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Shattering the Matrix... Allah in Pre Dynastic Nubia Temple of Ptah

Shattering the Matrix...
Allah in Pre Dynastic Nubia Temple of Ptah
Through our work we have proved and explained that Anunakki is
Revealed in the great monuments of Giza plateau

From: Underground News Network-UNN
Let me tell you why you're here.

You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain but you feel it. You felt it your entire life. That there's something very wrong with the world. You don't know what it is - but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I'm talking about?

The Matrix?

Do you want to know what it is? The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

What truth?

That you are a slave Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch - a prison for your mind. Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is - you have to see it for yourself...

...I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it.


8/26/2003 - And like the men such as David Icke who places visions of inter-dimensional beings in our minds called reptilians, he is as cold blooded and sneaky as the Illuminati he exposes, and most likely knowingly or unknowingly works for, such are the televangelists who give us truth on a golden platter of falsehood, now what is this golden platter of is the saying that "Jesus is Lord."

The whites upon orb ship earth have known for a long span of time that the Negro populous are not avid readers. We have revealed in our article on the 40th Anniversary of the March on Washington "I have a dream speech" that we have a group of our own controlled by those evil so-called Jews who keep the race ignorant...

There has been much disinformation for too many years and we the survivors of this disinformation war would like to clear up the mess in time and space. Know that the pale man is not the authority on many subjects as he claims to be. We feel that our organization]Underground News Network-UNN™[/url] is a vehicle which can be utilized by anyone seeking truth.

We check all our sources professionally; once we were contacted by a confidential source who asked to be kept anonymous and wanted us to do a story concerning an international arms dealer who had given her reason to believe her life was in jeopardy. She could not trust the mainstream media but had confidence in our work and knew we had a very wide audience. Reluctant to write the story, realizing we had no beef with the arms dealer etc. the story never ran due to a breakdown in our communications chain. Not saying that we would have ran the story, my point is if the information does not pan out, information should not be placed before the public which is not verified and well documented. We did check her story and found a lot of truth, which brings us to our current story if you get our point, i.e. we have proved ourselves to be a very credible organization.

We would like to put our spotlight on Reverend Kay Simmons and Wayne Moody of the Cities of Light website, who channel from Lady Kadjina. Normally we do not write about New Age propaganda, but we wish to dispel this hokum. We admit that between the lines, one can find much truth, but this typifies a wider range of white disinformation sources which have great influence in this world when it comes to knowledge about subjects black people need to know.

First let us say we pledge our allegiance to the laws of nature, to the power behind the rotation of the planets, all is one, one is all from atoms to stars is this power. Behold the ones came on their own from the one, the wise ones from whom we black on Earth are one, they are the gods whom from Heaven came in the beginning. In the year of the 23, Mars came that we view the face of our brother Alalu, a sign of truth which knocks at Earth's door. Some say Nibiru will come this year, mainly the white New Agers, but the black man must be redeemed from the destruction of Earth; there will be no darkness until those chosen and elect are safe upon the ark of space and time. We will reveal the following information which is in essence disinformation of the so called channel Lady Kadjina; then below it we will give certain facts, that you, the reader know truth concerning this matter...

Lady Kadjina Speaks
April 22, 2001

Items Included:

Some History of Earth's Water Beings
Relationship Between Ea, Enki, and Sirius
Ea's and Enki's Influence Over Aquatic Life
Holographic Communication Projections from Dolphins
Linkages Between the Gobi Desert and the Sonoran Desert

Wayne: A reader is interested in the history of water beings on Earth. She notes that, according to Robert Temple in his book "The Sirius Mystery" (1988), amphibian beings, half-humanoid and half-fish, who lived in water, have been credited with the founding and origins of many civilizations on Earth. Aquatic Beings have been credited as responsible for teaching and assisting humans in areas such as agriculture, mathematics, music and cosmology. Also, The Sumerians had a tradition of water deities, the main character being the water-God called ENKI; the Babylonians also had the tradition of a fish-God called EA, all of which lived in water. Many other traditions such as the Syrians, Greeks, Chinese and Egyptians also had these types of water deities, called by different names. The existence of these water-beings is still evident today in Babylonian seals, Syrian and Phoenician coins, in temples, in sculptures, in vases, etc. I wish to ask you to please enquire with Lady Kadjina about this issue: By Sitchin's account this Ea and Enki did not sound either like water beings nor too friendly to humans. Besides, they came from Nibiru. While for the ancient civilizations mentioned above, these water-beings were the givers of fundamental principles and the founders of their civilizations; besides, Robert Temple makes the connection between these older civilizations and the Dogon Tribe in Mali, which claim that these water-beings come from Sirius. I find these two versions create a serious discrepancy, in the use of the same names, as well as, in totally different contexts. Personally, I find the physical evidence and historical accounts summarized by Temple more credible. I do not resonate to the Nibiru story...don't know why...some aspects I feel are real, some I don't... Could you please be kind enough to raise this issue with Lady Kadjina?

