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The Sirius vibration and H.I.M 124th Birthday Anniversary Commemoration

Bismillah ir-rahman ir-rahim

       The supreme Teaching of the Rastafari, being the wisdom of Halie Selassie.
The Sirius vibration and H.I.M 124th Birthday Anniversary Commemoration( 7:54 AM)

 7-23-2016, commemorating the 124th birthday anniversary of The Lord of Lords King of Kings,
Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Elect of God, the Light of the World. (Royal Title)
Born: July 23, 1892, Ejersa Goro, Ethiopia
Ethiopian history was passed directly down from King to King until Emperor Haile Selassie I (the 225th king from King David) why is this day a day of significance? It is so because Sirius conjuncts our sun ,so we say Halie Selassie and Sirius, on the one! the number 23 is resonant number of Sirius, to the Black man Sirius is very important as we can see, Sirius holds our ancient wisdom, in Holy Quran sura 53 Al- Najm: (The star) verse 49 says: and that he is Lord of Sirius.(Allah)

Thus, the term “Dog Days of Summer” came to mean the 20 days before and 20 days after this alignment of Sirius with the Sun — July 3 to Aug. 11. Today marking the 124th year after the birth of the king of kings is a most significance of this date in the scheme of world and current events; we cannot help but dive into the profound sea of numerology and the occult: (it that is hidden) 1+2+4=7,we will go to Tarot card 7 the chariot and analyze it :

We see the king returning in victory on his chariot the two lions or sphinx  before him black and white
Positive and negative, male and female, what is most peculiar is winged disc and the shield on the front plate of chariot, which is the symbol of Niburu,what proves this fact of observation is the eight(8) pointed star he wears on his crown, and the other stars in the canopy of the chariot ,symbolizing the heavens the eight pointed star is symbol of niburu… so this day symbolizes a code, found when we add 7-23-2016 we get the number 19: 7+2+3+2+1+6=19 this number 19 is code of Quran

Here I wish to reveal you something even deeper still

1974 coup same year:

Mathematical Miracle of the Quran - By Dr. Rashad Khalifa


only place in Quran where number 19 is mentioned is sura 74,thus 19-74 when king of kings was dethroned… the world Tarot(21) was judged in 19-74   1+9+7+4=21

             The world was Judged at that time in History
             it was a globalist conspiracy to dethrone H.I.M

Why the mathematical miracle of the Quran was revealed in the United States of America?
                                              code revealed in America 1974 

Jan.5thAmerican revolution started) 4 19 1977   signers were met by 77 armed men 77 minute men started the American revolution 8 lost their lives =69 chapter 15 verse 77: verily therein is a sign for the believers.

Chapter 32: verse# 2) The Revelation of the Book,there is no doubting it,is from the lord of the worlds. Thus the forbidden (322) =7 Islam will be established… read  chapter 32 and 23 the believers

    AL-SAJDAH       The Adoration  Chapter 32 Holy Quran

Also see : genesis 3:22

And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:

so we see the country was founded on some power principles,but the follows of Marduk the rebelious one went astray,Selassie The decent of Anunakki come To set the Globalist aright,this message was revealed,from the sirius star system on the 124 Birthday Anniversary Commemoration,to the Rastafari Ital Iman I,most High scribe Of The Holy Book Of Wonder...

also last time dogon sigu festival was held 1974=(Sirius)

In 391 AD  the great Library of Alexandria Egypt was ordered destroyed by Theodosius I, Thus, one legend of the origins of the Tarot,  is that a convention of wise men, adepts and sages in Fez, Morocco, sometime after the destruction of the Library at Alexandria, formulated the Tarot as a secret symbol system representing the ancient, mystical knowledge lost in the destruction of the Library at Alexandria.  The Tarot was meant to keep the ancient wisdom alive in advance of the oppression of the dominant church.  It was also meant to be a tool to help a seeker find self-knowledge and reach his/her full potential.

To give us a visual aid, the ancient teachers divided the twenty-two Major Arcana of the Tarot into what is referred to as a Tarot Tableau consisting of three rows of seven cards, with The Fool presiding over the tableau.  Notes  3x7=21 IE. 777

  Note the esoteric relationship to the Hebrew Alphabet and the major arcana of 22 cards

In the traditional form, the Hebrew alphabet is an abjad consisting only of consonants, written from right to left. It has 22 letters, five of which use different forms at the end of a word.

