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Return of The Ghost Dance * in the spirit of WoVoka * A voice to North Dakota Indian Nations...

                                         Black Nation and Red Nation Unite

                                   When the Sun died, I went up to Heaven and saw God and all the people who had died a long time ago. God told me to come back and tell my people they must be good and love one another, and not fight, or steal or lie. He gave me this dance to give to my people."

-Old Jack Wilson (Wovoka)

The Paiute  Messiah

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Dispelling the Native American Myth


                                                        sign at standing rock

when that time come the path will be beyond technology
by our will nature will be directed
Then will come the celestial navigators                    
We have been given the sign
Upon the sacred stone truth is written
To the rituals we are tied
The four ears of corn

-Ital Iman


                                                             FEEL IT IN THE ONE DROP

this is what happen

Thursday, October 27, 2016

“In Our Life time” The Wonder Theory

                                                  “In Our Life time”
                                                The Wonder Theory



2017 marks the 44th anniversary of Stevie Wonder’s near-fatal car accident, which occurred three days after the release of his masterpiece “Innervisions.” Within the next three years, Wonder, who was 23 years old when the accident occurred, would write and record “Fulfillingness’ First Finale,” “Songs in the Key of Life” and the soundtrack ”Journey Through the Secret Life of plants.

Wonder’s injuries were critical.  According to reports, he was riding in the front passenger seat of a rental car in west-central North Carolina when it struck the back of a flatbed truck used for delivering lumber.   Wonder, who was asleep, was knocked unconscious.  He bled profusely from head wounds:  He may have been struck by a log that burst through the shattered windshield.  Other reports state the truck was empty save for loose wooden shards.

Wonder was rushed to a local hospital, then transferred to a larger facility in Winston-Salem, where he remained in a coma for several days.  Ira Tucker Jr., the son of the lead singer of the Dixie Hummingbird and a Wonder aide, is reported to have sung “Higher Ground” – which appears on “Innervisions” – to the unconscious artist, who began to move his fingers.  Soon, Wonder regained consciousness. 

He was released from the hospital two weeks later; briefly, he lost his sense of smell and suffered reoccurring headaches.  Scars on his forehead are still visible today.

Before we get into what is public knowledge about Stevie wonder, we must take in a look at the esoteric side of his life, first I will say I have been researching and writing about this matter for the past 36 years by year 2017.and of yet I Have not been able to get an interview with him. The results of my obsession in this matter of wonder is currently recorded and published in a master works called the Holy Book of Wonder.

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 From the book 5/5/2000 by Richard W Noone, it states that when the number 23 start showing up in your life you are in contact or being contacted by a higher power, we must note that the number 23 is the resonant number of Sirius the enigmatic Egyptian dog Star. And it is written in Holy Quran sura 53 the star verse 49 which is a mathematical code: and He, Allah is lord of Sirius.

Note that at the time of the 6th August 1973 accident Stevie wonder was age 23.also the driver of the truck was age 23. 2x23-46 reversed is 64 which allude to genetic coding… what we wish to cause out that the readers see here is the influence of Sirius on the life of Stevie wonder. Note the accident  occurred three days after the release of his masterpiece “Innervisions.” Note that in the Sirius constellation there are three stars known as Sirius A. Sirius B. and Sirius C. Within the next three years, Wonder, who was 23 years old when the accident occurred, would write and record “Fulfillingness’ First Finale,” “Songs in the Key of Life” and the soundtrack ”Journey Through the Secret Life of plants.

 We must be aware that his music has changed and took on a certain direction since the accident which we can see mostly in the title of the albums.  for instance in the album “journey through the secret life of plants we hear Stevie teaching in song about the Sirius star system, explaining how Sirius B the smaller star rotates around the large star every 50 years, and he goes on to go even deeper into the Dogon cosmology of the universe as it relates to Sirius, which dogon cosmology is in perfect harmony, with the name of the album as the seed is start of the plant, and a small seed is focal point of the dogon cosmology teachings…

Hotter than July is the nineteenth album by American recording artist Stevie Wonder, originally released on Motown's Tamla label on September 29, 1980. It was certified platinum and reached number three on the US Billboard chart. The title of this album
Presents a follow-up of   Stevie Wonder's Journey Through "The Secret Life of Plants
Released October 30, 1979. Why was it a follow up album ? It was an esoteric message
Thus the foundation and inspiration of The Holy Book Of Wonder: as July and august are the hottest days of summer having to do with what is called dog days, when Sirius conjuncts earths sun, normally around July 23rd which is coincidently the birth date of The Ethiopian King Halie Selassie, in the song with a reggae rhythm titled Master Blaster Jamming, there are prophetic lyrics which states “when you are moving in the positive, your destination is the brightest star” and it is known fact that Sirius is the Brightest star of The Heavens. So at the essence of this thesis is that the accident induced coma took the soul of Stevie wonder to the constellation Sirius where it was programed and sent back to earth, upon awaking with a message to the world which was to be delivered through Reggae music and The Rastafari movement, as the song Master Blaster jamming was a dedication and memorial to The Rastafari Prophet Bob Marley.

