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This is recorded the wisdom of the super new Ramadan moon of May/ 25/ 2017=13
 Ramadan (Starts Friday May 26 ends evening Saturday, June 24)

‘They’ came and they somehow took the dream.(missing from Microsoft word)
But I will upload it again.(recorded  from memory)
The upload has stayed with me in that place where information is always stored.
This is the purpose of writing of books of reading that we recall that we remember…

I’m feeling that this is my final video discourse before the fulfilment of culminating prophecies;
That I have been assured will happen this year.32 years after the May- 13- 1985  move bombing  in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, (the Philadelphi oracle) 36 years after the Ascension of the prophet Bob Marley from earth’s plane. Below you will read of dreams I had that assured me that my work on this subject had come to a point.one would have to read the Holy book of wonder which I was guided to write over a 36 year period of time to understand  and sit at the essence of what I’m conveying here.
                                                           The Holy Book Of Wonder

 I have also  self -published around eight Books to give you a heads up as, to the black liberation movement and end times prophecies. Also there is the BlogSpot: (The Rastafari mystery school,) if you would read it you would be highly blessed. What I have learned from my work over the past 36 years is that it will go down just like it was written of in the time of Noah, save this time it is much worst. Many will say: 2000 came then 2012 and nothing happened. My work will point out to you just what did happen and you did not and did not want to see it. notice we have had two strikes already, and mind you me this year is the third strike. And as the mystic game goes and it is written on the third strike you are; out! You will be surprised how many people are evil and are not aware of it: I coined a phrase 36 years ago: ”evil is oft times ignorance not knowing itself to be so” it has been like a scientist in a great laboratory and has come up with the conclusion: only a hand full on this huge earth truly wanted to know truth. Scientifically  this has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, for I have paid my dues, literally starved, even my own family members did not want to see me eat nor have a roof over my head. Yet I held my head up to the point you never knew I was homeless and many times hungry…(Ital standing tall in Babylon) I have even escaped the death hunts and threats of a few syndicates. I sacrificed my life for you and offered my Books for your support and had to beg you buy them and I can count the ones of you who did. if all I have said come to pass I do not feel sorry for you because you were aware of what you were doing when I tried to warn you…

We were in this park. It was some secluded area, I and Brother Hakim Bilal. He was relaying a story to me about his wife, and how she has made it through some hard times, and that she had all her paperwork together and how the authorities were no longer concerned with her or that she was no longer bothered by them etc. at first I was not paying him any attention until I realized what he was saying was very important. Then I began to listen.
It began to become dark as we sat on the bench in what I perceived to be a park. Suddenly from the sky falling at a great rate of speed from the dark vault of heaven down upon us was a literal sign with the word Forsyth written up-on it, I was not afraid and did not move looking up attentively as the sign barreled down. save brother Hakim with great skill flung himself forward into the foliage affront the bench the green sign with white writing made a great thud  and crater like imprint only inches at my side. Surely if brother Hakim Bilal would not have moved it would have been to his demise. Stunned and amazed etc. together we begin to walk away from our setting and profound reasoning session, I looking up saw star lights in the heavens in waiting formations like war ships at harbor stretching for endless miles in winding formations of many ranks, it dawned on me as to what I was now witnessing as space ships, they had sent us a communications with that thunderous fleeting sign. The number 4 came to my mind and for some time I thought the word written on the sign was four but it was Forsyth. like a street name but the message and meaning was foresight the letter y was somewhat somehow obscured y is number 25. (The Discrimination Holy Quran) Hakim did not want to talk about or look up at the stars… he was so moved.

Also there was a dream where General Colin Luther Powell 65th united states secretary of state.12th chairman of joint chiefs of staff, retired four star general USA Army. born 4-5-1937=11 was on a couch and I was talking to who I believe to be Jah Levi, don’t remember who he was but I corrected him in front the general, he was telling me I did not have time to change into a suite of clothing, calmly I explained that I could and had the skills to do so… but the important thing is that the general was there and I was in the same room executing wisdom and leadership skills…

“Forsyth may derive from fearsithe, which is Scottish Gaelic for man of peace.”
Is a city in Monroe county Georgia, USA. Part of the Macon metropolitan statistical area.
Foresight is planning for things before they happen…

At first there was this dream and all three were as if they were real in 3D: beside my bed the computer stand between where I keep a few books and sometimes placing my food bowl. There were two strange looking large roaches, antenna  moving as to communicate. I thought about killing them, swatting  them as is normal to some. I thought they were truly there, I was aware of the area because the setting of the dream was just as it is in my room, then I realized it was a dream…

