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Follow The Yellow Brick Road

The five miles of road from Yellowstone National Park's boundary at Gardiner, Montana, to its headquarters at Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyoming, was built in 1884. The arch constructed over the road became known as Roosevelt Arch because President Theodore Roosevelt, who happened to be vacationing in the park, spoke at the ceremony to lay the cornerstone in 1903. The plaque on the arch is inscribed with a phrase from the legislation that established Yellowstone National Park: “For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People.” Today it would be considered inappropriate to embellish the park’s landscape with such a conspicuous, non-functional structure, but Roosevelt Arch continues to serve as a historical marker for a time when cultural values called for a monumental entrance to Yellowstone.
DOROTHY = THYO-DOR = THEO-DORE = THEODORE, or God’s Door and refers to Theodore Roosevelt, who was president at the time of the writing of the Wizard of Oz in 1900. Don’t let the fact that Dorothy is a sweet little girl in the story, and that president Roosevelt was a macho type dude. In the luciferian agenda, the sex of an individual scripted character matters little, as all characters are androgynous, sexless, and are only conjured up to deliver a subliminal suggestion.
The main entrance to YELLOWSTONE = HOLY BRICK ROAD is called the ROOSEVELT ARCH, and is named after Theodore Roosevelt Then there’s The EMERALD CITY.
Dorothy and her 3 friends go on a journey, the Night Journey, down a Yellow Brick Road eventually coming to the EMERALD CITY.



George Washington’s face on the $1 Bill would depict the BEAK and THROAT of the OWL, or OZ
The Wicked WITCH / RICH of the West refers to the 11 Western United States, WHICH RICH WITCH is destroyed by a BUCKET OF WATER thrown by DOROTHY / THEODORE / GOD’S DOOR (Roosevelt = ROSE LEVEE Sacrifice = Rising Sea), which BUCKET is the WATER BEARER of ALASKA. This WATER BEARER enters from the North through the North Gate of YELLOWSTONE, the ROOSEVELT ARCH, as the seismic activity associated with YELLOWSTONE, the HOLY STONE, is unleashed from the Emerald City of Seattle
And Mount Olympus Washington, all the way to the Holy Stone of Judgment and beyond, reaching Kansas, the home of Dorothy, with its southern border resting at 37 degrees north.
{Note that Kansas is in middle of USA and during time of dust bowl there was a great black migration}source of the above :
“Nicodemus is the best known of the black settlements. This small rural community was settled in 1877 by a group of freedmen from Scott County, Kentucky. They named their town after a legendary slave who was said to have purchased his own freedom. The African American community had a rough beginning owing to scare resources and difficult weather conditions. A few of the original settlers returned to cities in the eastern part of the state or to the South. However, enough people stayed so that 

The first school district in Graham County was organized in Nicodemus in 1879.

Difficult economic times and political pressures forced thousands of poor black to leave the South. The largest migration of African Americans to Kansas occurred in 1879 with the exoduster movement. These migrants came to Kansas with little resources. They were often dependent upon relief organizations such as the Kansas Freedman's Relief Association. Kansans did not eagerly welcome the exodusters, and much of the relief needed to help these African American migrants came from out of the state. Many of the exodusters took up residence in eastern Kansas cities. Eventually they were encouraged to resettle across the state so that no single town would have to absorb large numbers of workers into its labor force.

Although Kansas had once been called the "greatest, grandest and freest of all states," some African Americans found their experiences in Kansas to be discouraging. Although the Kansas Constitution welcomed people of all ethnic and racial backgrounds, many whites who had previously settled the state were not as generous to their new black neighbors. Bad economic times also were difficult for African Americans. Some blacks left the state for the unsettled territory that would become Oklahoma, and some returned to the South. However, a great many stayed and called Kansas home.

The eastern portion of Kansas saw another wave of black migration during the 20th century. In the 1920s and 1930s African Americans arrived in Kansas primarily from Arkansas and Missouri where the mechanization of the cotton industry and general and economic times had forced them to leave their homes. Jobs in the thriving meat packing industry provided the lure of better economic conditions. However, not all Kansans welcome the arrival of African Americans. For instance, certain neighborhoods remained officially restricted in Kansas City, Kansas, until the 1940s, and some businesses refused to provide services for black residents.

