Monday, December 22, 2014


The Law of Time in human Affairs

 (“where do we go from here” –Martin Luther King)

Perception is everything

Where should our focus be currently as the dark cloud of death and unrest settles over the wilderness of North America? She has become a cage of ever foul and unclean bird, and ignorance run the street rampant like a rabid dog; as earth wind and fire through Marice white the prophet has said in a song:
“Keep your head to the sky.” day before the so called New York Police assassination 19 December 2014=11 as it is written in holy Quran (Quran Sura 74:30 which read: "Over it are nineteen. Wardens of the fire…")
Saturn reappears from behind the Sun in the dawn sky, and on Friday morning, December 19, lies just below the waning crescent Moon in the southeast.

“The sun fired off a massive solar flare late Friday (Dec. 19), after days of intense storms from our nearest star. “note the new moon AND WINTER SOLTICE Sunday 12/21/2014=13 just one day after The New York city police assassination, note that the new York police shooting comes 11 days before the new year 2015,media reported that the two police were in 911 national security training vehicles and were in training for terrorist operations ,i.e., they were terrorist  prevention officers who appeared to be gunned down in cold blood of a premeditated murder by a 28 year old Black man with an Arabic name said to have gang land ties, note how this is all weaved together by a seemly invisible hand of conspiracy. We must note that the cosmic and the mundane often times appear to be opposite sides of same coin. But we must become our own media and dig deep to find the hidden meaning and cause behind world and social events. And stop relying on mainstream media as final word on any event..

The huge solar flare registered as an X1.8-class event, one of the most powerful types of flares possible, and was captured on camera by NASA's powerful Solar Dynamics Observatory. The flare triggered a strong radio blackout for parts of Earth as it peaked Friday at 7:28 p.m. EST (0028 Dec. 20 GMT), according to an alert from the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center overseen by NOAA.

The solar flare erupted from a sunspot region classified as Active Region 2242, and more sun storms could occur from the region. "The region remains large and complex," SWPC experts wrote in the update. "More minor to moderate radio blackouts are expected, with an ongoing chance for another strong event. “Friday’s solar flare capped an active week of sun storms. Earlier in the week, another active sunspot region called AR 2241 fired off two intense M-class (moderate) flares, one late Tuesday (Dec. 16) registering as an M8.7-class sun storm, and the other on Thursday (Dec. 18) that ranked as an M6.9 solar flare. Sunspots are regions of intense magnetic field activity on the sun that can trigger solar flares.

X-class solar flares are the strongest solar flares the sun can unleash. When aimed directly at Earth, they can disrupt communications and GPS navigation systems on Earth, and even pose a threat to satellites and astronauts in space.

M-class solar flares are about one-tenth the size of X-class flares, but can supercharge the Earth's auroras, or northern lights, resulting in dazzling displays. A huge eruption of solar material — called a coronal mass ejection — from the earlier M-class flares is expected to trigger geomagnetic storms on Earth, possibly amplifying the northern lights, this weekend, SWPC experts wrote in a separate update.

Astronomer Tony Phillips of the space weather monitoring website reported that the Friday's X1.8 solar flare sparked a high-frequency radio blackout over Australia and the South Pacific.

The sun follows an 11-year space weather cycle with lulls and peaks, with the current cycle known as Solar Cycle 24. The current cycle reached its peak phase in recent years.

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What is most important in the observation of current events, is the cryptic message sent out by

“A time of great emotion and great passion”
So please bare with us while we try and bring some sense to the madness that occurred this afternoon
In the streets of Brooklyn, sometime it’s difficult to find words for events like those that accrued today but we will try, “two police were shot today with no warning, nor provocation. Note that “no warning”) was highly emphasized he go on to say “they were assassinated” which is the first occult (hidden or cloaked) command word. This makes the event an official federal offence, all planed operations set in place with aid directly or indirectly by syndicated one world global media and current Black leadership, along with misinformed people who follow their lead into the streets of slaughter.

Now every Black man walk down the streets in public will have to watch his Back. Someone has truly upset the apple cart and the dominos are falling in full effect. Who will now protect the innocence Black youth in in the streets of this space age wild Wild West. All of the Gang leaders are behind bars and all current leaders are advocates of same sex marriage. Note that law Enforcement intelligence are sending out private communiques without sources that African American gangs have sent out a murder ‘po-po’
Edicts, which is indication open season on Negro males, this flicker flame has been flamed to become a wild fire in process of sweeping the wilderness of North America. Who are what will put out this fire save the unifier of all beings save Music, as The Prophet has said all ready: “we free our people with music..”

