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Four degrees of ego * a current synopsis of the black consciousness community 2017

                           The Unity Dialogue

The underground News Network: an independent news source. Presentation of cultural technology designed for community unification bringing about a long overdue consensus. Void of debate and eliminating current rhetoric This is of the implication and proof of a theorem conceived from the 1981 Rally for peace press conference called together by Stevie wonder to get the Martin Luther King Birthday as National Holiday, Theme was “Where Do we go from here” Taken from a Book By same title written by Martin Luther King… Ital Iman coordinator of Underground News Network/The Rastafari Mystery School was a participant of that Historic Rally for peace press conference. The Unity Dialogues final phase # 3 is the Answer to that question asked by those civil rights Activists in 1981: “where do we go from here”
Ones interested in this unity Dialogue process please contact us…

The only Key to our survival is black folk, and the only key to Black folk survival is Anunakki.

Time is of the essence, do we still have time? Yes time is on our side…knowledge is power. Always was still is…

What is amazing is that there are millions upon millions of ‘Muslims’ and readers of HOLY Quran

And it appears as if no one realizes that we live in the day of judgement it speaks about. No one seems to make the Anunakki connection with Holy Quran; No one seems to connect Holy Quran with Niburu...

Since 1981 I have gathered a mass amount of intelligence in various fields of study.

Out of my love for poetry, came folk Art and naturally the evolution to what I call sacred Journalism.

My purpose in life was the plant hidden in the seed of this journey or quest for knowledge. Upon knowing oneself I have found one comes to know truly what is God. This is to say the laws or law governing life. First the walls of illusion must be broken down that the traveler explores the practicality of new information. All who have made this journey will find, the same hidden treasures camouflaged by an entity called the United States of America Government, which is a war industry.

Which fortifies its power over the people who are the fuel that keeps the machine running. Over all it’s a psychological strategy. Seemly insanity comes when images fly from one’s mind like playing cards from the hand of a skilled dealer, The Jesus is lord lie, Santa clause, Easter bunny, all come flying out, and you run deeper into the rabbit hole you learn of the deeper level of meaning of even simply seeming fairy tales, you are becoming self-educated, knowing the so-called scriptures cannot be taken as literal always. There are terms like allegory, metaphor, simile, now you get the picture. Writing, Poetry, journalism, is a craft.

The basic fundamental  steps to the path of  light, is purer blood, the diet of the past  die along with the change in state of mind., new information must be fed the mind ,this is a process of time. Note this will result often times in the loss of friends family member, wife, daughter or son. You are now finding yourself in the world but not of it…this is the crucifixion. If you travel very far on this path you will drop out of society in many ways. What I’ve shared with you via the web, YouTube, etc. is my findings, after 36 years upon the path of light. I found that in the mix of all the rhetoric at its core was a message central and that message is the word of The Gods. This message of our redemption  was hidden or coded in the music and poetry of who are called the major prophets of  our time, foremost being Bob Marley and Stevie wonder, others are George Clinton, Maurice white, Frankie Beverly, Marvin Gaye, Lee Perry / Kenny Gamble. These are the eight major prophets of our time. Oh yes we can add the anomaly Michael Jackson to that list, for his life itself illustrated the first genetic experiments by The Gods Anunakki. Who is the Return Christ save Halie Selassie was ,reprehensive of Anunakki on earth, those who in the beginning  to earth came and set up the kingdoms upon earth, Selassie is a direct decent from that

With the documentation to prove it...

I have studied the social structure of societies, the influence of chattel slavery upon the mind and actions of my people-I was blessed to be decent of slaves, therefore I hold a very special place in the scheme of the unfolding drama now ending being under direct influence of the world greatest super power of this time

Under the cosmic influences, I’m a product of the Rastafari, It’s this movement I represent, not for what it appears to be in the world currently but the essence of it or the true meaning of it, I represent its purpose truly its original intent, as exhibited by the artist Bob Marley.

 What I have gathered in my 36 year journey to truth is written within the Holy Book of Wonder

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What the fool and the hater etc., will and do not understand is that my life is a sacrifice for you, and I do-not wait on or depend on ‘The white man’ nor his system to give my work credibility

Time itself will prove my point…over the life of the internet the experiment has been a success. The people have been judged, your hearts are known to the Gods, for life has not been the way you have perceived it.

The video discourse below is a synopsis of the current mindset of the African American culture community.

Each person pretending he is speaking out for his people is in reality selfish, many are using the ignorant masses for personal gain. For some reason our people will not pay for truth, truth is no one is telling our people how to survive what is befalling them currently…

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