Governmental policy in Kansas has at times been ambivalent toward racial equality. The state universities in Kansas have always admitted African American students; in 1870 the first black student enrolled at the University of Kansas. In the public school system, however, racial equality has faced problems. Hutchinson in the only Kansas city with a population of 15,000 or more to have had integrated public schools throughout its history. In the 1950s, Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka had thrust Kansas into the center of the national controversy surrounding school segregation. In 1951 the Board of Education of Topeka operated under the doctrine of "separate but equal" with regard to its public schools. Although schools were segregated, they did not have the gross inequalities found in other states. The 13 plaintiffs filed a lawsuit on behalf of their children who wanted to attend neighborhood schools but were denied enrollment because of segregation policies. The case was taken to the Unites States Supreme Court by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Thurgood Marshall led a team of lawyers who argued that the effects of separating African American children from others resulted in "a feeling of inferiority." In May 1954 segregation was struck down by the court when it concluded that separate educational facilities were inherently unequal. Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka became the basis for national desegregation efforts.”
So is there a sign in this great mystery for Black people to watch close the signs of times end. Let us look here for a moment:

Ok here’s the skinny (run down)
When you hear all the hidden ones sing in symphony
Only then will the rains come.
Composition of different elements.
"Autumn is a symphony of texture and pattern"
Many of you are in the spring of your life
But the clock of now dictate your reality
We are all in the same boat. Black, brown, red, yellow, white, purple and green.
It is for us to study the animals, it’s time to remember what the old folk say:
“When you see the animals moving in numbers it’s time also we two legs be up and stirring about.”
As the proverb goes “three strikes you’re out” much to much wisdom we take for granted
So if the 1906 Quake in the bay area (San Francisco) was most devastating thus far. 83 years later 1989 we get the sign. World Series (Sirius) game 3 quake. Now 25 years after. 2014 Worst quake to hit area in 25 years. There we have it three quakes (strikes) so the next one you are out. We must reflect. Upon the next one which these three has been harbinger…
The 1994 World Series was canceled on September 14 of that year due to an ongoing strike by the Major League Baseball Players Association, which had begun on August 12. It was only the second time in the event's history (the first was in 1904) that the Fall Classic was not played.
1989 (1988) the overwhelming event
(Underground News Network): A preliminary magnitude 6.0 earthquake has struck the San Francisco Bay area, the U.S. Geological Survey reported early Sunday morning.
Around 3:25 am as if in a dream all came undone, I knew the three story home was moving and all about it and so was I-yet I was not sure. Was it something wrong with me? But there were also flashes of light just like it was about to storm-and I have a panoramic view of the city from my room. Sitting up; getting my bearings, I get up to go out on the balcony looking out over the city from this hill side. Lord a mercy was this my first earthquake. Still a few flashes of light from the west, so it was not a dream nor in my mind. But still not sure what I just experienced, until I google it and research finding ….

…An earthquake with magnitude 6.1 occurred near American Canyon, CA at 10:20:44.00 UTC on Aug 24, 2014. (This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.)
M 6.1 Earthquake, 6km NW of American Canyon, California

10 minutes ago Location: 5 miles (7 km) WSW of American Canyon, CA; 6 miles (10 km) WNW of Vallejo, CA; 9 miles (15 km) NW of Crockett, CA; 25 miles (41 km) NNW of Oakland, CA Source: U.S. Geological Survey.

43.71 miles away from me here at Santa Rosa
Man if I felt this 41 miles away, I wonder what it felt like at the epic center
-Ital Iman I
Reporter UNN
This is the new beginning new moon 8-25-2014=22tarot
One writer has said:
After the 25th of August, if you’ve been working on something positive, the door swings open. Your project begins to manifest.
There is tremendous power in this New Moon in Virgo. But it’s a certain kind of power, much like a guillotine that severs the past from the future.
- See more at:
SANTIAGO, Chile — A 6.4-magnitude earthquake rocked the region around Valparaiso, Chile on Saturday, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.
No injuries or serious damage from the strong quake that occurred at 7:23 p.m. ET were reported, but electricity and telephone service was interrupted in some areas.
The seismological service initially reported the initial quake's magnitude as 6.6, but later downgraded it to 6.4. Earthquakes in the range of 6.1 to 6.9 happen about 100 times a year, according to the Department of Geological Engineering and Sciences at Michigan Technological University. But they can cause a lot of damage in populated areas and can be felt hundreds of miles from the epicenter. The seismological service said a preliminary report showed the quake was centered about 11 miles west-northwest of a community called Hacienda La Calera, about 67 miles northwest of the capital of Santiago. It had a depth of about 19 miles.
The largest recorded earthquake was the Great Chilean Earthquake of May 22, 1960, which had a magnitude of 9.5. Each whole-number increase on the Richter scale represents a tenfold increase in an earthquake's strength.
The earthquake is the largest to shake the Bay Area since the 6.9-magnitude Loma Prieta quake in 1989, the USGS said. That temblor struck the area on Oct. 17, 1989, during a World Series game between the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics, collapsing part of the Bay Bridge roadway and killing more than 60 people, most when an Oakland freeway fell.

