Saturday, January 7, 2017

Jump Jim Crow [the coon codes] being the wisdom of -Blue Sky-wolf

Run come rally round children of the light; I will tell you a story handed down.
It has come down to us that what we see is not what we see –
One night before august full moon 2010- a very cloudy night after the rain
I heard the howl of blue Sky wolf, this is a man who spoke to me of things once hidden- to me he said I speak to you because of your ability to deliver esoteric messages found in codes...

O children of the light we wish you ponder on the introduction to our findings.

In essence the song Jump Jim crow is a coded and very cryptic song ,that says just because I’m buck dancing (cut a monkey-shine) don’t get it twisted, just like The works of the master, Paganini my work is very scientific, what I have dubbed the ‘coon codes’, we have found like the underground railroad
And the term “follow the drinking gourd” codes have been left for us by our masters of the oral tradition, the song Jump Jim Crow and the old minstrel shows, were the harbinger of what I have come to called The Master Blaster Jamming, as written in my work of past 36 years (The Holy Book Of Wonder) I also present to you a shorter but just as powerful work tilted Jump Jim crow, this is an introduction to it [Jump Jim crow 2 the coon codes] research the slave cake walk and its meaning you will see and understand the hidden coon codes…
-Ital Iman

                              JUMP JIM CROW
Come, listen, all you girls and boys, I'm just from Tuckahoe;
I'm going to sing a little song, my name's Jim Crow.
Chorus: Wheel about, and turnabout, and do just so;
   Every time I wheel about, I jump Jim Crow.
I went down to the river; I didn't mean to stay,
But there I saw so many girls, I couldn't get away.
I'm roaring on the fiddle, and down in old Virginia,
They say I play the scientific, like Master Paganini,
I cut so many monkey shines, I dance the gallopade;
And when I'm done, I rest my head, on shovel, hoe or spade.
I met Miss Dina Scrub one day; I give her such a buss [kiss];
And then she turns and slap my face, and make a mighty fuss.
The other girls they begin to fight, I told them wait a bit;
I'd have them all, just one by one, as I thought fit.
I whip the lion of the west, I eat the alligator;
I put more water in my mouth, then boil ten loads of potatoes.
The way they bake the hoe cake, Virginia never tire;

They put the dough upon the foot, and stick them in the fire.

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