Friday, July 22, 2016

U.N.I.T.Y ?

U.N.I.T.Y ?

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We are not as helpless as many think we are as a people, we all know that U.N.I.T.Y is key...

United-Nations-initiating-Thoth- Yod

we must be allowed to present the consensus, we who can see can agree on the fact that mainstream media is the enemy of the people…
It’s media who has America divided. (propaganda tool of big business) there is an agenda obviously displayed before the public who follow it. many of the talking heads project their personal ignorance and bias onto current events. there is and there is not a race war in America. the snake-oil administered via propaganda salesmen of Orwellian doublespeak and think is being poured down our throats daily, some citizens are even being convicted for thought crimes, everyone is confused. it’s manufactured by cooperate controlled media. Another problem we have: the people that could assist us or help if presented the consensus and briefed, educated etc. , are not readily accessible,(movie stars,entertainers, public officials etc.) knowing this; it is paramount that we organize organically at the grass-roots level, (power in numbers) for us this is a spiritual Battle, unlike the controlled ‪#‎Black‬-‪#‎lives‬-‪#‎matter‬ (BLM) group who is puppet for the masters of war. we are backed By The Ancient Intelligence of The universe, but we must UNITE to fully activate that mostly dormant power in the light of dark current events… our problem truly is the lack of concern and the unwillingness of devotion to the cause for fear of losing the illusion you the many so desperately hold onto ,loss of Jobs, so-called friends etc., it’s time now to embrace the real. we must stand up and take control of our own destiny, moving from the point of ignorance into the realm of survival, as the people wave false flags in the streets each day in preparation for the aftermath of this seasons Presidential election,(‪#‎summer‬ of ‪#‎Chaos‬) Mother earth and father sky are also going through changes and presenting us with signs but we are being distracted by political agendas…
“In order for a force to emerge from the dimensionless state and manifest itself, it needs a point of departure. A point is dimensionless, has not yet emerged from unity, but is necessary for manifestation… When the force whose first manifestation was a point emerges from the dimensionless state and is effective for a period of time, the point moves and forms a line.”
This is where The New Organization ‪#‎U‬.N.I.T.Y ( United-Nations- initiating-Thoth- Yod ) come in At, we must interject at this point our Ancient Wisdom in this time of Chaos, being not motivated by Racism as defined by America,nor are we motivated by hatred.Love and unity is key to peace and justice. (we free our people with music, (sound vibration) intelligence and ancient tried wisdom is the yard stick by which we measure all action, we are not a religious nor political entity. we are excepting all who are not affiliated with the current propaganda machine of all Races and ethnicity (NATIONS) but the YOD Is learn more about U.N.I.T.Y
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we need working people (fiscally stable) as fiscal supporters and people who are ready to travel when such time arrives, we are not seeking great numbers…only ones who are serious need contact us...

“The Yod, shaped like a comma or a dot, represents the principle or origin of all things. The other letters of the Hebrew alphabet are all produced by different combinations of the letter Yod. The synthetic study of nature had led the ancients to conclude that one law only existed and ruled all natural productions. This law, the basis of analogy, placed the Unity-principle at the origin of all things, and regarded them as the reflections at various degrees of the Unity-principle. Thus, the Yod, which alone forms all the other letters, and therefore all the words and all the phrases of the alphabet, was justly used as the image and representation of this Unity-principle, of which the profane had no knowledge.
Thus also the law which presided over the creation of the Hebrew language is the same law that presided over the creation of the Universe, and to know the one is to know the other, unreservedly.”

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