In Haiti currently: Haitians used to grow all the rice they consumed; now it is ALL imported. The people wanted to farm, the US said no, you will work in sweatshops. They work for a pittance making clothes for companies like Levi and Hanes. They tried peaceful protest and Un TROOPS in police state style begin to open fire, this is proof of an overt war on ignorant black, this is to say Black who are not aware of the big picture, the people of the world are too much focused on puppet world vents are not aware of the intelligence of the cosmic universe currently. Note that nature is true leader of the people at this dark HOUR, FOR AS WE SAY THE MESSAGE IS IN THE MUSIC. What and where is our solution?

A Fatwah (decree or a legal pronouncement) Of Ital Iman I
Republic of Rastafari

Each time we look at ancient Egypt the pyramids or any of the monuments scattered throughout the boundless universe, there should be no doubt in our minds as to the ending all arguments as to our historical facts, our past greatness etc. we should now concentrate on the present and future. The key to our future success and greatness is in establishing businesses with  a sense of purpose, publishing companies, promotions, Medias, record labels film makers make films to direct and control our thought, this is the job of the enlighten ones among us With the soul intent to shape the thought of the people of all races, we must groom our men to think in the capacity of directing our destiny, there must be this consensus it’s the only way to true freedom, and it is not too late, for the last 33 years I have sacrificed to presented what is now known as the master Blaster Jamming, a concert designed to bring about our redemption. But I have found we have a problem and part of it is fear, envy greed, the other is there are no true Black people left.

 This is to say black culture has been wiped out by multiculturalism we argue and debate things which are trivial. Recently I came across an advertise for a million Rastafarian march, a mimic  of the Nation Of Islam Million man march, and I contact the one NIjah Don to inquire of the purpose of the event, my question is what will it establish for a million Rastafarian to gather at nation’s capital and have a meaningless party and go home. Has this move been though out, is it real. And what is really behind it, and what is known about Nijah Don the supposed ‘caller’ of this event purported for July 2014.       So far Nijah Don has not responded to my inquiry, what’s his delay if it’s unity he’s after. For a million so-called Rastafarians to gather on the white house lawn with no purpose or direction other than for the world to see a “sea of red gold and green” is total my communications to Nijah Don I told Him I would not voice my view on this even until we reasoned about it in private, but as of yet no reply, so I say to you and all involved we don’t need another funky Reggae party, to let the world know how shallow and Naïve we truly are. If we are going to use our numbers let’s do it with wisdom.  The truth is the movement has no structure, it is only a commercial tool in society used indirectly by a raciest system, be it known that True Rastafari Brotherhood has a sense of purpose
For this is our solution we ask you consider

Introduction Holy Book of Wonder
To be released EARLY 2015
For the ones robed in light separated by the long night.
May Allah be pleased; the torch passed on by the Prophet Bob Marley this work is dedicated. This is that light. To all the warriors not stepping upon the dawn of the new day and to all those souls who persevered along the path narrow we all started around the year of change that time the prophet departed orb-ship earth, and Stevie wonder stood in the shoes of martin Luther king to petition the powers that be to honor him. The Holy Book of Wonder is essence of that journey. We give thanks to the almighty for his mercy endurth forever. I’m overjoyed to be alive, chosen to present to the world at this time my life’s work. Bob Marley was a runner in this relay of information from the divine who successfully delivered the baton as torch of light. His influence on the musician Stevie wonder allowed
This miracle to be, for he sang in a song “I don’t want to wait in vain for your love”(SPEAKING TO HIS AMERICAN Negro audience) and the message in the music was received by the Rastafari poet Ital Iman I  33 years ago, the holy Book of wonder is that narrative, a metaphysical experience in our life time, we honor the prophet Marvin Gaye who saw it and sang it in a song called praise where he acknowledges the divinity of the blind seer Stevie wonder on the album “in our life time “shouts go out to Frankie Beverly who help us journey through the maze of these changing times from that time  making the connection “right on time” from the album (we are one)for everything is on the one the mother ship will fly like it always does  as we were told in song by George Clinton, the prophet Marcie white of earth wind and fire with his guru spirit revealed the light of Egypt informing us truth is written in the stone (great pyramid)from album I am…give thanks also to the foundation mystic Mr. lee scratch Perry Author of the music 23rd dub the foundation of it all ,blessings for Mr. Kenney gamble (Bro Luqman Abdul Haqq)
Author of soul train theme the 23rd dub spiritual connection. Halie Selassie is earth’s rightful ruler. Elijah Muhammad is the messenger of the last resurrection. Deliverer
  Of the message to the black man in the wilderness of North America. Holy Book of wonder is tribute to this vibration, for our ancestors did not die in vain….this is the ‘Native American Spirit’ of Ancient North Florida the Holy and sacred vibration 13 anointed and ordained by the Saturiwa and  Mayaca, The Great Owl Shaman  totem stand as witness at banks of the majestic saint Johns River. this is the vibration of Sirius …
The following is a video of great artistic wisdom please consider it…

Logos circle seven

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