" is the Hebrew word "Rechob" and means 'Plaza' or 'Public Square'. The word "Wall" in Daniel 9:25 is "Charuwts" which is a poetical Hebrew word meaning 'Gold' or 'Gold that is mined' i.e taken or stolen. (Psalm 68:13 preceded here with the word Yĕraqraq-charuwts, which together means yellow-gold). Thus, His Majesty requested the return of many artistic and religious artifacts stolen by the fascists during their occupation. These included dozens of ancient works of art, the bronze statue of the Lion of Judah and various golden crowns of Kings and the Stele of Axum, an ancient obelisk made by the Egyptians between the first and the fourth century A.D. In November, during an official visit of Selassie in Italy, the Lion of Judah was returned to Ethiopia and declarations of friendship between the two peoples were renewed.

The word "Cut Off" in Hebrew is "Karath" and means 'cut down', 'eliminate', 'destroy'. Therefore, Jewish and Christian interpret the "Cut Off" in verse 26 as the Messiah being Killed. However, "Karath" also means 'To Cease', which symbolizes a temporary stop or interruption of something; i.e. Interval or Pause. Hence, Selassie was only exile for a period of time.

The word "Determined" at the end of Daniel 9:26 is the Hebrew word "Charats"and means "decide", 'to cut' and 'calculate' i.e RECKON. Hence, "unto the end of the war desolations are determined (accounted)."

"Among other things, the Treaty of Peace with Italy signed between the Italian Republic (Repubblica Italiana) and the victorious powers of World War II on 10 February 1947 in Paris, included Italy's formal recognition of Ethiopian independence and an agreement to pay $25,000,000 in reparations. Ethiopia became an independent nation again, and Haile Selassie was restored as its leader. At the time of this treaty, Ethiopia presented Italy with a bill of its own for damages inflicted during the course of Mussolini's colonial adventure. Claimed were the loss of 2,000 churches, the loss of 525,000 houses, and the slaughter and/or confiscation of six million beef cattle, seven million sheep and goats, one million horses and mules, and 700,000 camels. The bill for this presented to the Economic Commission for Italy came to £184,746,023. The Total was 760,300 human losses."

"The Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks

The word "Messiah" is the Hebrew word "Mashiach" and means 'anointed'; usually a consecrated person as a king or priest.The word "Prince" in Daniel 9 is the Hebrew "Nagid" and does not necessarily mean 'Prince' but rather a 'King', 'Leader', 'Ruler'; as in the case of King Saul who was called "Nagid" in 1 Samuel 10:1. Nagid is equivalent to the Ethiopic "Negus" meaning KING. 

The King James Version puts a definite article before "Messiah the Prince" (9:25). The original Hebrew text does not read "the Messiah the Prince" but, having no article, it is to be rendered "An Anointed King" (Mashiach Nagid); i.e. a Crown King, since the word Mashiach is nowhere used in the Jewish Scriptures as a proper name, but rather as a title of authority for a KING. Therefore, this phrase (An Anointed King) symbolizes a person currently holding or seated in office; i.e. like a sitting President.

7 weeks is 49 days. 49 days is converted into 49 years. 

49 is also symbolic of a "Jubilee" and Selassie's Palace was dubbed "Jubilee Palace"

Haile Selassie returned to Ethiopia in May 1941 and immediately began reconstruction after January 1942, when the last remnant of Italian Soldiers were captured by Ethiopian forces. His Majesty was 49 years old (July 1892 - January 1942); Hence, the Crowned King (Mashiach Nagid) shall be 49 years [old] when reconstruction begins. 

Also the number 49 represent The Star Sirius, since Sirius B take 49.9 years to orbit the brighter star Sirius A. Even in Holy Quran, Chapter 53 entitled "The Star" (Al-Najm) and verse 49 reads, "it is He Who is the Lord of Sirius." 

And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself:

Haile Selassie was Inaugurated in November 1930 as Emperor, but he truly became rightful ruler of the throne and Empire (King-Elect) in March 1930 when he defeated Ras Gugsa Welle, husband of Empress Zewditu at the Battle of Anchem. The battle was fought to determine who would rule the empire, Empress Zewditu or King Tafari Makonnen. Suspiciously, on April 2, 1930, two days after Ras Gugsa Welle was killed in battle, Empress Zewditu died. Tafari then demanded the title Negasa Negast (King of Kings) and took complete control of the government.