This statement can be verified by  the Third World reggae band album “You’ve got the power” released in 1982 with the collaboration of Stevie wonder, who wrote the song “Try Jah Love” and wrote and also played music on the song “you Playing us to close” which contains the concert as written of in the holy book of wonder which is a prophecy and a command. a line of lyrics states “and all the musicians shall be there, players upon instruments at his feet”

In holy book of wonder one will see the struggle and the seeming impossibility of the writer to get an interface  with the subject of the book, the star of the show, the many encounters with the people surrounding Stevie wonder his family and friends employees and even at times being in the presence of Stevie wonder and then being taken away by the powers that be around him. Over the past seven years since the Obama administration there is the  appearance of madness in the arena of entertainment many conspiracy theories have surfaced also many strange deaths and talk of illuminati soul selling ,cloning and just crazy things, I have never wondered of the possibility of Stevie wonder being cloned or dead ,I have wondered why was it impossible for me in my endeavor and people with literally nothing to say are granted conversations with Stevie wonder all the time, but when it comes to me it’s a no- no, and I have been making big noise concerning Stevie wonder for over three decades, yet have I to consider the possibility that Stevie wonder was not real dead or a clone etc., I realized the depth of his importance after Ewart Abnor had passed away. I did not think much about the passing of his brother Larry who grew dread locks, I have had a meeting with Abnor and Melody McCulley, mother of his son.fought with his other two brothers, and had what I thought was a meaningful meeting with the laroda group a clandestine security firm which at one time always surrounded him, at this time I realized that the government has 'something to do' with Stevie wonder, currently he is The UN AMBASSODER OF PEACE, also known as a national treasure, he appears to be very close to the Obama ADMINERSTRATION,AND this is the point where I know there is a great possibility something could be very wrong, now I see he's campaigning for or speaking good of Hillary Clinton and this sign to me is not good at all.

 But what we can conclude from the original premise of this theory is that through the Holy Book Of wonder it is evident that through the music of Stevie wonder and six other prophets, The Gods spoke to us in our life time as indicated in the album by the same name released by Marvin Gaye “In Our Life time”

                     1973 Car Accident

You are the Sunshine of My Life was just descending the charts after reaching number one whilst Stevie’s new single Higher Ground which spoke about spiritual progression through reincarnation, was just beginning its upward climb. His recently released album, Innervisions, six days earlier was receiving rave reviews.

It was 6th August 1973 and the prodigious 23 year old singer, songwriter, musician and producer was heading north on Interstate 85 on a hot dry Monday afternoon after a performance the night before in Greenville, South Carolina.

In a wide 1973 Mercury Cruiser, a rental car from Hertz, driven by his cousin John Wesley Harris, Stevie was on his way to a benefit performance for the radio station WAFR in Durham sitting in the front passenger seat. Behind them were two other cars from Stevie’s entourage. Stevie had with him a reel-to-reel tape recorder along with two-track mixes of "Innervisions" which he wanted to listen to. Needing a connection to power the player from the car, Harris stopped off briefly at an electronics store near Charlotte to purchase a suitable cable.

Stevie Wonder Accident in 1973 As they approached the town of Salisbury at around 1:40 p.m., just ahead of them was 23 year old Charlie Shepherd  in his 1948 Dodge flatbed farm truck. A sleeping Wonder was wearing headphones, and Harris, distracted by something, failed to notice the flatbed truck ahead of them.

There have since been conflicting accounts of the series of events that led to the injury of Stevie. One of the more popular reports that still pervade books and the internet was that a log came flying off the truck, crashed through the windshield of Wonder’s car and hit him on the head, sending him into a coma.

However Shepherd in a statement later had said he had already delivered his load of logs in China Grove and that the back of his truck was empty as he headed for home on Interstate 85. Newspaper photographs taken on the scene don't show any large logs on the back of the truck, just some small pieces and broken boards. That seems to mesh with what Stevie told attorneys as part of a civil suit filed in connection with the accident in 1976. He said the bed of the truck crashed through the windshield and hit him in the forehead with "great force."

The 2002 biography "Blind Faith: the Miraculous Journey of Lula Hardaway”, Stevie Wonder's Mother retold the story as follows: "There was a great, grinding screech as metal hit metal and, then, impossibly, as if in some lavishly produced Hollywood action movie, one of the great logs disencumbered itself of the truck and came crashing through the windshield, spearing Stevie square in the forehead."