Good morning. This is Lady Kadjina. There have always been, and there still are, water beings. The dolphins are the only fully incarnate and fully sentient water beings left in physical manifestation on Earth at this time. These magnificent beings are able to communicate with humans in this time and they are very powerful guardians of very ancient information and energies. There is a being called Chiron who is part man and part horse and he is a very real being, even now, who lives primarily in the world of spirit but is very much involved in the activities of humans, especially in the form of energetics in the world of science that you know as astrology. There have been mermaids who were able to function on land and in the water and who also communicated with the humans. Many of the fairy kingdom are able to live in the air, in the earth and in the water. Today the great devas influence many things in the water, the mountains, and in the oceans.

We want to say here that there are members of the Mar-ek team, of which I am a member, who work very closely with Sitchin and we have a great respect for his work. We recommend to our students that they study his works very carefully, in conjunction with the work that we call the Emerald Tablets. And along with these two, to study the work of Jose Arguelles. Where the Annunaki are concerned, there were many groups of them and they remained with the Earth over a great distance of time. Many of these were very benevolent to humans. But other groups fell from grace, so to say. And they were not very kind to humans. You can look at the Atlanteans in the same way. There are many Atlanteans of very high standards, but then there were those who became corrupted and fell from grace. This is a time of the return of the Atlanteans, and this group had conflicts with the darker energies of the Annunaki. Then again you have Orion and while there are many great enlightened beings from Orion, there is also a very dark sector of Orion that has played havoc with the Earth. What we are saying here is that there are the two forms of light expressing through many planets and through many beings. All of these planets and beings have done some great works and given good information and they also at times have created havoc.

It is difficult to give information concerning history when there are so many humans looking at the history from so many different perspectives. It is imperative at this time to always look at the bigger picture. Ea and Enki are two energies that also expressed through Earth, which has a consciousness of duality. When they first came to Earth and influenced the aquatic life forms, it was to a time that would be considered a Golden Era; it was not a time of conflict. It was a time that allowed for play and playful experiments with the life forms. At this time many energetic beings came into the Earth en masse. They would enter into the life forms of plants, animals, earth, water, and cloud formations because they wanted to know and understand the consciousness of these forms.

As time went on, they inter-married, so to speak, and propagated between many different forms, so that you had consciousness in trees, for example, and the trees could greet other approaching life forms and communicate with them. There are many of the ancient trees that can still do this. Today the clouds themselves are becoming more sentient. They have the ability to hear the human when they speak, and to respond. If a human needs rain and speaks to the clouds, and the clouds give the rain, and the human in turn gets very excited and dances in the rain and blows kisses to the clouds. These clouds then respond and become very excited also, and they begin to watch and look for their earth friends, the humans, to see if there is a way to make that human happy again. Many forms of life are becoming sentient and fully conscious once again so that all forms of life begin to communicate with one another again.

As time went on and many forms of energy entered into the Earth, and these energies began to squabble amongst themselves, Ea and Enki had their hands full trying to maintain stability. There was a convocation of great energetic beings who came together and laid down new laws for Planet Earth. No more would different species be allowed to breed, for those that were cross-bred were being abused. It was also decreed that Planet Earth and her life forms were to function in the full manifestations of the dual energies of light. And so came forth Lucifer and Satan. These are both great beings of light who came, but they agreed to become the standard-bearers for a fully split dual energy of light. It has been exceeding difficult for them to hold the dark energy, a dark mirror of reflection and watch humanity and all of the other life forms struggle within the enshrouding presence of so much darkness. Just recently these two great beings have set aside the dark mirror and have reclaimed their positions of fully lighted beings. They did not fall from grace; humanity needed someone to blame, and rather than accept self-responsibility, it was easier to point the finger elsewhere.

See also,

Wayne: Specifically, what is the relationship between Ea and Enki with the planet Sirius, and did they come here as water beings?