The Sign

Daniel 5/25
And this is the inscription that was written:
Daniel 5/26
This is the interpretation of each word. MENE: God has numbered your kingdom, and finished it.
Daniel 5/27
TEKEL: You have been weighed in the balance, and found wanting.
Daniel 5/28
PERES: Your kingdom has been divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.
Of the many interpretations he giveth discrimination to the Rastafari  a warner  for the nations.
We are divided and we must connect the physical part of the brain with the spiritual or we must contact or recognized where this sign or vibration is coming from. God said our kingdom is numbered:
The place of The Gods}Galaxy in the constellation (coma) in the sign Virgo=4555=19=Mary(our kingdom is numbered:4555)
Note that (coma) means: Mother and child. The ‘scientist’ noticed that there is something or a vibration coming from the galaxy( heavenly kingdom) they gave the name 4555 to identify it.( the world astronomical society gave it that name) Note that Quran say that man does thing and think that it is he but it is Allah who does a ting, it has been noted that the information from the stem cell research is coming from that area etc,and we know Anunakki being the original geneticists
Mene=M=40-E=5-N=50-E=5  so we have the number of the of the constellation 4555
This is the workings of the Gods as sign and all this points to 9/23/2017 the sign of the sun clad woman…

Luke 17/21
“Nor will they say,’see here!’ or ‘SEE THERE!’ for indeed,the kingdom of God is within you.”
Ezekiel  bible
One man among them was clothed with linen with a writers inkhorn by his side:

Emerald tablet
I am your writing palette,o thoth,and I have brought to you your ink-jar
Proof of gods from outerspace visits in bible and where they came from… galaxy 4555
Ezekiel 1:1. Now it came to pass in the thirteenth year,in the {4}th month,in the {5}th day of the month, as I was among the captives by the river of chebar, that the heavens were opened, and I saw visions of god.
In the {5}th day of the month,which was the {5}th year of king Jehoiachin’s captivity.

We see this in the opening of the book of Ezekiel revealed in the first numbers.

This is what was revealed by the hand on the wall in the book of Daniel. The greek and Hebrew values of Mene is 4555.

Those who came from another galaxy both in the emerald tablet and bible,come from the home galaxy ngc4555. This is where the sign on 9/23/2017 will come from…

4+5+5+5=19  sura 19 Holy Quran is Mary

Right in bible we have proof of Ufo landing on earth down by the river chebar…in book of Ezekiel .

2kings2. And it came to pass,when the lord would take up Elijah into heaven by a whirlwind.

9.Elijah said unto Elisha ,what do you want me to do for you before I’m taken away.

11.11 as they were talking there appeared a chariot of fire which separated them and Elijah went up by a a whirlwind into heaven.

 12.And Elisha saw it,and he cried:my father,my father,the chariot of Israel,and he saw him no more…

Remember that Elijah left on the Ufo ship and returned as John the Baptist and Jesus knew him as Elijah it was his friend.the last time he was known on earth he was Elijah he never died he was taken up.

he returned as John baptizing proclaiming the coming of Jesus the Christ.
Matthew 11:13, 14

                                        Emerald tablets

"I built the great pyramid,patterned after the pyramid of earth force,burning eternally so that it,to, might remain through the ages. In it, I built my knowledge of “magic science” so that I might be here when again I return from Amenti."

Matthew 2:15= out of Egypt I called my son= Jesus came out of Egypt . the knowledge there of=the emerald force… the scatters sura 51 holy Quran…

The Departure of Jesus

It is written in a place for us to see of Jesus  friend of Elijah who left in a fiery chariot  on clouds  and returned as John the Baptist:

Luke 24:51.
"And it came to pass,while he blessed them,he was parted from them,and carried up into heaven".

Remember when Elijah left he said it was a chariot of fire which separated them.

It reads above in luke 24: 51 that Jesus was carried away.not floated up or took off like superman.

He was carried away,just like his friend Elijah who came back as John the baptist and Ezikeal he was carried away in a space craft (chariot of fire)

From the Dweller the emerald tablets:

"Raised I to light, the children of khem.
I buried my spaceship,waiting the time when man might be free.
Over the spaceship,erected a marker in the form of a lion yet like a man.there neath the image rest.

Yet my spaceship,forth to be brought when need shall arise.

Know ye,o man, that far in the future, invaders shall come from out of the deep.

