Monday, October 10, 2016


Introducing  the most important information of our time.
Here we present two of the most significant videos ever recorded.
One explores and explains the Jewish Idiom “no man knows the hour”
And proves the saying  wrong, or rather show a naive public their misinterpretation of this Idiom.
Within that discourse you are introduced to the most important Book ever written in the 21st century.
Why is it said: “The most important Book Written in 21st century, it is said because it contains the wisdom and knowledge sought by many seekers of hidden wisdom never attained. Some call it the holy grail, some call it the key of Solomon ,it is known by many names, some even call it the ark of the covenant, which in essence is the agreement of the Gods Between the children of light known as Israelites. It is written in bible in a place for us to see: “and By the faith of Noah The Elders were given a good report “also we have read: “when the children of The light,(Israel) cried out in unity; the Gods remembered the covenant” this agreement is binding on Allah says Holy Quran, all we have to do is our part.
This modern Book (Narrative)  Known as {The Holy Book of Wonder} is at 36 years in the writing, now over 523 pages which corresponds with the year 2017 the elliptical orbit of Niburu and the death of The Prophet Bob Marley
who left earths plane 36 years ago in year 2017,this Book points us to the Hebrew feast of trumpets and the appearance of Virgo in our sky as this sign relates to the biblical sun clad woman of revelations 12
the nation of Islam AND its district of Columbia Correspondence,The other video presented :” Wake up and live-THE HOLY BOOK OF WONDER - The Message To The Black - cultural communities”  is also an esoteric treat; designed on multi-levels,  the collage of the video reveals the introduction of the Holy Book Of Wonder, as well give a chronological  view of the origin of the nation of Islam as related to the Rastafari movement and the hidden teachings of the two movements and how they are in essence in harmony with the other, at the same time the audio still being in concert with it makes it all clear, the Cameroon scholar  world traveler and educator  Bismark Kamdem introduced the video like this:
” In this video, you will be able to listen to Ital Iman I presenting his book entitled "The Holy Book Of Wonder", which is one of the best books ever written by men, the result of decades of researches, written in tribute towards Stevie Wonder”. Now you decide for your self is my wish…
Emotionalism has become our enemy-we are fascinated by our past

And missing the past message of future endeavor, for the past in the future lies

                         WAKE UP AND LIVE

“Wake up and live! - THE HOLY BOOK OF  WONDER- The Message to the Black  cultural communities”
[A lesson to the lost found students of Israel known as Shabazz]

Have you ever listen to the song I know by Bob Marley
Just a brief lesson in the science of inspiration, when we breathe in: we breathe in the finer particle of air known as either, what happens we breathe in thoughts from what is known as Akashi records, one becomes on the third dimension inspired, he writes down his thoughts, which in reality words of or from the Gods. This is why in our spiritual science we are encouraged to deep breathe this is to say practice deep breathing exercises, I have found there to be seven major poets, or musicians; through their music was and is a message concerning our redemption, this is what my Book The Holy Book Of Wonder is about.
But in relation to this song, of The Prophet Bob Marley: in year 1930, there came to us two redemption movements, The Nation of Islam through the master Farad Muhammad and his student Elijah Muhammad, and the Rastafari through The King of Kings Halie Selassie. His major student or Prophet is Bob Marley, these two men Elijah Muhammad AND Halie Selassie Died in same year  as well came to power on world stage in same year, there is a divine connection of the two movements divinely sent to us for our redemption, nation of Islam has run its course. (1990)now to the Patwa, in this case it’s coded speech, note the nation of Islam use the term “Lost found” in this song (I know) by the prophet, it refers to the Lost found nation or tribe of Shabazz note Marley sings Jah will be waiting there, which is an allegory of Eli-JAH Muhammad  and Jah Rastafari Halie Selassie or his subtitle subjects Rastafari Movement… in the song to prove my point it says: THE TRIBE GOES UP THE TRIBE GOES DOWN…



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                                 THE HOLY BOOK OF WONDER

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