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Codes Of Contact

Codes Of Contact

The negative social implications associated with considering or discussing an alternative to our perceived reality, is such that people have this remarkable ability to totally disregard any factual evidence or visual experience that does not conform to their preconceived ideas of reality.

extraterrestrial biological entities
“Within  political, scientific and military circles it is generally accepted that E.B.E’s have visited this planet throughout history. This acceptance is due in part to overwhelming evidence located within ancient text and records. Legends from every known civilization on the planet verify the existence and in some cases the assistance of Ancient Astronauts. Ancient text, drawings, myths and legends from past cultures seem to confirm beings of greater intelligence and wisdom did in fact  descend from the skies.  Signs of these visitations can still be viewed today. Tiahuanaco in the Andes, Stonehenge in England, Baalbek in Lebanon, Nazca in Peru, Easter Island and the Egyptian and Mayan pyramids are but a few examples..”

We as a black people argue daily about our plight, and no where on earth can we find a solution, we cannot find it in religion, politics ,there are no black leaders talking about a solution to the problems we face, police brutality? “Black lives matter” yet we sit back and watch slave movie after slave movie and hordes of other entertainment still to find ourselves merely entertained, we have become so programed until we will not except a solution unless it has been  authorized by the oppressive system, we will not except the solution even if it is placed before us if not politically sanctioned. well dear brothers and sisters this will never happen . let me tell you the secret of secrets about what you consider god, it is as a puzzle, each and every one who has a message they feel from the divine or just plain information concerning our redemption, it is only a piece of it, there is no one person with the total spectrum except the one who has fused all the different element together forming one great synthesis where none of the different parts contradict the other, this collage of art my friends you will find is your God speaking directly to you, giving you the answer, This is what has happen over the last 36 years with the narrative written By the Rastafari mystic Ital Iman. Known as the Holy Book of Wonder, here are a few Paragraphs from that great work which is a finger pointing the solution….

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The Master Blaster Jamming  (A Grand Concert)

A muezzin (/muːˈɛzɪn/; Turkish: müezzin from Arabic: مؤذن, muʾaḏḏan), or muzim, is the person appointed at a mosque to lead, and recite, the call to prayer for every event of prayer and worship in the mosque. The Muezzin's post is an important one, as he is the one responsible for each call to prayer. The community depends on him for accurate prayer schedules (salat, Turkish namaz).
Historically a muezzin would have recited the adhan or call to prayer by the minarets in order to be heard by those around the mosque. Now, mosques often have loudspeakers mounted on the top of the minaret and the muezzin will use a microphone, or the muezzin recording is played, allowing the call to prayer to be heard at great distances without climbing the minaret.

“The Ugaritic texts called the moon god EL- simply, “GOD” a forerunner of Islam’s ALLAH; and his moon-crescent symbol crowns every Muslim mosque. And as tradition demands, the mosques are flanked, to this day, by minarets that simulate multistage rocket ships ready to be launched…”
It was over 33 years ago I realized the hidden codes of Quran and the Islamic faith and learned the adherents of that faith were not aware of these codes placed there by The Authors of that splendid religion, while reading sura 51 of Holy Quran I found that it hold codes of great pyramid 51 degrees is it’s lateral base and the scatters it speak about are The Anunakki. For in Mesoamerica ,the giver of civilization was the “winged serpent” Quetzalcoatl. We have identified him as Enki’s son Thoth of the Egyptian pantheon (Ningishzida to the Sumerians) and as the one who ,in 3113 B.C.E brought over his people from Egypt to set up Mexico as the Maya. He was of the Anunakki this is the angel Gabriel of the prophet Muhammad story…
So in this bit of wisdom we find the key to contact Anunakki or as they are known (our galactic space brothers,neteru etc.) so in essence when the muezzin is in the minaret calling come to prayer, and minaret symbolizes rocket ships, it is a ritual or symbol of calling down the “mother-ship”
This is the science behind my life work called the Master Blaster Jamming, a concert tour stopping at and activating sacred sites, sending esoteric sound vibration that will reveal the secret places of the lion and signal the return of Anunakki…

 “Ital standing tall in Babylon”

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