Stevie Wonder Accident in 1973Piecing together the disparate versions of the incident it is clear that Stevie’s car did crash into the back of the flatbed truck, and the bed of the truck shattered the windshield and struck him a glancing blow to the head as he would have moved forward as a result of the impact.

As a result of the collision, Shepherd felt the jolt behind him and realized, that his truck was sliding out of control toward the college on his right. The car skidded toward the median. Shepherd's truck began tipping, then went into a full roll as its momentum carried it completely over and it landed back on its wheels in the grass just south of the overpass.

Shepherd’s both ankles were broken and his upper lip badly cut. Stevie was unconscious, however his cousin, John suffered cuts to his thigh and had glass lodged in his fingertips from the shattered windshield.

Soon members of the band, traveling in the two cars behind, arrived at the scene and stopped in a panic. One of his brothers rushed to the car, which had come to rest in the median, and noticed immediately that Stevie was unresponsive and bleeding from his forehead and scalp.

Stevie was transferred to one of the other cars. Asking directions to the nearest hospital - Rowan Memorial Hospital, they headed off with the unresponsive singer.

C&M Ambulance Service, the private ambulance company that served Rowan County, arrived later to transport Shepherd and Harris.

Charlie Shepherd, flat on his back in the emergency room, noticed Wonder waiting close to him. But he had no idea who Stevie Wonder was; he had never heard of the pop star. The two men, both 23 from very different backgrounds, met by some chance of destiny on that faithful day.

Word spread quickly that Stevie Wonder had been injured badly in the I-85 accident. People from across the world — reporters from ABC, NBC, CBS and the BBC, fellow entertainers and fans — were calling the hospital, digging for any kind of information on Steve's condition. Rowan Memorial doctors already were making plans to move Stevie to N.C. Baptist Hospital because, it would be said later, the Winston-Salem hospital had "neurological facilities."

A representative for The Jackson 5 also had called the hospital and offered the group's private plane to fly Wonder anywhere in the country.

That same night, about 9:05, Wonder arrived at N.C. Baptist Hospital's intensive care unit in Winston-Salem — his vital signs were stable but he was still unconscious.

Stevie's mother, Lula Mae Hardaway, heard a news bulletin about the wreck at her home in Detroit and quickly made travel arrangements for Winston-Salem along with some of her other sons.

The Jackson 5, performing in Greensboro, visited Wonder the day after the wreck. By telegram and telephone, other entertainers such as former Beatle Paul McCartney, Roberta Flack and members of the popular band Chicago sent hopes for a speedy recovery.

Meanwhile, word of Wonder's condition at N.C. Baptist eked out morsel by morsel. On the Tuesday, doctors upgraded Wonder's condition to satisfactory, but he remained in the intensive care unit with what they described as "a bruise on the brain."

A hospital spokesman said no surgery was "indicated or contemplated" and that no significant change in the singer's condition was expected over the next 48 hours. A doctor also told the newspaper that Wonder's chances for a complete recovery were good.

Wonder's longtime friend and publicist Ira Tucker couldn't even recognize the star. To Tucker, the singer's head seemed to be swollen five times its normal size — "and nobody could get through to him."

A 2002 biography on Lula Hardaway, "Blind Faith," also mentioned how Wonder's family and friends were trying to reach Wonder with their words. The book recalls: "First one visitor and then another would gingerly take his hand, lean over to his one exposed ear and gently say, “Stevie, you there?"

The process of regaining full consciousness was taking awhile. But the turning point in his hospital recovery as an oft-repeated story goes — when Ira Tucker loudly began singing "Higher Ground" to the comatose singer. “Gonna keep on tryin' til I reach my highest ground.” Tucker soon noticed Wonder moving his fingers in time to the song — doing keyboard licks on the hospital bed.

Stevie Wonder Accident in 1973Three days into his hospital stay Stevie was able to talk enough to answer simple questions and was making slow, steady progress." The next day he was being fed liquids by mouth, instead of intravenously, though he remained in intensive care.

Charlie Shepherd stayed in Rowan Memorial Hospital for three days. His injuries, which included two broken ankles, kept him from working for the next three months.

Stevie stayed at N.C. Baptist Hospital for two weeks, including a week in intensive care. As a result of the injury Stevie temporarily lost his sense of smell and was left with a scar on the right side of his forehead

All the flowers that were coming to him, Stevie had sent to children patients at the hospital. Stevie also befriended a hospital security guard named Larry Woolard, whose wedding he would attend two years later.

On Aug. 18 at the hospital, dressed in red with a green fatigue cap, Wonder gave his first interview since the accident, though he declined going into details about the wreck itself, saying he really didn't remember much. “The only thing I know,” he said, “is that I was unconscious, and that for a few days, I was definitely in a much better spiritual place that made me aware of a lot of things that concern my life and my future, and what I have to do to reach another higher ground.” His reference to "Higher Ground" was no accident.

