Wednesday, April 5, 2017

who is Eligio "nature boy"

Greetings and salutations of peace.

Today I came across a young man called “Nature boy” who has built a growing following via social media and has moved his ‘Family’ to costa-Rica. he IS  becoming a target of the media and cult busters do to the fact of a young ‘white’ follower (Kayla Reid)
has followed him to costa Rica and her family has brought this 


  to the mainstream media spotlight. I’m writing this because I have listened to some of the videos and was impressed by what I have heard and seen. Impressed by the knowledge of such a young is my concern of what could happen, I feel that reliable and credible independent journalist and researchers investigate 
“Nature boy” and if he is found to be “on the one” meaning righteous  and responsible, he should be protected and Guided by the elders. If he is indeed independent with no Government covert ties that could lead to false flags... it is our duty to protect him. I say this because such spirit could be a benefit.
he could be a role model for our young people who have been led astray by the ones who control the entertainment industry…we do not want this to be another disaster where government agents storm in and kill our innocent youth, there has been way to much bloodshed already.don’t want this to be another move bombing, another Doctor york,etc…so this is to cause out that this young man be investigated, interviewed, researched by concerned Black independent journalist…
here I will leave information that you start your research...

                                        news who is "Nature Boy"



young master teacher breaks down

                 an introduction to his youtube videos and channel

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