 Then awake,ye who have wisdom. Bring forth my ship and conquer with ease. Deep neath the image lies my secret. Search and find in the pyramid I built".

 now before we venture into this wonderful video, (The sign)we will settle the 'Alien' "problem" for ever. for in the 10th Sumerian tablet did they leave us a sign as to who they were and what they looked like: here is a conversation they had as the put the finishing touches on the pyramid complex:

While the Anunnaki were still celebrating the construction of the "artificial mounds", Enki offered a suggestion to his brother, Enlil:

"When in the future days it will be asked: when and by whom was this marvel fashioned?
Let us beside the twin peaks a monument create, the Age of the Lion let it announce,
The image of Ningishzidda (later known as Thoth), the peaks' designer, let its face be,
Let it precisely toward the Place of the Celestial Chariots gaze,
When, by whom, and the purpose let it to future generations reveal!"

Enlil agreed with Enki's suggestion and decreed:

"Let the gazing lion, precisely eastward facing, with Ningishzidda's image be!"
                                   Note that this face is Thoth

                                THE SIGN THE VIDEO

The halls of Amenti 2


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"I had a dream" The Glory Of The Coming Of The Anunakki

                                       “I  had a dream”

There are certain men upon the planet we all wonder about. One being Dick Gregory. Many have asked why he was allowed to live so long being that he is a profound speaker of truth. Some suspect he is an agent. Allow me to tell you this brief story from my life in retrospect 1981 36 years ago: I was at the Rally for peace press conference held by Stevie wonder to cause the Martin Luther king birthday to be a national Holiday, we were in the women's auxiliary building DC or the united press building. I cannot recall. There were Jewish men dressed in Black who approached me and my assistant to ask us who were we. We replied we were Muslims. They said: “we know everyone with the final call we do not recall you". Note the final call is the newspaper of the nation of Islam. I found it very interesting that these men dressed in Black armed with their brief cases took an interest in us and we did appear out of place. This was my first Real Journalistic experience and encounter with the “Men in Black” since then I have met them one other time…it was then that I realized that the black liberation and civil rights movement was like a Hollywood script it was controlled by a shadow government. Which points us back briefly to Dick Gregory who I interviewed once about his book callus on my soul. Around the year 2001, I have noticed over the years I could not contact him after that.  I would call and no one would reply,And many others have interviewed him and he has chosen one person in particular who has interviewed him on a constant bases.and many have noticed his attitude toward his naïve young black interviewers.when I interviewed him it was not like that. I have noticed and come to realize the purpose of Dick Gregory is to keep the dream of King Alive. But the catch is that the dream was not and is not a reality. What I’m saying here is that it was orchestrated all the way;written and directed like a Hollywood movie with writers and all, many were not aware of their role in the movie so they played indirect parts. The purpose of the Manchurian man was to divert the real revolution.Dick Gregory was aware of this fact [I believe] we know that Jesse Jackson knew his role in the drama.Dick Gregory went to great lengths to uncover the “conspiracy” and brought out many hidden facts, even pointing to Jesse Jackson for being instrumental in the demise of Doctor King. What is even More Profound about it Martin 'Lucifer' King himself knew he was a scapegoat and delivered his own life for ’15 min’ of fame.it all was a sick lucifarian ritual to kill the true black revolution that was on the rise at that time. Think about it king patterning his life after Gandhi and had to know Gandhi himself was a racist. We don’t need to make this very long.I will present here his two advisers the persons that handled him and wrote his speeches .think about it: if King did not write his own speech, how we can take what he said at heart. Think about it, his words were given to him by his Jewish masters… this truth cannot be refuted. What will truly bring this home is the fact that the black man that was his speech writer, adviser, and lawyer was an entertainment lawyer. so this shows us this all is a staged act, just a matter of viewing it from the perspective I’m revealing it here.

First for observation we will view: “Stanley David Levison (May 2, 1912 – September 12, 1979) was an American businessman and lawyer who became a lifelong activist in progressive causes. He is best known as an advisor to, and close friend of Martin Luther King Jr., for whom he helped write speeches, raise funds, and organize events.” Stanley David Levison was born in New York City on May 2, 1912, to a Jewish family. Levison attended the University of Michigan, Columbia University, and the New School for Social Research. He received two law degrees from St. John's University. While serving as treasurer of the American Jewish Congress in Manhattan, he aided in the defense of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. During this period, he worked for a variety of liberal causes in the early 1950s the FBI considered Levison to be a major financial coordinator for the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and began to monitor his activities. The FBI had him under the surveillance of Jack and Morris Childs, two former CPUSA members who became FBI informants. According to the FBI, Levison's CPUSA activities ended in 1957.