Standing with Stevie at the interview session was Ewart Abner, president of Motown; Tucker, his publicist, and Charles Collins, his administrator. Stevie said the hospital was warm and the people, beautiful. “I've gotten the feeling of being loved not just because of me being Stevie Wonder, but being loved as a person,” he said.

With a new sense of mortality, Stevie left Baptist Hospital Aug. 20, 1973, to convalesce at the University of California at Los Angeles Medical Center. His mother, three brothers, a registered nurse and Abner accompanied him.

Wonder would not perform again until March 1974 in New York's Madison Square Garden.

He told Crawdaddy magazine he felt like he had a second chance at life. "What happened to me was a very, very critical thing, and I was really supposed to die," he said. When plastic surgery was suggested to remove the mark left by the crash, he said "I will leave it as one of the scars of life I went through."

As recent as November 2008, Stevie returned to Carolina for a concert at the RBC Center in Raleigh. Stevie opened the night with a short speech, giving thanks to God as well as the doctors in Winston-Salem who saved his life after the 1973 crash.”

“Innervisions is the 16th studio album by American musician Stevie Wonder, released August 3, 1973, on the Tamla label for Motown Records, a landmark recording of his "classic period".[2] The nine tracks of Innervisions encompass a wide range of themes and issues: from drug abuse in "Too High", through inequality and systemic racism in "Living for the City", to love in the ballads "All in Love Is Fair" and "Golden Lady". The album's closer, "He's Misstra Know-It-All", is a scathing attack on then-US President Richard Nixon, similar to Wonder's song a year later, "You Haven't Done Nothin'".[3]

As with many of Stevie Wonder's albums, the lyrics, composition and production are almost entirely his own work, with the ARP synthesizer used prominently throughout the album. The instrument was a common motif among musicians of the time because of its ability to construct a complete sound environment. Wonder was the first black artist to experiment with this technology on a mass scale, and Innervisions was hugely influential on the subsequent future of commercial black music. He also played all or virtually all instruments on six of the album's nine tracks, making most of Innervisions a representative one-man band.”

Post-release car accident
Three days after the commercial release of Innervisions, on August 6, 1973, Wonder played a concert in Greenville, South Carolina. While on the way back, just outside Durham, North Carolina, Wonder was asleep in the front seat of a car being driven by his friend, John Harris, when they were snaking along the road, behind a truck loaded high with logs. Suddenly the trucker jammed on his brakes, and the two vehicles collided. Logs went flying, and one smashed through the wind shield, sailing squarely into Stevie Wonder's forehead. He was bloody and unconscious when he was pulled from the wrecked car. For four days he lay in a coma caused by severe brain contusion, causing media attention and the preoccupation of relatives, friends and fans.

It was his friend and tour director Ira Tucker who first elicited some response from him:

... I remember when I got to the hospital in Winston-Salem. Man, I couldn't even recognize him. His head was swollen up about five times normal size. And nobody could get through to him. I knew that he likes to listen to music really loud and I thought maybe if I shouted in his ear it might reach him. The doctor told me to go ahead and try, it couldn't hurt him. The first time I didn't get any response, but the next day I went back and I got right down in his ear and sang Higher Ground. His hand was resting on my arm and after a while his fingers started going in time with the song. I said yeah, yeah!! This dude is going to make it!

— Ira Tucker
Wonder's climb back to health was still very long and slow. When he regained consciousness, he discovered that he had lost his sense of smell (which he later largely recovered).[5] He was deeply afraid that he might have lost his musical faculty, too.

... We brought one of his instruments—I think it was the clavinet—to the hospital. For a while, Stevie just looked at it, or didn't do anything with it. You could see he was afraid to touch it, because he didn't know if he still had it in him—he didn't know if he could still play. And then, when he finally did touch it... man, you could just see the happiness spreading all over him. I'll never forget that.

— Ira Tucker
Still, Wonder had to take medication for a year, tired easily, and suffered severe headaches. The August 6 accident particularly changed his way of thinking. His deep faith and spiritual vision made him doubt that it was "an accident". He stated, "You can never change anything that has already happened. Everything is the way it's supposed to be... Everything that ever happened to me is the way it is supposed to have been." Wonder also commented when he was interviewed by The New York Times that "the accident opened my ears up to many things around me. Naturally, life is just more important to me now... and what I do with my life". Confirming Stevie's belief in destiny, Michael Sembello, Wonder's lead guitarist at the time, said

... Well, I think he'd always had some awareness of the spiritual side of life. But the accident really brought it to the surface. Like now I know he really sees and uses every concert as the spiritual opportunity it is, to reach people... The accident made him recognize God, it changed him a lot. Sometimes he'd just drift off in conversation, he'd just... be some place else. He got really intense after the accident, his ESP got really strong.

