Thursday, May 25, 2017

The 9th Wave Star- Gate


"When you rule yourself, it is impossible to be ruled by another"... #ZaZaAli
THE 9th wave Star-Gate

May 23 at 10:05pm

Note that 5/23/2017= (11) this number represents a Gate a star gate or portal. Just like 911 of 2001 fame. This was two days before the new moon (5/25/2017 = 13)   this is a very spiritual vibration.

This was also one day before the start of the so-called Mayan ninth wave; purported by Carl Johan Calleman.we will take a look at the ninth wave in a few but let me show you  that on the date of 5/11/2017=(8) and 8 is the resonant number of Niburu. 

The prophet Bob Marley had been left earth plane for 36 years. He was 36 years of age when he died.

 I show you this because it’s science from the African American Kabbalah or mystery system.

 Which started in year 1930= 13 with the inception of nation of Islam and Rastafari Movement.

 Bob Marley was signal of the importance of this year 2017 which is also the 100 year anniversary of the 3rd secret of Fatima which in essence was an end times prophecy about the return of Niburu shrouded in secret by the catholic church…

the number 23 the date Zap Za  Ali wrote her seemly resignation from the so-called Black power struggle, is the resonant number of The Sirius star system which is to say her words were revelations of Anunakki via the Sirius star system.

 This is to show us the the black power movement or the revolution is on another level totally. Which is also to say that the true date of the start of the Maya 9th wave would be May/23/2017 and not May/24/2017. 

This is just like Calleman(white men)who would say that the Maya calendar started 3114 BCE when in fact it started 3113 BCE,
( because the number system is based on # 13)

like Sirius is 8.5= (13)  light years away but white scientist will tell us 8.6 then the black prophecies are thrown off, such as The parable of the 1985 move Bombing.(5/13/1985) All this I’m talking about can be found in the Holy Book of Wonder which was written over a 36 year span of Time. Corresponding with the 3,600 year elliptical orbit of Niburu and the 36th year memorial of the transition of The Prophet Bob Marley who left the physical plane at age 36.

now let us look at the root of our so-called struggle which started in year 1930 being 311 years up from slavery there were two redemption movements sent to us: Nation Of Islam and Rastafari. According to the mystic teachings of Master Fard Muhammad from the missing lesson revealed by Wallace Muhammad in his earth shaking book “as the light shines from the east” it is stated that Nation Of Islam had a symbolic 60 year window of time to deliver the redemption message to the black man in the wilderness of north America. Those 60 years was up in year 1990. This was a code year 1+9+9+0=19 things start over or go to another level. Again this wisdom can be found In the THE HOLY BOOK OF WONDER

  which is the wisdom of The Rastafari from his North American Perspective, these two movements fused together all the different elements spanning 87 years of first and 2nd wave 'Black power revolution' forming one great synthesis without contradiction this is ‘Overstanding. ’this is the level the revolution is suppose to be on as we have made an evolution.

 And as the sister Ali has realized the movement so to speak is dead. I’m not saying she agrees with me but she has realized what the old guard has been doing is futile and it is.why do you think ‘Brother Louie’ has the nation following H Ron Hubbard scientology: it is because they have become reprobate they are obsolete their time was up 27 years ago. And literally the mass of the movement is that far behind…so let us examine the statement of Za Za Ali with new vision, and see the impotence in the reply of our Good egotistical brother Malik Zulu Shabazz ‘The great or Master- debater’: (what do we expect from our sisters when we brothers are not strong)

-ZA ZA  Ali


“The Struggle is not real for me... not anymore. Owning that is no longer an option. I can honestly say that I've spent enough of my life suffering - from within & the elements of this world - only to hit a breaking point; I can no longer indulge the idea that there is only one pathway to Peace.... that an enemy is required to declare victory.... especially when so many of us avoid the real battle - the work that must be done within. Nothing in the white man's history, past or present - frightens me more than not living up to my own potential. * I'm Evolving * I know that means leaving some people, places, things, ideologies and concepts behind. I wish you well”

-ZA ZA  Ali

Malik Zulu Shabazz

“It's too many of our people being killed and murdered and discriminated and gentrified against to even dream of vacating the struggle

All the other goals of self-development and self-enlightenment are a part of the package of being fit for struggle. But make no mistake about it , struggle is ordained for us in the west. And being concerned about our own kind and the struggles and trials that go with serving our people is just how it is. There is no escaping it.”

Zaza Ali

“ Malik Zulu Shabazz Peace brother. That's interesting, I spoke my truth, and you felt the need to impose yours on me. Let's ask ourselves an honest question - what has the struggle produced? Aside from blood, pain, heartache, abandonment, transgression, conflict, turmoil and want? Yes of course, as a student of history I know that we've taken steps forward.... yet the steps we've taken backwards seem to override the progress. Being a student of Khalid Muhammad, I'm sure that you can bare witness to being in the presence of a light bearer who taps into the souls of our people... and what it feels like when that light goes out. The essence of our greatest hero's died in the struggle... then the question begs to be asked - did the struggle kill them. Make no mistake about it, I know who I am. I know my power, my value and my worth. I also know the power of words, and the direct and indirect impact of our collective consciousness. We have continually produced "struggles" and "movements" that produce temporary gain - orgasmic reactions to injustice. We are not making righteous, forward, long term progress because we are not in tune with our individual and collective power. There is no other way to explain being ruled by a lesser people. There is no "revolution' without self-development and self-enlightenment. And to be honest, in my opinion, that has been a consistent error on our behalf - asking the people to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. So the greater good is comprised of broken men and women, neglecting their own truths, self-worth, and divine potential. Your comment, as a leader of black people, validates that point to a tee. I appreciate your perspective but with all due respect, if we write history in advance, then my prophecy is not going to end like that.... "There is no escaping it". When you rule yourself, it is impossible to be ruled by another. Peace.”

What we must see here is that date 5/23/2017  something very powerful took was a day of repentance and conversion for those who was open to the holy light(spirit) of Sirius. Just like the serious sun convergence of the year 1994.

To overstand the true miracle of this magic day please follow the following link and you will truly see and understand the redemptive power of the 9th wave… 

And we ask you to study all that is present at the Rastafari mystery school that you know truth and the level of the revolution in time…

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