Ea and Enki did not come forth from Sirius per se, but rather they used the energies from Sirius. They visited Sirius; they knew many beings from this star system, and they did indeed work with water beings and many different forms of water beings, and this was their very earliest expression upon the Earth, before the splitting of the light. It would help if you could understand that Ea and Enki spent many millennia on many different planets. Sirius and Nibiru were but two of them. Those of Nibiru came in with a particular agenda, as did those from the star Sirius. Ea and Enki were involved with beings from both of these places, but at different times. In other words, Ea and Enki modified their agenda in response to the changes within humanity and the changes within the many life forms. And they also were required to respond to the edicts of the Councils that convened who mandated the splitting of the light.

I would interject at this point that Kay is struggling greatly within herself. She has no understanding at all of history or of the things that we are trying to bring through. She is a being who avoids conflicting issues at all costs and this type of discussion is very difficult for her. But the benefits for her personal growth will be very great in being willing to attempt to do this particular work. Of herself there is no way that she could address the questions brought up by readers. One reader has stated that modern man is the direct result of the procreation from one feminine energy. The reader did not agree with what we had said. So it is taking great courage on Kay's part to be willing to keep moving forward. So, we shall return to the topic under discussion the best we can.

Wayne: Most of today's scientific understanding is that human life evolved from aquatic life as the cells responded to changing environmental conditions over millions of years. This understanding generally describes only the physical evolution and does not include the possibility of "outside" spiritual energies or beings that may have had an even more primary influence. It therefore seems possible that beings such as Ea and Enki had a direct influence over aquatic life and those humans who at one time were more attuned to the spiritual side of life may have seen these beings as influential over the founding and development of civilization. It this essentially correct?

Those in the field of science believe that humans evolved from aquatic life forms. This is partly true; there is a segment of humanity that did evolve in this way, but not all of humanity. Ea and Enki were very influential in the energetics of aquatic beings who were able to communicate with humans and also with star beings who came to Earth, as well as beings who worked with the energies of the great temples in relationship to grid systems and ley lines. But we would say that this was not the only activity that Ea and Enki were involved in.

Wayne: I have "seen" images and therefore have an understanding that dolphins communicate using principles of holography, forming comprehensive patterns of information and projecting them such that some humans can read them in the holographic form and translate them into human concepts and language. Is this essentially correct?

This is a very interesting concept and fits in well with our message this morning. Dolphins do project information holographically. In a holograph all information is expressed in all places at the same time. And the humans will then tap into that part of the holograph that fits in with the information that they are requesting. It also kind of fits with the concept of the eye of the grasshopper, which is multi-faceted. The total eye contains all of the vision of the grasshopper, but a facet contains a particular focus of information. And within the all-seeing eye of the cosmos, there is the great holograph. Sitchin has spoken on a particular facet and Temple is focusing on another aspect of the same truth. Ea and Enki have expressed within both forms. They have known both those from Sirius and those of the Annunaki. They have utilized both formats at different time frames in the course of human history.

Wayne: The weather report for Tucson on 4/20/01 indicated that our unusually hazy skies are the result of strong winds blowing in dust from the Gobi Desert. When I heard this, I immediately made a mental connection between the etheric cities in the Gobi Desert and the Arizona-New Mexico Desert, where there are supposedly also evidence of underground civilizations and that there was some energetic connection that was being played out in the physical world that tied the dusts of the two deserts together. Is this essentially a correct interpretation of recent events?

Absolutely. We refer you to some of our early discussions concerning the St. Louis floods and the commingling of the waters and the ways in which certain systems were reactivated. This is the same type of thing that is happening now. You understand that within your physical self you have cells that contain memories and you reactivate those cellular memories and you heal discordant memories and you utilize the memories that were expressions of your highest self in other lifetimes. You bring it forward and use it. Shamballa is a great etheric city over the Gobi. It is a focal point of many activities. So the great winds were created for two purposes: to uncover things that are buried and also to disperse the sands that contain cellular structures that have within them memories.

These dust particles also commingled with the energetics of the City of Angels, picking up energy from that source and then focusing in the Tucson area and commingling with the energies in this place. And this serves as a great reactivation. Third dimensionally it appears as a problem, but fourth and fifth dimensionally, it is a great blessing. Those caught up in the great floods of St. Louis viewed the activity as catastrophic, but from an etheric standpoint it was also a great blessing.

One of the interesting things about blowing sand "and this is a metaphor" is that it can be compared to the action of sandpaper. It is abrasive in nature. Have you ever worked with a piece of wood that was rough and tried to put lacquer on it? It was not a beautiful finish. You must first use the abrasive energy of sandpaper to smooth out the rough spots. The blowing sand gathered unto itself many particles of various types of denser energies and deposited them in the desert of Tucson. Tucson has a soil that is very porous and so, when the rains come, the denser energy can enter into the earth herself. There is also a direct link vortex in the Tucson area to the core center of Earth and to the activities of the great blue-white cross, so that these denser energies can be quickly transmuted.