— Michael Sembello
... I would like to believe in reincarnation. I would like to believe that there is another life. I think that sometimes your consciousness can happen on this earth a second time around. For me, I wrote Higher Ground even before the accident. But something must have been telling me that something was going to happen to make me aware of a lot of things and to get myself together. This is like my second chance for life, to do something or to do more, and to value the fact that I am alive.

— Stevie Wonder

Before the accident, Wonder had been scheduled to do a five-week, 20-city tour between March and April 1974. It was postponed, with the exception of one date in Madison Square Garden in late March. That concert began with Stevie pointing to his scarred forehead, looking up, grinning, and giving "thanks to God that I'm alive." 21,000 people in the crowd roared with applause, and as a Post critic noted, "it was hard not to be thrilled."



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Interior view of the ATLAS detector AND Aztec calendar stone

Contemplating melanin the super conducting power of the downtrodden black man upon  the theory  of orb ship earth  the Last super full moon the start of world series 112,the coming new moon and the 2016 presidential elections and the sundry predictions made by major and minor writers etc., I reflect back on esoteric work I Had produced before and around the time of the election of President Obama TO OFFICE, and realize how important it is to the current environment of intelligence concerning political and social climate of the hour at hand, I present it here for study and reflection, as I feel it in many ways reveal what the major scientist appear to be searching for with great machines, but readily available to all melanated  beings, it seems to me that the manipulators of society has some dark secret they are hiding with intent on destruction not life, true this subject is multilevel so is life, but ones with eyes to see and ears to hear will see that at the top there is no contradiction, for it has been written in a place for us to see: “the future in the Past lies”

2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS* Prophecy of the Jaguar PRIEST

                                                                 OF dark Matter


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Codes Of Contact

Codes Of Contact

The negative social implications associated with considering or discussing an alternative to our perceived reality, is such that people have this remarkable ability to totally disregard any factual evidence or visual experience that does not conform to their preconceived ideas of reality.

extraterrestrial biological entities
“Within  political, scientific and military circles it is generally accepted that E.B.E’s have visited this planet throughout history. This acceptance is due in part to overwhelming evidence located within ancient text and records. Legends from every known civilization on the planet verify the existence and in some cases the assistance of Ancient Astronauts. Ancient text, drawings, myths and legends from past cultures seem to confirm beings of greater intelligence and wisdom did in fact  descend from the skies.  Signs of these visitations can still be viewed today. Tiahuanaco in the Andes, Stonehenge in England, Baalbek in Lebanon, Nazca in Peru, Easter Island and the Egyptian and Mayan pyramids are but a few examples..”

We as a black people argue daily about our plight, and no where on earth can we find a solution, we cannot find it in religion, politics ,there are no black leaders talking about a solution to the problems we face, police brutality? “Black lives matter” yet we sit back and watch slave movie after slave movie and hordes of other entertainment still to find ourselves merely entertained, we have become so programed until we will not except a solution unless it has been  authorized by the oppressive system, we will not except the solution even if it is placed before us if not politically sanctioned. well dear brothers and sisters this will never happen . let me tell you the secret of secrets about what you consider god, it is as a puzzle, each and every one who has a message they feel from the divine or just plain information concerning our redemption, it is only a piece of it, there is no one person with the total spectrum except the one who has fused all the different element together forming one great synthesis where none of the different parts contradict the other, this collage of art my friends you will find is your God speaking directly to you, giving you the answer, This is what has happen over the last 36 years with the narrative written By the Rastafari mystic Ital Iman. Known as the Holy Book of Wonder, here are a few Paragraphs from that great work which is a finger pointing the solution….

                                   Order your copy Today
                                   The Holy Book Of Wonder

The Master Blaster Jamming  (A Grand Concert)

A muezzin (/muːˈɛzɪn/; Turkish: müezzin from Arabic: مؤذن, muʾaḏḏan), or muzim, is the person appointed at a mosque to lead, and recite, the call to prayer for every event of prayer and worship in the mosque. The Muezzin's post is an important one, as he is the one responsible for each call to prayer. The community depends on him for accurate prayer schedules (salat, Turkish namaz).
Historically a muezzin would have recited the adhan or call to prayer by the minarets in order to be heard by those around the mosque. Now, mosques often have loudspeakers mounted on the top of the minaret and the muezzin will use a microphone, or the muezzin recording is played, allowing the call to prayer to be heard at great distances without climbing the minaret.