He had initially been introduced to King by *Bayard Rustin*, a Quaker, in New York City in 1956. Though King had offered to pay Levison in exchange for his help, Levison refused on every occasion, as he believed "the liberation struggle is the most positive and rewarding area of work anyone could experience. In order to get to the heart of this drama we must know the history of * Bayard Rustin* and know who sent him and who was his backers ones who handled him. And you will find the people of this great orchestration and you will find that these are the social scientist who direct and control society from behind a hidden door. The public know very little about him today but here is a link to start your research on him. 

Check out his involvement in The New School for Social Research.
What’s so amazing is these men knew just what to write to move the emotional driven Negros at that time. And deeper some of what was written was truth. So this same thing is ongoing. We must attune ourselves to the true vibration of this time… as written in the Holy Book of Wonder.
The black man that directed king was: Clarence Benjamin Jones
Stanley David Levison (2013)

Clarence B. Jones (born January 8, 1931) is the former personal counsel, advisor, draft speech writer and close friend of Martin Luther King Jr. He is a Scholar in Residence at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Institute at Stanford University. He is the author of What Would Martin Say? (HarperCollins, 2008) and "Behind the Dream: The Making of the Speech that Transformed a Nation" (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2011)

In 1962, Martin Luther King Jr. wrote a letter recommending his lawyer and advisor, Clarence B. Jones, to the New York State bar, stating: “Ever since I have known Mr. Jones, I have always seen him as a man of sound judgment, deep insights, and great dedication. I am also convinced that he is a man of great integrity” Jones was born January 8, 1931 to parents who were domestic workers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and was raised in a foster home and a boarding school in New England. He graduated from Palmyra High School in Palmyra, NJ following his discharge, Jones returned to Columbia to complete his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1956. That year he began attending Boston University School of Law, obtaining his Bachelor of Laws degree in 1959. He and his wife Anne moved to Altadena, California, where Jones established a practice in entertainment law.

In 1967, at age 36, Jones joined the investment banking and brokerage firm of Carter, Berlind & Weill where he worked alongside future Citigroup Chairman and CEO, Sanford I. Weill and Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman, Arthur Levitt. Jones was the first African-American to be named an allied member of the New York Stock Exchange. Do your research.

Clarence jones kings advisers… (Entertainment lawyer) practice
This proves king was a puppet just like a movie star…
He was a plot of the international bankers jones was connected to them…

Stanley levison   
Stanley David levison was born in New York City on May 2, 1912, to a Jewish family.
The new school of social research-?
King was control by the Jew above. His title and role was adviser…
(now we see the role of people like dick Gregory: they take the spot light off truth and point us to a never ending conspiracy’s. what difference does it make looking for kings killer following dick Gregory when it would be simple to say: look king was a puppet he was not real this is theater he had a puppet master his adviser…writing his speeches and all just like the puppet president Obama…
                                       I HAD A DREAM

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The 9th Wave Star- Gate


"When you rule yourself, it is impossible to be ruled by another"... #ZaZaAli
THE 9th wave Star-Gate

May 23 at 10:05pm

Note that 5/23/2017= (11) this number represents a Gate a star gate or portal. Just like 911 of 2001 fame. This was two days before the new moon (5/25/2017 = 13)   this is a very spiritual vibration.

This was also one day before the start of the so-called Mayan ninth wave; purported by Carl Johan Calleman.we will take a look at the ninth wave in a few but let me show you  that on the date of 5/11/2017=(8) and 8 is the resonant number of Niburu. 

The prophet Bob Marley had been left earth plane for 36 years. He was 36 years of age when he died.

 I show you this because it’s science from the African American Kabbalah or mystery system.

 Which started in year 1930= 13 with the inception of nation of Islam and Rastafari Movement.

 Bob Marley was signal of the importance of this year 2017 which is also the 100 year anniversary of the 3rd secret of Fatima which in essence was an end times prophecy about the return of Niburu shrouded in secret by the catholic church…

the number 23 the date Zap Za  Ali wrote her seemly resignation from the so-called Black power struggle, is the resonant number of The Sirius star system which is to say her words were revelations of Anunakki via the Sirius star system.

 This is to show us the the black power movement or the revolution is on another level totally. Which is also to say that the true date of the start of the Maya 9th wave would be May/23/2017 and not May/24/2017. 

