Thursday, April 6, 2017

From The Black Hole: Of Dark Matter. message from the Children Of Light: "I.n.I are one"

Greetings and salutations of peace from the collective:

You are now Intune. On the one. The force itself, at this time called The Holy Master Blaster Jamming.

Know that it that we call G-D dwells within me as me, also in you as you, we are in essence one. So The Rastafari says: I .n.I  for you are another our Native Sun- Eligio “Nature boy” says: “Reflection” I’m you.

 You are me. The ancient Olmec our fathers said : In Lak'ech Ala K'in.presenting to us the living code of the one heart. There is no separation of this oneness. From the smallest atom to the largest star we are the one creation perceived as G-D…

 it is such a beautiful thing to see this flower blossom in this final know that there are the chosen few ,children of the light (Sirius) guided by the message of the mediator (sun) Hunabku The Galactic core. Milky Way galaxy . Giver of all life speaking through the Eye within the eye of the all. Let “you ask me am I matter of fact, I’m ecstatic .we have all agreed to get together, as one, joined together as children of Jah.” As it is also said: when you are moving in the positive. Your destination is the brightest  star. (Sirius)

It is the desire of the speaker within the “eye” that I-n-I  take a closer look into this collective thought
This is the true prayer of The Elders…

For true prayer is desire. Realization is prayer thus answered. When what I have said is ‘Overstood’  ones of the one will comprehend my reactions to the collective. The reason I present The Holy Book of Wonder under this vibration in time is the fact it reveals the collective, for it is written: where two or more gather in oneness truth and power are in your midst ,as Elder I inform the youth that we have traveled through the major two doors at the entrance of what we call the end times.

 from the awakening (Quickening)
of the 80’s the first door was the year 2000: the five naked eye planets aligned with earth for first time in 6000 years on that date earths poles began to shift from south pole the ross ice shelf broke off over 200 miles of it. 12 years later the year 2012 our sun and the galactic core aligned. The sun became a bulge at center of Milky Way known as the galactic rift, like a pregnant woman the new day of the plumbed serpent Quetzalcoatl was born, we the elders preformed the proper rituals gathered at the sacred sites. Quetzalcoatl was Thoth in Egypt, he is Lord Enki of Anunakki. The world changed as we knew it. Now five years later we stand at the final door 9/23/2017 door 3. To overstand the importance of this date The Holy Book of Wonder is needed. We ask you to study and research revelations 12 of the Book called bible. This enigma will be literally played out and illustrated in the heavens (earths sky ) with the appearance of Virgo(the virgin Mary) giving birth to Jupiter) the elliptical orb ship Niburu is also in this equation . all this is to bring forth the destiny of Babylon the whore and the redemption of the children of light… we present this information due to the urgent fact that it is written: earth will be destroyed and we are the only ones that are capable of saving ourselves, this is of the NOAH and ENOCH vibration ,the wisdom of The immortals…

      From The Black Hole:  Of Dark Matter.   message from  the             Children Of  Light: "I.n.I are one"

                                           ORDER:THE HOLY BOOK OF WONDER


  1. My eyes are blinded still, where must I start my journey to awakening?

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