Thursday, October 6, 2016

ol Flatfoot-fallen arch-worm hole and the return of the thumpasaurus people

It was the soul of my left foot, I saw the worm, first tried I to pull it out, the fat worm began to break,
Taking my right index finger I dug into the worm hole extracting it placing it into the small bowl of food the worm began to make sounds devouring the food, I presented it in front a woman who told me I should not have put my finger into the hole, but I knew I was a pure soul having nothing to worry about, then I traveled from that place knowing truth, awaiting Matthew I did not eat

well all is well deep down-
on the surface we appear shallow-
feel free to fall into the water-
i feel great-
do you hear me-
now come closer, let us talk-

you are now in tune-
on the one-
the force itself-
the master blaster jamming,go in with the swirl come out with the whirl,

spring comes,the grass grows on it's own
old mossy pond,frog jumping in,the sound of water

Ital Iman I

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