This is just like Calleman(white men)who would say that the Maya calendar started 3114 BCE when in fact it started 3113 BCE,
( because the number system is based on # 13)

like Sirius is 8.5= (13)  light years away but white scientist will tell us 8.6 then the black prophecies are thrown off, such as The parable of the 1985 move Bombing.(5/13/1985) All this I’m talking about can be found in the Holy Book of Wonder which was written over a 36 year span of Time. Corresponding with the 3,600 year elliptical orbit of Niburu and the 36th year memorial of the transition of The Prophet Bob Marley who left the physical plane at age 36.

now let us look at the root of our so-called struggle which started in year 1930 being 311 years up from slavery there were two redemption movements sent to us: Nation Of Islam and Rastafari. According to the mystic teachings of Master Fard Muhammad from the missing lesson revealed by Wallace Muhammad in his earth shaking book “as the light shines from the east” it is stated that Nation Of Islam had a symbolic 60 year window of time to deliver the redemption message to the black man in the wilderness of north America. Those 60 years was up in year 1990. This was a code year 1+9+9+0=19 things start over or go to another level. Again this wisdom can be found In the THE HOLY BOOK OF WONDER

  which is the wisdom of The Rastafari from his North American Perspective, these two movements fused together all the different elements spanning 87 years of first and 2nd wave 'Black power revolution' forming one great synthesis without contradiction this is ‘Overstanding. ’this is the level the revolution is suppose to be on as we have made an evolution.

 And as the sister Ali has realized the movement so to speak is dead. I’m not saying she agrees with me but she has realized what the old guard has been doing is futile and it is.why do you think ‘Brother Louie’ has the nation following H Ron Hubbard scientology: it is because they have become reprobate they are obsolete their time was up 27 years ago. And literally the mass of the movement is that far behind…so let us examine the statement of Za Za Ali with new vision, and see the impotence in the reply of our Good egotistical brother Malik Zulu Shabazz ‘The great or Master- debater’: (what do we expect from our sisters when we brothers are not strong)

-ZA ZA  Ali


“The Struggle is not real for me... not anymore. Owning that is no longer an option. I can honestly say that I've spent enough of my life suffering - from within & the elements of this world - only to hit a breaking point; I can no longer indulge the idea that there is only one pathway to Peace.... that an enemy is required to declare victory.... especially when so many of us avoid the real battle - the work that must be done within. Nothing in the white man's history, past or present - frightens me more than not living up to my own potential. * I'm Evolving * I know that means leaving some people, places, things, ideologies and concepts behind. I wish you well”

-ZA ZA  Ali

Malik Zulu Shabazz

“It's too many of our people being killed and murdered and discriminated and gentrified against to even dream of vacating the struggle

All the other goals of self-development and self-enlightenment are a part of the package of being fit for struggle. But make no mistake about it , struggle is ordained for us in the west. And being concerned about our own kind and the struggles and trials that go with serving our people is just how it is. There is no escaping it.”

Zaza Ali

“ Malik Zulu Shabazz Peace brother. That's interesting, I spoke my truth, and you felt the need to impose yours on me. Let's ask ourselves an honest question - what has the struggle produced? Aside from blood, pain, heartache, abandonment, transgression, conflict, turmoil and want? Yes of course, as a student of history I know that we've taken steps forward.... yet the steps we've taken backwards seem to override the progress. Being a student of Khalid Muhammad, I'm sure that you can bare witness to being in the presence of a light bearer who taps into the souls of our people... and what it feels like when that light goes out. The essence of our greatest hero's died in the struggle... then the question begs to be asked - did the struggle kill them. Make no mistake about it, I know who I am. I know my power, my value and my worth. I also know the power of words, and the direct and indirect impact of our collective consciousness. We have continually produced "struggles" and "movements" that produce temporary gain - orgasmic reactions to injustice. We are not making righteous, forward, long term progress because we are not in tune with our individual and collective power. There is no other way to explain being ruled by a lesser people. There is no "revolution' without self-development and self-enlightenment. And to be honest, in my opinion, that has been a consistent error on our behalf - asking the people to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. So the greater good is comprised of broken men and women, neglecting their own truths, self-worth, and divine potential. Your comment, as a leader of black people, validates that point to a tee. I appreciate your perspective but with all due respect, if we write history in advance, then my prophecy is not going to end like that.... "There is no escaping it". When you rule yourself, it is impossible to be ruled by another. Peace.”

What we must see here is that date 5/23/2017  something very powerful took place.it was a day of repentance and conversion for those who was open to the holy light(spirit) of Sirius. Just like the serious sun convergence of the year 1994.

To overstand the true miracle of this magic day please follow the following link and you will truly see and understand the redemptive power of the 9th wave… 

And we ask you to study all that is present at the Rastafari mystery school that you know truth and the level of the revolution in time…