Selassie Defected Gugsa Welle in March 1930 for the Throne and went into exile 6 years and 2 months later in May 1936. However, before going into exile His Majesty plan to move to the hills and fight a guerrilla campaign but his chiefs and advisers persuaded the Emperor to leave Ethiopia. Therefore, "shall the Messiah be cut off, but not for himself". In other words, he went into exile to stop the total annihilation of his People by presenting the case of Ethiopia to the League of Nation. 

"But not for Himself" - This statement can also symbolize "His Life" was spared and he wasn't killed in battle etc. Hence, the Hebrew "Nephesh" means 'Self', 'Soul', 'Life'.

Threescore=60 days
2 weeks=14 days

60+14=74 days is then converted into 74 months. They are 12 months in a year. 74/12=6.16 (rounded off to 6.2) or 6 years & 2 months.

Exactly 6 years & 2 months (March 1930 - May 1936) His Majesty hold office before going into exile.

Daniel 9:27 "And HE shall confirm the covenant with many for ONE WEEK: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to CEASE, and for the overspreading of abominations HE shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate." 

According to Jews and Christian interpretations of the “He” of verse 27, refers to the “Messiah”. However, how can “He” of verse 27 refer to “Messiah” when Messiah has been “cut off” in the previous verse (26)? Thus, if the “He” of verse 27 is referring to the "Cut off" Messiah, how can the one who is "Cut off" also sets up the “abomination of desolation”? Is "He" destroying his own Nation? Thus this individual, the “He” who was in allegiance with many nations for one week, also breaks this treaty, and then sets up the “abomination of desolation” in the holy place. Clearly, the “He” of Daniel 9:27 is not the “Messiah” of verse 25 & 26. Rather, the “he” is referring to “the prince that shall come,” within the same verse (26). The people of this ruler who destroyed the Holy City and its sanctuary (the Temple) were Roman legions. Indeed, the “He” of Daniel 9:27 is “the prince that shall come,” which symbolizes the "Antichrists" known to us today as the Roman Papacy (Italy/Europe). In addition, verse 25 and 26 clearly distinguished the "Messiah the Prince" from the "Prince that shall come," which prove they are different characters. 

The word "Prince" in verse 26 (the prince that shall come) is the Hebrew word "Nagid" which many have falsely translated as 'Prince', when in actually denotes a 'King', 'Leader', or 'Ruler' i.e. of a Nation.

Therefore, the correct rendering of verse 27 should be understood in its original Hebraic context is as follows:

"He (The Ruler) shall be strengthened by (and overcome) the League of Many [Nations] for 7 months (Italy defeated Ethiopia in just 7 months): and while speaking arrogantly (Boastfully) during the 7 months (Italian/Ethiopian War) he shall cause the offerings and praises (religious ceremonies dedicated to the Emperor) to be brought to an end (since the Emperor had fled into Exile on May 2, 1936), and upon the WING OF ABOMINATIONS shall he bring desolation (airplanes dropping bombs and gas), even until the complete end [of the destruction], and that which was decreed (the using of poison gas bombs) shall dropped (penetrated the skin) from the skies." 

The word "Confirm" in Hebrew is "Gabar" meaning 'mighty' or 'powerful'. 'prevail', 'strengthen'. The word "Covenant" is the Hebrew 'Berith' and means 'alliance', 'treaty' or 'league'. The word "Many" is the Hebrew "Rab" meaning 'Mighty (Men)', 'master', 'abundance' & 'Multitude'; Like Abraham whose name means "Father of a Multitude [of Nation]". Hence, the statement "And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week", symbolizing that Mussolini (Italy) was not only strengthened by other members of the League of Nations but he also overcame them as well, since the League did nothing to prevent Italy from attacking Ethiopia. In fact, Britain and France secretly agreed to give Ethiopia to Italy and the League suggested a plan to give part of Ethiopia to Italy as well. Even the Pope of Rome (Pope Pius XI), Vatican officials and Clergy blessed Mussolini's troops, bombs and poison gas that massacred scores of Ethiopian civilian. However, Mussolini would left the League of Nations the following year in 1937 after the League had imposed economic sanctions on Italy for the invasion of Ethiopia. 

