Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Interior view of the ATLAS detector AND Aztec calendar stone

Contemplating melanin the super conducting power of the downtrodden black man upon  the theory  of orb ship earth  the Last super full moon the start of world series 112,the coming new moon and the 2016 presidential elections and the sundry predictions made by major and minor writers etc., I reflect back on esoteric work I Had produced before and around the time of the election of President Obama TO OFFICE, and realize how important it is to the current environment of intelligence concerning political and social climate of the hour at hand, I present it here for study and reflection, as I feel it in many ways reveal what the major scientist appear to be searching for with great machines, but readily available to all melanated  beings, it seems to me that the manipulators of society has some dark secret they are hiding with intent on destruction not life, true this subject is multilevel so is life, but ones with eyes to see and ears to hear will see that at the top there is no contradiction, for it has been written in a place for us to see: “the future in the Past lies”

2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS* Prophecy of the Jaguar PRIEST

                                                                 OF dark Matter


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