Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Best Knower

Many characters of bible such as Jesus are symbolic personifications of a secret doctrine of chemistry, guarded by the priest of the Egyptian mysteries…
Like mornings sun dispels the darkness like thunder sudden rain have you ever thought to
Thank Jah for all he has done for you;and the realization of the impossibility of this undertakeing.all we can-do is be greatful;void of ego, and ever humble in our ways, for it is the almighty who is the Author and finisher of all things, he dwells in his secret chambers. For Allah is the best knower. (Alif Lam Mim.Ra)

"I am the small axe
Well sharp, aiming to
Cut you down"
-Bob Marley

In this world of illusion where fact is given over to
Opinion; there is this mystical order called {Teleology}
The study of a creative design in the processes of nature
This process dictates the actions of men, through objectivity and
Subjectivity-learned minds are well aware of the two planes of life;
The objective and the subjective; understanding this order Telepathic
Communications are possible-first we must clear up The Illusions;
As the sun does not rise and set; the earth moves around the sun-and

This action is filtered through the spectrum as seasons, night and day-
Color is to broken light as sound is to broken movement-each thing
Impresses upon the other-The prism or crystal; reveals the hidden
Seven rays of the sun-life giver to earth...

Word and sound is power; let me tell you how your confusion came to be-
It was in the beginning:-The space travelers came to earth-They built
The great pyramid at Egypt first as an observatory-to measure, and
Record astronomical phenomena as data; recording the movements of
Planets, in their relationship with stars, on the walls of the great
Pyramid in mathematical code; these codes in the next development were
Translated in to allegories metaphors and similitudes; from this
Pattern the Holy Scriptures of The Kings were designed...

And every noun has a deeper level of meaning...
As slaves common men were taught to take the script of this divine
Drama taken from the one book of truth the {unit-verse} uni means one
And verse means book, as literal. [B:-In central America a Thousand
Years before Christ says the white writers; Three Thousand years at
The height of Pyramid Building at Egypt; The Gods Sent One Maya To
Central America-many moons before the USA and The Red Man claiming to
Be The First American, England was not in power then-There was swamp
Land there; in 300 BC King Maya and Priest Built the Empire as
Instructed By the Gods of time; deliberately lasting to 900BC being 600

From here the central hub at sky born Five; The Chilam Balam {jaguar
Priest or interpreter Jaguar} (Thoth) The Kings the Ruling Families; designed
A computer of information as time capsule to be understood by us
Their ancestors this day; they are the creators of Life on earth-The
First Genetisist; creators of the genetic sounding board; the sixty
Four unit sounding board-the genetic coding of the earth; and it is
Written in Holy Quran:-and he, ALLAH is as close to you as your
Jugular vein...

 Surah 50. Qaf, Ayah 16. ” And we have already created man and know what his soul whispers to him, and we are closer to him than [his] jugular vein”
This information of computers of living life were scattered throughout the world on earth as they had been before in the galaxy {The
Heavens} for it is written in a place Hidden; we left our face in
OF “Ital Iman I; invite all “try on my shades, the vision's Cool"
For in reality, we are all one-with one heartbeat, singing one
Song, bringing one love, Rastafari is His Name, The symbol of this
Oneness, we are his subjects, a world created unto him by his majesty
{subtle/mystical ways} though his own received him not; we are the

Signs of times

Spelled and pronounced po-lice but the lease sound is spelled lice like the little pest dog lice or hair lice.
Lice are tiny, wingless, parasitic insects that feed on your blood. Lice are easily spread.
Po.lease are soulless spirits who like lice feed on the blood of poor (PO) people. And can be leased or hired out by the wealthy to maintain the status quo.
Notice that the compound word police is broken into two syllables pol and ice this is at the rear of the vehicle. Notice the phrase synoumous with police is “freeze” the splice of the key hole is symbolic of its importance.it being at the rear of the car or end of car as in in of time there will be a pol shift.
Notice that during a time or great period of police brutality how the Ice challenge has gone viral. Now think is it normal for grown and responsible people to be pouring buckets and tubs of ice over their heads. This is a sign of what’s coming also. Sign that people has totally lost their minds. Police represent the spirit forces of Babylon.

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