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The 3 watchmen /The Mystic 36th year memorial of Bob Marley death

Here I would like to cause out that you see what it is,I have found to be the Kabbalah of the dark skinned people who were subject to chattel slavery in the wilderness of north America starting in the year: 1619
It was 311 years before the universe sent us the two redemption movements: Nation of Islam and The Rastafari Movement…
 we have been introduced some of us to Ancient Maya calendar and other  divining systems . we have as a people listen to and heard this and that man from sundry race and culture speak and teach from and on this and that system of discerning our position in space and time.we have also studied the many religions. Before we get into the essence of this splendid food for  thought I would like the bring out the fact that : This work is a dedication to the prophet Bob Marley who left earths plane symbolic 36 years ago May 11 2017.
his death was symbolic of the elliptical orbit of the planet X or Nibiru,you can read about it at another place here at this blog (The RASTAFARI MYSTERY SCHOOL)

                               THE HOLY WORD
 also Note:
Malcolm X was born in month of May: Born: May 19, 1925
Bob Marley the prophet died in month of May: May 11,1981
Louis Farrakhan born month of May: May 11, 1933
And the prophet stevie Wonder was also born in the month of May: May 13, 1950
The above concerning  birth and death months of the messengers in May is to point out the
Ancient Olmec {May-a } Vibration within the kabalistic wisdom of the dark skinned people in the wilderness of North America… we will show you the unity of this vibration, that we should at this time all be part of minus it that keep us separated (envy, jealousy ,greed, etc…) we live in a time when unity is most vital,and we must unite with the most righteous (correct) element…

Halie Selassie was 120 in year 2012= galactic alignment
Elijah Muhammad will be 120 in 2017=Revelations 12/ Virgo sign
Ital Iman in year 2000 was 42 years of age at 5/5/2000 the alignment of the 5 naked eye planets with the earth making 6 4+2=6 as Noah was 600 when floods came. 2017 Ital will be at age 60

Notice here that Elijah Muhammad taught us that Armageddon started in year 1914
My research has concluded of the subject:
Armageddon "is a series of wars, or more exactly one war with pauses,
which began in 1914 and will grow more destructive and vicious as we enter the year 2017. Armageddon's violent culmination will take
place in year 2017. It is a major
instrument of the Judgment." Armageddon is a war lasting 103 years…

‘we’ will before we proceed here; introduce you to two young men and  myself. who are  known as the three witnesses: they are the Christian Minister – (1) stationed in the nation’s capital:  Washington District of Columbia - David Austin IV .known as King David El-Shabazz.
(2)     from The Maya vibration of Belize central America-Aaron  Thompson. Known as  Haru Khuti-Atem (3)  I’m The Rastafari Known as- Ital Iman we are known at this time upon earths plane as the three watchmen or the ‘Day-keepers’ as known in Olmec Maya culture: (The Chilam Balam –or- Jaguar Priest)
These are the two men who are connected to the truth of this time as written in the  Holy Book Of Wonder. we advise you all read now The Holy Book Of Wonder.

the beauty of this vibration is that it appear to be just a small dot upon the large orb of time with only a few adherents but like the two men mentioned here who have developed master teachings of their own which coincide perfectly with the Master  Blaster Jamming(the original vibration) that was broadcasted in the year 1981 that I picked up from Bob Marley and stevie wonder. I myself have learned much from them who would be considered my students. This is not a controlled vibration,this is the true way of the Gods or the universe at this time known as the Master Blaster Jamming.it is the true kabalistic force of the Black man in the wilderness of North America.these two men are not the only ones: in the year 1996 in the river city
From the  Folk Art Gallery known as Chilam Balam @ Jacksonville Florida  was Born … many of you might not believe this: as just now: about 10:30 am 5/9/2017 I went to research what I was about to present here above (I went to find the brothers name and came across the article) about the influence of this vibration and the spirit revealed to me just as I was trying to cause out to you how it works .now you can read it from the pen of one of the young men picking up on this vibration long before the two watchmen I mentioned above,you can now analyses what we are saying for yourselves. I will also present the synchronized  work of the two watchmen as was my original intent  here at this article (oracle)  but for now enjoy the following truth which is part of the origin of this vibration:

We Have The Burden of Inheritance: Response to the new title - The Book of Chilam Balam of the River City

                                                       IAHMEN RA SHABAZZ·
SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2016
 ...And there they were; standing as the Sun began to rise in the River City of Jacksonville (New Judea)

