Saturday, November 29, 2014

Change we can believe in

                                                                change we can believe in

Put this in your test tubes: there was a time when yawning was very contagious, the syndrome would go and come in spells. No matter if your car windows were rolled up you could not escape the power of the yawn. Now the phenomenon very seldom happen. Also I noticed in rural areas of the south everyone would wave to the other, weather in walking or on higways,passing in cars one would think it a strange other planet in deep outer space, but currently there is no wave like it use to be. But some people still remember it.


There was something at our core that knew we were all one and it tried to unite us but we did not listen Once upon a time; time stood still. but when men began to invent and improve industrially time began to speed up, man moved faster and did not live see concerning that there Ferguson event, what really happened there, I can remember more simple days, there was no Monsanto  so folk lived long on the beef, water was clean, grew our own food raised our meat, but we noticed subtle things like when the insurance man or any vender came to or into the house he would always talk to and make eye contact with the mother it was as if the father was not there, the disrespect for the black man is deeply genetically rooted it’s a natural inbred reaction and response. That has become an unspoken code

Once we would stand at street crossing, rail road crossing etc., they would drive up and latch their car doors you could hear the matter how well dressed and civilized you looked and carried yourself you would still hear the click. After some observation, and few years passing we noticed that if a homeless person or anyone who looked as if they might be desperate enough to hurt you:there were no car doors  locked when these people were near, this taught us that the action we had been witness to was not because of a natural fear of us, it was done to humiliate us, they knew how it made us feel, they tried to lower our self-esteem, just like the one where when they saw you or made eye contact there would be a sudden quick snappy smile with no soul just dry they knew how it would make you feel, so much so until some of the Black girls caught on and they started doing it, they only target people they perceive as being aware of themselves, the ones homeless the ignorant, they are under control. They have a total different experience…

 Concerning the police:They are in trusted with so much.  When we are sleeping they see everything that requirement is they should have training in some aspect of the clergy and study world religions and philosophies, be versed in the social sciences as well martial arts, they should be men of great integrity, who has pledged an allegiance to protect and serve the people. The young people are out marching because they don’t know what to do, they have not been taught, that marching is not the thing to do. But this is all they know. What they do know is that something is not correct with the system, and they feel it needs to change. First the individual needs to change; the system is changed one person at a time. What black people have not learned yet is how to think ahead, how to see the future, and know that the future lies hidden in the past, many of us have set around the camp fire or an evening meal etc., and talked about how we would handle a certain situation in slavery, we are still at that point, no one before now has prepared us for this moment. Our concept of God is incorrect this is our problem, if we had the correct concept we would not have this problem we seem to have today…the only solution is to change the face of current and stagnant black you hear the owls hoot “it’s time for change”

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