“The Ugaritic texts called the moon god EL- simply, “GOD” a forerunner of Islam’s ALLAH; and his moon-crescent symbol crowns every Muslim mosque. And as tradition demands, the mosques are flanked, to this day, by minarets that simulate multistage rocket ships ready to be launched…”
It was over 33 years ago I realized the hidden codes of Quran and the Islamic faith and learned the adherents of that faith were not aware of these codes placed there by The Authors of that splendid religion, while reading sura 51 of Holy Quran I found that it hold codes of great pyramid 51 degrees is it’s lateral base and the scatters it speak about are The Anunakki. For in Mesoamerica ,the giver of civilization was the “winged serpent” Quetzalcoatl. We have identified him as Enki’s son Thoth of the Egyptian pantheon (Ningishzida to the Sumerians) and as the one who ,in 3113 B.C.E brought over his people from Egypt to set up Mexico as the Maya. He was of the Anunakki this is the angel Gabriel of the prophet Muhammad story…
So in this bit of wisdom we find the key to contact Anunakki or as they are known (our galactic space brothers,neteru etc.) so in essence when the muezzin is in the minaret calling come to prayer, and minaret symbolizes rocket ships, it is a ritual or symbol of calling down the “mother-ship”
This is the science behind my life work called the Master Blaster Jamming, a concert tour stopping at and activating sacred sites, sending esoteric sound vibration that will reveal the secret places of the lion and signal the return of Anunakki…

 “Ital standing tall in Babylon”

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In the spirit Of Enlil: Lord of THE commanding Voice. wisdom of Credo Mutwa and Ital Iman

                                     In the spirit Of Enlil: Lord of THE commanding Voice.

                                      wisdom of Credo Mutwa and Ital Iman

here in the spirit of The Anunakki Via A son of Anu, our Brother Enlil Lord Of The Commanding voice The Rastafari,Ital Iman and Baba Credo Mutwa set the record straight..

                                                       see video below
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"To walk in season" a meditative tribute To Gong Gung Guru Maragh Leonard Percival Howell

Leonard Percival Howell was born on June 16th, 1898 in Red Lands, Clarendon. He was

the oldest of 10 children born to farmers Charles and Clemeteena Howell who transitioned earth on May 1935 and May 1919 respectfully. He left home at the tender age of 13 for his global travels with the support and encouragement of his parents. As a young man, he traveled around the world from Panama to New York to West Africa noting as Marcus Garvey, the unfortunate living and working conditions of Africans.

Leonard Percival Howell  and marcus      Garvey

Howell had stationed himself for a period of time in North America where the social ravages of racism were common practice. This directed his intent in working for necessary reforms. Howell was regarded as a mystic. That is a person who is in touch with or can manipulate the spirit world. Hope L. Howell, his brother, claimed that L.P. Howell was a healer (in the Jamaican myal/Balmyard tradition) who helped many sick people while he lived in New York, during the last great depression.
Leonard James Percival Howell (Gong Guru Marag): A high Mystic world traveler was present in Addis Ababa in 1930 and attended the coronation. He returned to Jamaica and preached the divinity of Emperor Haile Selassie the First, established The Ethiopian Salvation Society, the African Salvation Union of Jamaica and Pinnacle.
Dr. Leonard Percival Howell is the most significant personality in the first 30 years in the Rastafarian Movement. From 1933 – 1940 he expounded the doctrine of Rastafari between Kingston and St. Thomas. During this time, Howell through the use of “powerful
propaganda and personal charisma” secured a following much larger than any other exponent of Rastafari. In this case, the inception of Rastafarians came in 1930 when Jamaica was at a low tide economically and socially. Socially, people experienced the brunt of the great depression as well as a disaster due to a devastating hurricane. Politically, Jamaica was gripped by colonialism and the future of the masses looked hopeless.

Rastafari is a challenge to Euro centric values and a highly motivated thrust that seeks within its members its own cultural identity. The eye of the storm of Rastafari is focused on the inherent right of a people who have long been depressed”, to reposition themselves within the realms of the laws set by JAH
Howell is the man most credited with the initial spreading of the Rastafari way of life. He began his ministry in the poor urban slums of Western Kingston, among the urban poor extending to the rural areas of St. Thomas teaching and preaching the Rastafari doctrine. He was reported to have fought on African soil and to have command of several African languages.

It is important to bear in mind what was happening in that parish of St. Thomas during the period (1933-1938). Also important to note are the antecedents of "skin for skin" message and uprising by Paul Bogle in 1865 and the peculiar characteristics of the parish regarding African retentions in religion and other cultural activities. According to his testimony, Howell began preaching in 1933. He was arrested in Seaforth on December of 1933, tried for sedition at the High Court in Morant Bay under the leadership of Chief Justice Sir Robert William Lyall-Grant and imprisoned for two years. While he was incarcerated, the movement grew. He was arrested a second time but was diverted to the asylum, a tool used by the colonial powers to silence anyone who challenged their crimes against the Africans in Jamaica. At his 1934 trial in Morant Bay, he put forward the most illuminating treatise on the origins of the philosophy Rastafari. The colonial authorities wanted to prevent a second chapter in that book of philosophy, described as "devil doctrine" by the chief justice.
Howell was described by the newspaper reporter as "dapper" having a beard resembling that of the Emperor of Ethiopia. He wore a three-piece black suit with a rosette of black, green and gold. The same was worn by his followers in the audience. Indeed, most recently, Mr. Frank Gordon OD wrote on the national flag and its colors. I am sure Frank will be surprised that Howell was the pioneer in capturing the combination of these colors as a symbol of the movement. Howell was released prison in 1936 and ret’d to St.Thomas 1938-1939.