I am the co-founder of a society, which has been around for quite some time...say since before I ever obtained the Knowledge of Self, in which my super-consciousness began to evolve in the Fall of 1990. It -the society is not a secret order of any kind, nor does it have its origins from the bedroom or library cubicle where sat the capricious  mind of a brick and mortar geek, deeply captivated by the Youtube chit’lin circuit. However, what interested seekers of a greater understanding will realize is that this niche I helped to create, is very much a potent network of pragmatic personalities, who are not in league with passe’ rhetoric, nor the friendship of those who uphold the principles of fatalism and at the same time sending our people to hell with all of this internet groupie behavior. Our rites can be thought of as a hybrid syncretism that has its root in the heart or mind of genius of the Original Nation, which is comprised of the so-called black, brown, yellow, and red seeds. We are in league with the men and women who want the structure of sacred rites and culture, who want reform for their children, who will successfully attain these and other great benefits in this life -not having to wait for it dead. This is juxtaposed to the current priest-caste system, a caste system which has never demonstrated, except in theory, or perhaps by isolation, that it has been successful in the reformation of the societies of mankind. The difference here is that they are supported by the masses of poor people who are okay with being exploited by propaganda that they know will endanger their children’s future. Even the well-informed cadres of enlightened folks, who claim to be in dissatisfaction with the slothfulness and carelessness of the black-consciousness paradigm, fail to understand that it is not only the paradigm of new/age thought that should be reformed, it is also the scores of new age sheeple that should be taking a second look at the fact that they have also played a major part in helping to create more dogma. The complacency with the cyclical nature of ‘black power’ consciousness, and its political weaknesses, which is at its highest in comparison to the 1960’s, late 1980’s into the 1990’s, demonstrates the need for a total dissatisfaction to occur so these cancers are rid of.   
It will be the total dissatisfaction of all types of stagnate, humanity-betraying mental-systems that will meet the cosmic karmic law thresholds written of in advance by our Ancestors for the Universal Change to remove this compounded negativity known as ‘devil’. This removal is said to fulfill the prophecies of the most recent Quran and Bible ‘verses’ or degrees written by the Original People. Our hope is that this does not have to be done through unwarranted euphoria for martyrdom since the masses have already experienced disillusionment and deeper comatose because of it. It is the Living and not the dead or suicidal who are preparing for another reconstruction of the planet Earth. We should be done with martyrdom, false prophets and teachers. The 5% of those who are ALREADY preparing, who have agreed to lose no more time in trying to understand dogma, or playing catch up to ideologies that have been of no practical value for the ‘adherent’ -are known as the Ci’Marron Society or the Neg Mawon N’Chon Mahiz’Al. We are the 5% in this part of the planet Earth under NO foreign nor domestic jurisdiction; Hence, we are the sole gatekeepers of the Ch’Laam B’Laam and our babies are its great future.
 “Imitation is the highest form of flattery” - Charles Caleb Colton
As an avid learner of higher-consciousness in many things, learning from many different types of people, people who were more advanced in knowledge and wisdom -and all riding on various planes of understanding; I simply did not ever think that when I decided to offer my own take on any number of teachings, that my writings would be referred to in someone else’s book. Well it did occur and I would have never known of it, had I not taken the time to locate some photos of myself online for use in a few jobsite profiles, weeks ago. I discovered that my essay “The Meaning of Chilaam Balaam in relation to the N'Chon Mahiz'Al of Northeast Florida/Southeast GA (Part I)” written on June 9 and published on Facebook on June 14, 2015, had been literally reprinted in its entirety without my knowledge. The essay was used in a book written by a well-known, yet humble, fringe journalist and author of several books. The author is Ital Iman I of the internationally respected UNN (Underground News Network), and his book is called “The Book of Chilam Balam of the River City”. This monumental book, which is mostly a collection or anthology of material previously written, was published on December 11, 2015.