Excerpt Lost Book of Enki
Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God

Second Tablet

Alalu's journey to Earth...

Riding like an eagle, Alalu the heavens scanned;

In the Eagle's seat Alalu was not stirring; to fate's hands the chariot he entrusted.
Fully caught in Earth's attracting net, the chariot was moving faster.
Its spread wings became aglow; Earth's atmosphere like an oven was.


Third Tablet
Ea and Enki are one in the same;

on Nibiru Ea, on Earth Enki...

In the Assembly of the princes, a son of Anu stood up to speak.
He was wise in all matters, among the sages renowned he was.
Of the secrets of waters he was a master; E.A, He Whose Home Is Water, he was called.

Prior to leaving Nibiru for Earth...

Fifty heroes will for the mission be required to journey to Earth the gold to obtain!
To the journey Anu his approval gave;
The stargazers for the journey the right time to be selected.
At the place of chariots multitudes gathered, to bid farewell to the heroes and their leader did they come.
Bearing Eagle's helmets, carrying each a fish suit, the heroes the chariot one by one entered.


The first sentence of this section of the Third Tablet begins by stating, Now this is the account of the journey to the seventh planet and how the legend of the Fishgod who came from the waters was begun...

At the edge of the marshes, a sight there was to behold:
Gleaming in the sunrays was a chariot from Nibiru; Alalu's celestial boat it was!
The heroes their paces quickened, toward Alalu's chariot they hurried.
Impatient, Ea donned his Fish's suit; within his chest his heart was like a drum beating.
Into the marsh he jumped, toward its edge hurried steps he directed.
High were the marshes flooding, deeper was the bottom than he expected.
He changed his gait to swimming, with bold strokes forward he advanced.
As dry land he was approaching, green meadows he could see.
Then his feet touched firm ground; he stood up and by walking he continued.
Ahead he could see Alalu standing, with his hands with vigor waving.
Coming out of the waters, ashore Ea stepped: On dark-hued Earth he was standing!


Fourth Tablet
Ea bestowed the title
Earth's Master renamed Enki...

The three, father and two sons, clasped their hands together.
They cast lots, by the lots the tasks they divided:
Anu to Nibiru to return, its ruler on the throne to remain;
The Edin to Enlil was allotted, to be Lord of the Command as his name indicated,
More settlements to establish, of the skyships and their heroes charge to take,
Of all the lands until they the bar of the seas encounter, the leader to be.
To Ea the seas and the oceans as his domain were granted,
Lands beyond the bar of the waters by him to be governed,
In the Abzu to be master, with ingenuity the gold to procure.
Enlil with the lots was agreeable, the hand of fate he with a bow accepted.
Ea's eyes filled with tears, of Eridu and the Edin he wished not to be parted.
Let Ea forever Eridu as his home retain! Anu to Enlil was saying,
Let his being the first to splash down forever be remembered,
Let Ea as Earth's master be known; Enki, Earth's Master, let his title be!
His father's words Enlil with a bow accepted; to his brother he thus said:
Enki, Earth's Master, your title name shall henceforth be; I Lord of the Command shall be known.
------------------------------End Excerpt---------------------------------------

So we can clearly see from the Lost Book of Enki that the appearance of fish being etc., come from the fact that they wore scuba gear and Ea/Enki's mastery of the waters. NASA knows that truth and is why they use the phrase "The Eagle has Landed" touch downs or landings. Foresight enlightened Lord Enki to the fact that the true history of the gods from Heaven to Earth came would be tampered with and interpreted to suit individuals own demonic desires. He dictated to a master scribe whom he entrusted to deliver the truth and ordered not a word of his dictation be altered which we find in the Lost Book of Enki.

...and they shall learn all I have dictated to you; and that true account of the Beginnings and the Prior Times and the Olden Times and the Great Calamity shall henceforth be known as The Words of Lord Enki. And it shall be a book of Witnessing of the past, and a Book of Foretelling the future, for the future in the past lies and the first things shall also be the last things.

Lord Enki ~ Earth's Master
Firstborn son of Anu, who reigns on Nibiru

Allah in Pre Dynastic Nubia Temple of Ptah

Ital Iman I
Editor in Chief
Underground News Network-UNN™

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