Note the phrase, "The Covenant with Many" in verse 27 reveals the "League of Nations," in the original Hebrew text - "Berith Rab"  

On October 3, 1935, Italy attacked Ethiopia from Eritrea and Italian-Somaliland without a declaration of war. On October 7, the League of Nations unanimously declared Italy an aggressor but took no effective action.Thus, His Majesty was betrayed by the League of Nations. 

The word "Midst" in Hebrew is "Chatsi" and means "half" or "to divided" and is derived from the root word "Zed" (or Zud & Zid) meaning "presumptuous", 'arrogant', 'pompous'. Hence, Mussolini was known to be one of the most pompous and arrogant dictator of Italy. He even boasted during the war of having murdered Ethiopians by the thousands. 

As Benito Mussolini boasted, in his introduction to The War in Abyssinia, an extravagant commemorative volume written by his field commander Marshal Pietro Badoglio and published in London by Methue: "the war which lasted from October 3rd to May 5th may with full justice be termed a 'Fascist' war, because it was waged and won in the very spirit of Fascism: speed, decision, self-sacrifice, courage, and resistance beyond human limits” (Badoglio 1937: vii)"

The Hebrew words "Zebach" and "Minchah" denotes 'offering' and 'praises' one dedicates to God. The word "Cease" is the Hebrew "Shabath" meaning 'brought to an end' or 'rest'. However, the root word comes from "Shabbat" which is observe on the seventh day of the week - SATURDAY. Interestingly, Haile Selassie fled into exile on May 2, 1936 which was also on the Sabbath Day (Saturday) and Italian forces took the capital, Addis Ababa, on May 5, 1936.

The word "Overspreading" is the Hebrew "kanaph" and means 'border', 'cover', 'wing' & 'flying'. The word "Abomination" is the Hebrew "Shiqquwts" meaning 'atrocity', 'monstrosity', & 'destruction'. Thus, atrocity came from the Sky in the form of bombs and poison gas. 

The word "Consummation" is the Hebrew word "Kalah" and means 'to be complete', 'at an end', 'finished'. The word "Determined" is the Hebrew word "Charats" meaning "decide", 'to cut', 'decree'. Hence, Pietro Badoglio (Italian general) was granted permission from Mussolini to used poison gas. 

The word 'Poured' is the Hebrew "Nathak" and means 'be melted', 'dropped, 'molten'. Hence, the mustard gas bombs contained a corrosive liquid. When they exploded, they emitted lethal vapors that penetrated the human skin and produced both internal and external lesions that ultimately killed some victims. Others were blinded by the toxic gases. Many of those who escaped the deadly rain of mustard gas on the battlefield finally succumbed to its lethal effects when they drank water from the rivers and lakes contaminated by the gas. Even the word "Destroy" in verse 26 is the Hebrew word "Shachath" and means 'spoil', 'ravage', 'loot', 'polluted' i.e to contaminate (water, air, or a place) with poisonous substances.

The word "Desolation" in verse 27 is the Hebrew "Shamem" meaning 'ravage' or 'destroy' and is equivalent to the word "shamayim" (shamim or shameen ), means 'Sky' or 'Heaven'. In the spoken language SHAMAYEM was often reduced to SHAMEM. Hence, Italian's Airplanes were loaded with poison gas and bombs which devastated Selassie's army, leaving many Ethiopian civilians deformed, sickened, and perished within its path.

"ONE WEEK" is 7 days. They are 7 days within a week and this is converted into 7 months.

Italy's invasion began in October 1935 and HIM went into exile 7 months later in May 1936. 

(October 1935 - May 1936)=7 months 

Jeremiah 23: 20 "The anger of the Lord shall not return, until he have executed, and till he have performed the thoughts of his heart (Appearance at the League of Nations in 1936): in the latter days (in the future) ye shall consider it PERFECTLY."

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