In it, is stated on page 28 that my essay is called: “The Emergence of the Order of the Chilam Balam” -by Iahmen Ra Shabazz
He further states on the same page: “Written by a young man who would with his friend visit my Art Gallery in the late 1990s’...The Name of My Gallery was CHilam Balam a folk art gallery, Olmec Maya motif on the window etc.”
On page 29, he continues: “I met this brother and friend 20 years after, and they shared with me how they would listen to my teachings when they come in, they told me how I treated them and more, they invited me in year 2012 to reside as elder and had me speak at one of their sons bar mitzvah, they had formed a movement around my teachings, as you will read they have done their research over the years, this is to show the reality and functionality of my teachings...”
At this point is where one may read the totality of the essay, including the original title. Also it is the first part of a canon I’ve written, that offers insight while giving public declaration to our creed, and rites of passage for man, woman, and child. Our autonomy has already been established. As far as the statements made in Brother Ital Iman I’s book, I must clarify a few things -and I will do so respectfully and with Truth.  Our society of the Ci’Marron is an honorable one and we don’t look at the unauthorized republishing of my essay as something done out of malcontent. Our attitude is that the reprint is a past due love offering, on behalf of the Ci’Marron Society. Wouldn't this be the reasonable thing to think? Of course it is! We are held bound by our BLOOD, HONOR and INTEGRITY, also the LOVE OF FAMILY, WEALTH, and PROSPERITY. We are also reasonable in our manipulation of everything useful and in our engagement with everyone who is reasonable with their interaction with us.
Please don’t misunderstand these declarations and the remainder of this response,  as they are in no way an attempt to justify our existence, or rather - coexistence with anyone. As I have stated in the essay reprinted:
‘We did not latch onto Mayan Prophecies to begin 'opening the door... The Chilaam Balaam is the "Circle of The Gods"... It cannot EVER be validated by the acceptance of others outside of this great ancestral circle - no matter how charismatic or knowledgeable -male or female... It is a high-priesthood with NO BIRTH RECORD.’
Pointing this out is not an indication of us being some cold-blooded reactionaries, who after reviewing the referenced material and its skewed placement of facts, decided to go on the offensive and appear to distance ourselves. No! It is not our character that should ever be questioned; However it is the skewed historical record that needs to be questioned and the need to make it clear is what prompted a response. Remember, we the Ci’Marron are bonded by our WORD, which is the basis for our INTEGRITY. It has to always be this way, so when books are written after conversations occur (some in the confidence of mutual trading), it becomes imperative that all is known, when error floats around unchecked! In our case, it is fair to publicize what had actually brought us together!
Now, with this out of the way, I will conclude by saying this: The humble and wise Rastaman, Ital Iman I is a Forerunner to our collective knowledge, wisdom and understanding concerning the relationship that the great city of Jacksonville, Florida has with the Chilaam Balaam (Ch’Laam B’Laam). This is to say that he is the One, who in a timely manner, with random differentiation in Moment, made his knowledge and wisdom, regarding Chilam Balam manifest ahead of many special teachers in the city. The Olmec mask on the store’s sign, caught my attention; however I still didn’t get the connection, until years after the gallery was no longer present. I will guarantee this to all serious truth seekers.
As far as the specifics of what I learned, I’ll lay it down like this: I was able to obtain some   significance of the St. Johns River, its semblance to the great Nile, and the geographic grid lines connecting New Judea with the ancient land of Kemet. I also learned the importance of the 1997 Jacksonville Jaguar’s football team playing in the cities stadium which is near the river. It was in this same year that I sought to get the Knowledge of Self right and exact, unaware that the One who offered me further enlightenment thru the teachings of the 5%, may have also visited the art gallery called Chilam Balam in the Brentwood section of town -right along with myself. For the record, the latter never occurred. That detail for my readers is extremely important.
Brother Ital Iman I, a Jaguar Priest or Ch’Laam B’Laam, deserves the courtesy of high honor and high respect for he is A FORERUNNER to others and a formidable contemporary of many, who are found qualified to teach the science of everything in life nowadays. It is He, who through ART, made the Ch’Laam B’Laam for me, become one of the cornerstones, that served as a key to motivating me to continue tapping into those akashic records. I was not familiar with the transliteration and meaning of Chilam Balam as Ital Iman I teaches nor conveys in his own writings. He had not explained any of that to me during the short period of time I knew him. My enlightenment on the subject did not began until 9 years ago; Thus, there are NO aesthetic imitations of our Brother’s teachings to be found amongst us.
Our recognition of Brother Ital Iman I as a Forerunner, and as an Chilam Balam elder, should not serve as connectors to his own teachings -especially that which he expouses in his book. The manner of our expression of the Ch’Laam B’Laam through our society’s sacred rites, such as the Mazal, is the result of organic stimuli that expanded and thrived from the knowledge and wisdom of the Original Man, obtained from when the planet Earth was first constructed. Again our expression is universal and not beholden to any particular region.
Although, I could have easily referenced his existence if what he’d to revealed to me over 20 years ago was relevant to what we were doing. I had never mentioned to my Enlightener, what I had been taught at the art gallery and neither did he.  As a matter of actual fact, it was never apparent to me that my Enlightener had actually known Ital Iman I in the physical, until we all got together to discuss what I expected would be a meeting of only the three of us on the date of October 12, 2012 –hence the Bar ‘Mitzvah of my Enlightener’s man-child. Well, we were in for a surprise blessing when Ital Iman I took us to meet a well-known and respected Celestial Navigator, and the closest confidante of Malcolm X, who was residing right here in Jacksonville.
This blessing was Brother Anas Luqman, who last Winter had returned to the Ethers. (PBUH)