He was driven out by the terror of the police, politicians, planters and trade unionist mob from Port Morant. He established the Ethiopian Salvation Society in 1939, bought Pinnacle in 1940 and by 1954 the government, in its anti-communist drive, invaded and destroyed Pinnacle, the first Rastafari commune.

The patio at the great House at Pinnacle

Pinnacle is located in Sligoville, St. Catherine, Jamaica. It consists of over 500 acres of land, (part of which over looks Kingston/St. Andrew). In May 1940, Mr. Howell purchased and took occupancy of Pinnacle for The Ethiopian Salvation Society. The previous owner, Mr. Albert Chang, was paid cash by L.P. Howell in order to purchase this abandoned colonial estate. Mr. Howell was financially resourceful and independent not using money for personal fulfillment. Instead, he led a humble life at Pinnacle committed to his race.
During the late 1930's when the famous "uprising" took place in St. Thomas, Jamaica, many ex-slaves were suffering racism, oppression, inadequate living conditions and hunger. Pinnacle became the safe-haven for approximately four thousand blacks who desired to live and work communally in Unity.
Under Howell's leadership, Pinnacle was transformed into one of the largest self-reliant/economically empowered communities in Jamaica. Farmers lived and worked in Pinnacle, producing a variety of fruits, vegetables, beans, peas, yams, banana, cassava, corn, coconut and many other products. Ganja, a culture adapted from East Indians (River Ganges) was grown mainly for spiritual meditation
, worshiping and medicine.

Stairs to the Great House at Pinnacle

The Rastafarians at Pinnacle, built a food storage for what was called, "preparing for the tough days". Many skilled craftsmen and women, nurses and other professionals shared their faith and lived there under the motto, "One God, One Aim and One Destiny". Between 1941 and 1957, Pinnacle was raided several times. Each time the authorities would take away cash money banked in the community that added to thousands of pounds under the claim that it was money earned from selling Ganja. Howell detested the exploitation of the Herb "Ganja" and he was reputed for walking the streets of Kingston, St. Andrew, St. Catherine and other parishes giving money to the poor and children. He didn't give-in to the harassment, beatings, numerous arrests and incarcerations. He went back to live in Pinnacle upon his release from prison

Some observers, for example Ken Post, argue that the role of the Rastafari movement was not significant in the activities of the 1930s. If this were so, then why were Howell and the movement under such scrutiny by the local police and Scotland Yard? His letters abroad to people such as George Padmore were intercepted in England and packages from Padmore to Howell were seized in Jamaica. A "secret" correspondence from Colonel Sir Vernon Kell to Colonial secretary C L Wollery dated 1938 states:
Howell has apparently started a movement which he calls the African Salvation Union of Jamaica. He described it as an international organization pledged to support morally and financially the continued independence, national integrity and complete sovereignty of Africa.
There are many more "secret" correspondences from the Colonial Office in Jamaica to London and from the police to the attorney-general. These are correspondence about a significant personality and idea, making Howell a serious political figure of the period.
Howell was indeed "dapper", the most militant Rastafari. According to the Observer article (Feb 9), militant Rastas did not embrace his conservative image so they began to grow dreadlocks. Not so. The emergence of the dreadlocks came at a certain time in the movement. It emerged about the time when Ethiopia was invaded by Italy. It was influenced by the unfolding of new images from Africa especially from Kikuyu fighters and others who established solidarity with Haile Selassie against the Italians. The article, however, carried a significant statement by Howell: "We the living members of the Ethiopian Salvation society shall serve Haile Selassie to the end and all well-thinking men and women regardless of color and creed will do likewise." Indeed, today, Rastafari is not just a Jamaican phenomenon. It has become a universal force. What the planters, the trade unionists, the colonial authorities, established churches and the police tried to crush in infancy has emerged as a new centre of power in the world. Howell, in my thinking, has to be one of the most influential Jamaicans of the 20th and the 21st centuries.
It is important to note that Howell was put under the police microscope the moment he arrived in Jamaica in 1932. The book La Premier Rasta by Helene Lee mentioned his troubles with the police; how the raids and seizures destroyed evidence vital to the history of the man and the movement.
The leaders of the established and evangelical churches worked hand in hand with the police to terrorize and uproot Howell from St Thomas. Including the planters, they were all violently opposed to the "race conscious' doctrine of Rastafari. Apparently, there was a fear that the message would dislodge the "ex-slaves" from the plantation culture. In an effort to answer, "Who is the Man?" I will examine the reactions of individuals and institutions in their speeches and letters about Howell.
On May 14, 1933, the inspector in charge of the Morant Bay police station, W A Adams, had this to say in a "confidential" correspondence Rex vs. Leonard Howell for sedition:
The Detective instructed me to keep an eye on a man named Leonard Howell, a Jamaican, who has been holding meeting in Kingston on the subject of Rastafari, King of Abyssinia, and whose speeches at his meetings might have a bad influence on the less educated people.
The chief justice, Sir Robert William Lyall-Grant, lived in Africa before serving in Jamaica. He presided over the trial of John Chilembwe's followers in the 1915 rising in Nyasaland. The rising came about as a result of Africans asserting themselves to reclaim land stolen by the British. In 1934, he had this to say as he sentenced Howell for preaching "devil" doctrine:

"Howell, you have been convicted by the jury for uttering seditious language: this is such language as is calculated to cause disturbance and violence among the ignorant people of this stir up the people against the government and to do acts of violence and I mistake not, you have already succeeded in making people discontented and committed acts of violence."
While Howell was in prison, the movement grew. Many events occurred between 1934 and 1938. In 1938, the people of Seaforth, St Thomas led the way for the famous "uprisings" of the 1930s. After his 1938 return to St Thomas, Howell, responding to the fierce laws, began to have his meetings indoor. This did not prevent the mob related to the trade union leader and the planters, under the protection of the police to raid Howell's headquarters. The place was pillaged and destroyed. Bearing in mind the events of Serge Island earlier, planters and labor leaders were still apprehensive of Howell and the movement of Rastafari. It is important to note what Alexander Bustamante had to say about Howell and the Rastafari Movement prior to the events in Pt Morant. The following is an extract from a letter dated July 6, 1939 from Bustamante:
"Serious trouble is brewing at Port Morant in St Thomas, owing to a mischievousness of a man whose name is Howell, leader of this terrible thing they called the 'Rastafari'. In St Thomas, he is endeavoring to put one group against another and would not be surprised if something serious happens to him; and for that a riot does not take place here because he is fomenting serious trouble...It seems to me the only right and proper place for this man is the asylum. He is a danger to the peace of the community. I think he is the greatest danger that exists in this country today, and I believe the police can confirm this."
Indeed, a riot was fomented against Howell. It was this early experience of political violence that ran Howell out of St Thomas. He returned to Kingston and in 1940 he bought Pinnacle. The latter was crushed by the same Bustamante in his 1954 anti-communist drive.
During the last raid on Pinnacle, in 1954 the police burned to the ground homes belonging to thousands of Rastafarians. Included in the fire were furnishings, personal items and clothing. Having no place to live and their leader in jail, most Rastafarians relocated throughout Kingston, St. Catherine, Clarendon and St. Thomas. That was the beginning of the Rastafari dispersion and relocation in groups of churches and mansions.

In the 1970's, a small flock of Rastafarian elders took refuge in Tredegar Park St. Catherine continued to support the teachings of Howell until his death in 1981. Until today, the Rastafarian of Pinnacle were never, compensated for their loss of property, homes, lives and humiliation suffered. It is said that Howell had been arrested, incarcerated and was sent to Jamaica's Mental Institution over (50) fifty times. At one meeting, Howell was noted as having said that Mr. Neville N. Ashenheim, a prominent Lawyer of Jewish background, argued for the Bill of Rights in terms of protecting property rights and that property could not be confiscated without adequate compensation. "At Emancipation the planters were adequately compensated for "freeing" the slaves, but I, Leonard Howell was never compensated for Pinnacle and the crimes committed against me and the Rastafarian people."

During the 1980's, the Jamaican government sold off most of this land at Pinnacle to foreign and private investors. Pinnacle is now sub-divided and being sold off by "The St. Jago Hills Development, Ltd." located at 20 Hope Road, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I. The have got hold of Pinnacle Estates, St. Catherine (the first Rastafarian Free Slave Community) and they are selling/sub-dividing the land (over 500 acres).
Last November 2006, The Leonard P. Howell Foundation and other personnel (collective) had a meeting with the then Prime Minister - Portia Simpson to help restore Pinnacle and make it a Rastafari Cultural Center. In addition, last June 2007, Howell Earth-day celebration was held at Pinnacle.

The developers (Ms. Lois Sherwood and her brother-directors of St. Jago Hills)filed legal claim against "The Rastafarian Nation, 1st Order of Nyahbinghi Theocracy, Leonard P. Howell Foundation, Ras Lion and Ras Howie for possession of the Pinnacle site and land.

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