Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Voice Of God

                                                              The voice of God

One man and God has always been the majority.
This discourse will cover a vast area uniting the voice of God from atoms to stars, from heaven to earth.

We will also take a view of the black power structure and its erratic movements. However we ask you to hold on. For this is a galactic ride upon the holy mothership… but seriously you will hear and understand the voice of God if you listen closely or the audible sound current. The following video will start the journey… 

Now That you have seen the reality of the Revolution we will show you it's
fallacy.  as we have pointed out.the so-called black power movement is 57 years behind time...
we will show you comparisons between then and now and how now is more behind then. first we ask you to view this little video to catch a glimpse of the falsehood...then we will show you in freeze frames...

A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS: as it was in the shall it be in the end.


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