I’ll stop right here; However if you’re interested in learning more about that meeting, you should reach out to Brother Ital Iman I, or I. So here’s the bottom line: There is more to our honorable society than what’s said in a republishing of a treatise on the rites and history of the Ch’Laam B’Laam’s existence in North Florida and Southeast Georgia! As with ANY mind empowering kinetic motion in communion with socially-stratified human-beings’ desire to become greater, there is almost always a living Forerunner; Therefore, it must be understood there are others who are also alive in ‘spirit’ whom we honor and respect thru our timely KNOWLEDGE, WORDS and ACTIONS. Our TIME is always in the NOW!

Y’all don’ took this th’ang to a whole ‘nutha level than what I WAS thinkin’. I didn’t know if anyone was listenin’

We love you Brother Ital Iman I, BUT we have to speak for ourselves. This is the only time we will address this. We’ve gotta stay on time!
Lemba Lemba y Mahiz’Al Zaalut!

Ital Iman reply

Ital Iman: Peace God! very timely. I just found this, and was again about to write about you,well this helped me a lot and fits in very well . by the way. I truly enjoyed this article. all I could do is laugh out loud (LOL) for this proves what I was trying or about to say.and you will now know how the universe work. i'm sure you will agree. my only wish now is that you and The Minister get to work in a sirius way but I realize we will have to call a meeting for that. by skype i'm sure because the mystic circle has become a little larger.as we know Jacksonville is headquarters,where our main ministers reside,is it ok if I laugh out loud again (Lol)

This vibration is not just active in north and central America. It was before all this active in central Africa
Republic of Cameroon, it was there where a great mystic would first start even baptizing others in the Name Of Ital Iman, not because I wanted him to or because I asked him to save because the spirit of truth moved him so.when it is said you are now Intune. On the one the force itself.at this time we call it the Holy Master Blaster Jamming, this is what The Master Stevie wonder intended when he said: “if someone would have approached you yesterday and told you that today you would be Jamming. You wouldn’t have believed them, but you best have believed them because you feel your body jamming”
Now here is the message of the mystic Ital Iman from central African Republic of Cameroon:

For these that follow are the words of - Bismark Kamden

                   The Original Ital Iman I in a light for I and I.