2016-1906=110 years the big one.
Or 2017-1906=111 ?
1906-1989=83 years

A major explosion at the Bardarbunga volcano could signal a replay of the global travel chaos triggered when another Icelandic peak blew four years ago, creating a massive ash cloud across Europe.
On Saturday afternoon, the Icelandic Met Office (IMO) said it believed there was a small sub-glacial eruption, but in the late evening it confirmed there was no evidence of volcanic activity.
"Presently there are no signs of ongoing volcanic activity," IMO said on its website.
"The aviation colour code for the Bardarbunga volcano remains red as an imminent eruption cannot be excluded."
Although airspace was closed in the affected area, all airports in Iceland were open, authorities said.
The new assessment came after three hours of aerial surveillance of the area by experts.
Frank McPherson1 hour ago
Let's talk about the lives of our young black men that have been lost emulating the "thug" culture that Mr. Knight and many others have made a national anthem while lining their community centers built; no scholarships given; no outreach in poverty stricken communities...but alas we as a black community continue to accept their words as if they are TRULY speaking for us when they are living like the "HIGH LIFE" that they proclaim to be against (you know they are speaking for Black people and keeping it real)...these so called hip hop people with their East and West Coast feuds and dramas are childish and punkish...this crap is doing so much more harm than any good that they have yet to produce...but alas no outcry, no change....just another day in the hood...

American Canyon note the epic center American canyon a message to America that all will be falling down around her, that she is like a canyon where nature will dump destruction over her burying her in her self-made grave.
They are setting up Armageddon

Atlanta, GA- In the wake of the Ebola crisis, the first US Ebola victim has been treated in Atlanta. Since the arrival of the patient, 15 people in the metro Atlanta area have been infected with the Ebola virus over the past weekend and two people have already died. Three of the victims have just returned from vacation in Lagos, Nigeria. Among those infected with the deadly disease, are seven Centers for Disease (CDC) workers. Currently, the Ebola victims are being treated at Emory University Hospital in an isolation unit where hospital staff are trained to protect themselves from the virus.
According to the World Health Organization, the Ebola virus has killed more than 900 people across West Africa and is spreading rapidly. Death rates for the virus is near 98% meaning chances of survival are slim to none. Ebola is transmitted via bodily fluids or blood.

The sun kicked off this week with an explosive solar flare that, while not aimed directly at Earth, may be a hotspot to watch over the next few days.
The solar flare erupted on Sunday morning (Aug. 24) from an active sunspot known as AR2151. Two sun-watching spacecraft captured stunning video of Sunday's solar flare as it leapt off the surface of the sun at 8:16 a.m. EDT (1216 GMT).
While sunpost AR2151 wasn't facing Earth at the time of the flare, it is a place to watch in the days and weeks ahead. "The responsible sunspot will turn toward Earth in the days ahead, boosting chances for geoeffective solar activity as the week unfolds," experts with the space weather website wrote on Sunday.
Sunday's flare was an intense M5.6 solar eruption on the scale used by scientists to measure space weather events. M-class storms are about 10 times weaker than X-class flares, the most powerful storms on the sun, NASA spokeswoman Karen Fox wrote in a statement.
"Solar flares are powerful bursts of radiation," Fox added. "Harmful radiation from a flare cannot pass through Earth's atmosphere to physically affect humans on the ground, however — when intense enough — they can disturb the atmosphere in the layer where GPS and communications signals travel."
When aimed at Earth, M-class solar flares can amplify the planet's northern lights displays, causing amazing aurora views for observers at high latitudes. Earth-directed X flares, meanwhile, can pose a danger to astronauts in space, as well as interfere with satellite communications and navigation systems.
The Sunday solar flare was captured on video by NASA's powerful Solar Dynamics Observatory and the Solar Helospheric Observatory (SOHO) overseen by NASA and the European Space Agency. The two space observatories are part of a fleet of spacecraft keeping a close eye on the sun's space weather events.
The sun's activity rises and falls on a 11-year space weather cycle. The current cycle is known as Solar Cycle 24.
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Summery: when we see the fire works at Yellowstone we follow the yellow brick road,time to get out of California

-Ital Iman I

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