Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Underground News Network 13

5:29: AM pacific
 Heineken and cannabis seeking Jah mercy

We have some people working for and in city hall who are appearing on the counterculture scene as if they are fighting against city hall, these are the true false flags. What they don’t realize we who are true and real underground  or independent journalist, are well trained and can spot a sparrow in a crow flock two miles away…they are distractions from the prevalent information, but they are great acrabats,we know that the system know that the masses excepts the system only as credible and the ones they ordain…it’s only entertainment when you reveal a conspiracy or suggest one without inside information, second hand information is not soul realible,and it’s a known fact that all media has a covert agenda, so the black underground media should have come to a consensus as to its agenda and there should be many, as should be the black journalistic sources, therefore we call it The Underground News Network, at the heart of its mission statement is to form and shape the opinion of all adherents to the point of leadership. The Underground News Network is an intuitive media from an organic stand point.

Guerrilla to the point that we are great utilizers on social media. And we know we can rely on it until it crash. And when it does all media crashes, this is the wisdom of the organic design called matrix, which the fundamentalist conspiracy theorist  has caused us all to fear Without a solution. Note that when we see a world or domestic event they are not to be looked upon as ‘false flags’ there is nothing false about these events even if staged, as all intelligent events are staged, we can never separate the law known as cause and effect. All is art, money is the only illusion ,so time is not money save art, masonry arcitecthture, mathematics,music, poetry, literature , word of mouth are vehicle for the spirit world, we must come to observe more so than react,we as artist it’s our divine duty to free the people with our vision regardless of their opinion .
This has always been the ancient creed and duty of the illuminatti.. For the consensus at this time is The Holy and Wise Master Blaster Jamming...

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