 what does this mean save Judgment upon Babylon

There has been a shift in the American consciousness;(every being in America) this has happen in the last week, that is 
since the start of the dog days, the conjunction of Sirius and our sun there has been a silent Judgement ,you will know if you are part of the positive wave; I will call it God consciousness that you comprehend what I’m trying to cause out that you see, one way you will recognize where you stand in this new vibration is by monitoring your feelings about what you are reading, all over the world the God People or the truly enlightened beings are finding themselves by themselves, their vibration has come to resonate to high for those of lower vibrations, this will be a temporary problem for the God People, because orb-ship earth is going through a purging and the evil ignorant beings are having their last wild fling in a consciousness realm where right is wrong and wrong is right, so the God Beings will have a big trip, some are homeless, jobless friendless broke ones who are not strong will freak out, but when the shit truly hit the fan, in the final climax of good over evil, there will be another shift and the ignorant, the ungodly, the demons etc., will turn to the righteous for help, the earth will quake, the waters will flow, there will be more killings in the streets  some real and false flags, it will get worse, some of the evil wild ones having their current day of illusionary fun will repent, some are  Too  far gone and cannot turn back, some will not be aware of this shift on any level, there are ones now, out selling drugs in every nook and cranny, they are numb to the news, even unto themselves, some sit in higher places doing the same thing, but they don’t care as long as they are making their money, and well tucked in with all   their private sins, and false peace and love, fooling themselves that they are correct, and any one else who will believe and follow them… some know the economy is gone, they have taken their money out of the banks, and many will lose all not believing it will happen, but we who do not have because of our high vibratory signature will not be affected  by the money crash, The Gods of old are returning and every eye will see…the Gods will be prompted to intervene with earthly affairs do to the helplessness of the ones carrying high vibratory signatures, there are people upon orb-ship earth who are clinically insane who are not aware of it, these ones truly think they know God, they think they are saved, washed in the blood of Jesus  as they say, some are people meaning well but are ignorant, most of them have an idea they are lost, but cannot change in fear of losing their minds which has already been lost, this is a sad state of affairs. Then there are the truly evil ones who know. they are politicians,  tricksters the movie stars etc., knowing the truth of the Jesus myth but still do not know what the real truth is, they see the monuments of Egypt and many travel to see them, these are the spiritual reprobates on a higher level they cannot come to grips with Anunakki being God then there are the Muslims also and mostly the white Arabs, who are just like the fundamentalist Christian, not knowing that Thoth of Egypt is Angel Gabriel who dictated the holy script, Chapter 51   The scatterers; Al-Dhariyat verse 24 Has the story of Abraham's honored guests reached thee? Who are these honored guests? They are none other than Anunakki. But Muslims will kill and say this is blasphemous   …the most evil and the most ignorant ones are found in the churches, they contribute their success in this world to Jesus one they have never seen and never will, he has not answered not one of their prayers, but they say he has, if you would ask them for proof they will say he is a spirit, he must be worshiped in spirit, some have come to see or comprehend him as a black Jesus and these ones still worship him in spirit, they are insane not knowing it, this is why I say: evil is oft times ignorance not knowing itself to be so, o yes, they are the ones who say I’m a heathen and I’m lost and crazy, so this has gone too far upon orb-ship earth and the gods must come destroy this madness…here is truth for all the globe to see…

 Here is wisdom

Wisdom of Stevie wonders Words to a mostly white crowd at Hyde Park UK:

“Black lives Matter because we are the First people of The World.”
Notice he said: “if you don’t believe me I don’t give a fuck”
Those were the most powerful words ever spoken by a public figure in all the history of the world
At a time of racial upheaval among the races…
Here we must note that the white Christian fundamentalist etc. sees everything concerning ancient Egypt as evil, to them all masonic orders are evil because they reference and use Egyptian symbolism, this too is insanity ,not known to be so…

If we only knew who we were, Knowledge is truly power. in the beginning our rebellious seed known as Marduk, Amon Ra in Egypt set up the monarch system upon orb-ship Ea. (earth) the sovereign heads of state in a monarchy the hybrid half breed children (white people) the rulers of today…that’s why in their secret societies they love and worship the rebel soul Marduk today…
- For the first time, demigods (half Anunakki and half human hybrids) ruled as kings on Earth. They also served as priests in palaces and temples. They (illuminati) are today known as Monarchs, and rule mankind in the name of the Anunakki ever since. The demons (demigods) have gone astray.

Listen to The North American Rasta-man that you learn, here is an excerpt from the tenth Sumerian tablet dictated by Lord Enki:

"When in the future days it will be asked: when and by whom was this marvel fashioned? (Great pyramids)
Let us beside the twin peaks a monument create, the Age of the Lion let it announce,
The image of Ningishzida (later known as Thoth), the peaks' designer, let its face be,
Let it precisely toward the Place of the Celestial Chariots gaze,
When, by whom, and the purpose let it to future generations reveal!"
Right here it tells us who’s face is on the Holy Cat(sphinx) we don’t need white folk guessing and we wondering? No more confusion…

"When in the future days it will be asked: when and by whom was this marvel fashioned?
Let us beside the twin peaks a monument create, the Age of the Lion let it announce,
The image of Ningishzida (later known as Thoth), the peaks' designer, let its face be,
Let it precisely toward the Place of the Celestial Chariots gaze,
When, by whom, and the purpose let it to future generations reveal!"

Enlil agreed with Enki's suggestion and decreed:

"Let the gazing lion, precisely eastward facing, with Ningishzidda's image be!"
Enki’s son Marduk replaced him as ruler of Egypt and removed his face from sphinx so the face now is not the original face marduk was Amon Ra of Egypt (the exiled one) he lost a war(the Anunakki wars) and was ran out of town… there were family wars or tribal wars of the gods, yes there has always been black on black crime..

Ningishzida, who was known in Egypt as Thoth, was deposed by his brother, Marduk. He took with him followers and flew to the Americas. He was the plumbed serpent in Central America.

Enki was known as Ptah in Egypt, which meant "The Developer", and commemorated his greatness in reestablishing the civilization after the Deluge.
- The Anunakki were known as "Neteru" in Egypt, literally meaning "The Guardian Watchers".
I will throw in a little something here for the Christians who might read this advertisement:
Here is how Endubsar, Enki's scribe, described one of the flying crafts of the Anunakki:

"I looked up and lo and behold, a Whirlwind came out of the south. There was a reddish brilliance about it and it made no sound. And as it reached the ground, four straight feet spread out from its belly and the brilliance disappeared. And I threw myself on the ground and prostrated myself, for I knew that it was a divine vision."

"The Whirlwind lifted itself as a fiery chariot and was gone. (...) It carried me swiftly between the Earth and the heavens, as the eagle soars. And I could see the land and the waters, and the plains and the mountains."

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