                              Bismark Kamden in Yaoundé (Cameroon

 We must follow his sayings and apply his teachings.
 Life can only be made better.
 I've been following his message since 1999 even though I cannot really say that I could communicate physically or even virtually with him but I feel that he showed me the spiritual way through his teachings for self-knowledge and universal care.
 I escaped jails, psychiatric hospitals and centers of desintoxications officially and for real by teaching his message to all those who were there, the victims as well as the guilty men.
The only question which followed my releases was always:
Who and where is this Ital Iman I and I always answered:
In a place where Babylon will never be able to catch him for he's protected by JAH.
I swear that millions have been influenced by him, especially those who used to read Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Elijah Muhammad and Yahweh Ben Yahweh.
 I'm not even certain that he's aware of the number of his followers.
My dream is to meet him one day, when Jah will bless and learn more and more from himself.
 In fact, everywhere I've been, Babylon fear him, more than they fear gunmen and drug addicted because he comes with truth and right, love and light, something they can never overcome.
 Trust I, I've been close to the Nyabingi, the Bobo Ashanti and the 12 Tribes of Israel and through all my learning, I'm convinced that Ital Iman I is the spiritual master we must rise up above the skies of perception for the children of Africa to see the light.
 I may exaggerate but I believe what I say and JAH knows through saying so I'm guiding you well.
 King David said to judge a tree by its fruits. If an elder is philosophically a tree, then its fruits are his disciples. Actually, I've discovered my Native Country, Cameroon that I had left at 6 years old.
I've become a Rastafarian, a Shaman and a Griot. More than that, I've made hundreds of concerts in Switzerland, after having met Damian Marley on stage and Sizzla in Person. I've also become a great student and my Master Thesis Subject has been accepted by two faculties, the one of Social Sciences and the one of Theology.
 My theme is "The paradox of the religious messages for peace in the world" and I found the moral roots of all those achievements in the message of Ital Iman I.
I don't pretend not having had an education before.
 Of course, as every human being born of living parents, I've had some bases of education in my family but I soon entered the ghetto with all its vices.
 I've made many things of whom I'm not really proud, including dealing and selling stolen things.
 Without lying, it's the message of Ital Iman I that I received from an old Rastafarian from Bamenda, Cameroon called Ras Barrah and that I later discovered in http://www.unn13.com
Which made I to survive for I'm from very busy parents who even though I know they love me, didn't have enough time to care about each of their 6 children.
 Dramas happened such as the death of my elder brother and when I was forbidden to wear dreadlocks but the Protestant University of Central Africa, it is the sayings of Ital Iman I on the importance of being a Rastafarian inside even more than inside which made I, I believe, to stay a member of the Rastafari Movement for without my dreadlocks, I was seen by many as being a Babylon because of the baldhead aspect of my head but I realized that spiritually, Rastafari is stronger.
 I will make dreadlocks again but now, it will be through the blessings of the inside rather than just as a way to oppose Babylon.
 Of course, I hate Babylon but it's One Love who must guide I and I, not hate for Marcus Mosiah Garvey said "I don't have time to hate". It's for all those reasons that I talk now about Ital Iman I as did Ras Barrah (or at least somehow as he did for he started every sentence by saying "Ital Iman I said" and I think that it's very sad that he has not become popular in Cameroon for he was among the first Rastafarians of this country known as "Africa In Miniature" and when I met him, I was still living in Geneva.
 To be honest, when I came back, I tried to meet him again. Babylon did all her possible to disallow me to meet him again, including sending someone to go straight on me with a motorbike - honestly, I could have die -. I then left Bamenda for security and academic purposes and then, I heard from a man who had betrayed me after I had given him all the sincere friendship that I could give to someone that Ras Barrah is dead and for real, I don't believe it not only because Lucky Dube said Rasta Never Die - which means we always live in spirit - but also because Ras Barrah is so feared by Babylon that they may have create such a story for all those he baptized to leave the Rastafari Faith, fearing their own death / He is a Rastafarian Priest and he baptized many Rastafarians in Bamenda in his Temple of Rastafari after teaching them all what he learned from Ital Iman I ; he called I "Ras Shamma Selassie I" in my baptism and I still keep that name as an Artist /.
So as you understood, I don't fear death, for I was quite dead in mind before discovering the truth of Rastafari. Actually, I expect to prove to the World - and I have a lot of documentation to support my arguments - that Osiris, Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad were Blacks, which means not only that the Prophets are all Black but also that the Black People, who is the first people in existence, is the first one to care about Mankind in the annals of history. Sorry if I'm been too long but as I rarely discuss about myself, I took this opportunity to do so and not for I, seriously, just for those who call Ital Iman Rabbi to continue for he's my Spiritual Master due to his humility and his knowledge, that you certainly discovered as I did.
 Don't worry my future comments will not be about I-self.
There are too many peoples to save in the world to concentrate ourselves only on our single persons. Out Of Many We Are One And Out Of One, We Are Many.

                     Conversations etc. The Three Witnesses:

Here I present a communique between myself and the watchman in central America (Haru Khuti-Atem)
That you learn of our wisdom.the wisdom of the chilam Balam in our time:

Hey Brother hope all is well!

Something keeps puzzling my thoughts concerning the year of the last Dogon Sigui ceremony.

It is said in 1994 either the elite tried to blow up Jupiter by crashing a satellite loaded with hydrogen bombs or Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 that broke apart in July 1992 and collided with Jupiter in July 1994. The reason this was done is because every 60 years, there is an alignment between jupiter and saturn that opens up a portal or stargate. Hell they even made a movie called Stargate in 1994. The Dogon of Mali hold very sacred rituals and dances to commemorate the 60 year cycle called the Sigui ceremony. The Last sigui ceremony was in 1994, and the Dogon priest say this would be the last Sigui ceremony ever.

How can 1994 be the last sigui ceremony? I thought this took place every 60 years. They say the Dogon High priests holds a ceremony every 20 years, and on the 60th year or every third cycle, they have a Sigui. However, I think alot of online sites are getting confused with other Dogon's ceremonies.

The Dogon have many annual ceremonies but only 2 has an extended period. The Dama, collective funeral ceremony, occurs every 10 or 12 years and the Sigui is every 60 years. During the Dama and the Sigui the dancers are addressed in the secret language of the masks, "Sigui-so". Although similar masks are fabricated for and used in both ceremonies, a specific mask is made only at the occasion of the Sigui: the Grand Mask.

The Sigui cannot be performed every 60 year when the planets Jupiter and Saturn are aligned. Why? Because a Great Conjunction is a conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, which take place regularly, every 18–20 years. The last one was on May 31, 2000, while the next one will be in late December 2020. So the great conjunction is never line up with the sigui festival.

-Sigui is the most important ceremony of the Dogon. It takes place every 60 years and can take several years. The last one started in 1967 (ended in 1973); the next one will start in 2027. The rotation was in year 1957 and celebration of that rotation was in 1967 lasting 6 years to 1973, we see in this reasoning,Sirius b the small but heaviest star rotates around the larger star Sirius A every 50 years and it’s celebrated every 60 years. The dogon said to renew the earth.

However, if the rotation year was 1957, which complete the 50 years cycle of Sirius B around Sirius A, then 2007 would be the next rotation year (1957+50 yrs=2007) and 2017 would actually be the Sigui (1957+60 yrs), not 2027. We must realize Sirius B cycle is every 50 years, not 60 years. The Dogon add the additional 10 years because that's probably how long it takes this solar energy from Sirius to reach us. Hence, the Sigui is every 60 years to renew the earth.

In other words, the hydrogen essence of Sirius A:
· Is ciphoned off from Sirius A by the gravitational pull of Sirius B;
· As it falls toward Sirius B, the hydrogen essence of Sirius A is thrown off of Po Tolo because of its incredibly fast rotation.
· The hydrogen essence of Sirius A gets hurled into space. It streams into the heavens following the celestial landscape created by the strong gravitational fields of Sirius B.
· The gravitational fields of Sirius B lead a stream of Sigi Tolo's Nyama to our planetary system.

The Dogon say that this stream of ionized hydrogen from the Sirius system is purifying to the Sun and planet Earth.

In the documentary below the European anthropologist (Marcel Griaule) who was living among the Dogon saw the locals making elaborate masks and they were told it was for a funeral ceremony (in 1937) but it was a deception by the dogon to hide their knowledge. The documentary said it was actually the sigui ceremony in 1937? I Personally think the narrator is trying to conceal something because no way the sigui can occurred in 1937 when the last one was 1967. If the sigui was 1937 that means the last one was in 1997.....

So the event of Sigui this year (2017) coincide with the Great Sign of Revelation 12. The alignment of Revelation 12 has not occurred since August 5, 3915 BC on the Gregorian calendar (when the kingship descended from heaven to earth in the Sumerian city of KISH), which was 5,932 years ago. So this marks the end of the 6,000 years ruled of Mankind (White Man). Remember the sky was used as a clock (calendar) by our ancestor.

P.s. The Dogon kanaga mask symbolize the Mother Goddess aka Bee Goddess of the ancient world. Curiously, two of the most common Dogon symbols resemble schematized figures identified by Marija Gimbutas as Bees; one is associated with vital food supplies and the other with reincarnation. Together, the Dogon images reflect the essence of the Bee’s perceived value in ancient times.
Ital Iman Reply:

[Note: that 2017 is a Sirius rotation year,Sirius B rotates around Sirius A every 50 years, but celebrated every 60 years thus 2027  would be the next celebration year… the last rotation year was 1957 my  birth year, and ten years later 1967 was last celebration year…so we note a birth on the rotation year= Jupiter…
Note: #2 I will be 60 years of age next Rotation year:this is wisdom of Messiah …]
[-Sigui is the most important ceremony of the Dogon. It takes place every 60 years and can take several years. The last one started in 1967 and ended in 1973; the next one will start in 2027. The rotaion was in year 1957 the sigui or celebration of that rotation was in 1967 lasting 6 years to 1973, we see in this reasoning,Sirius b the small but heaviest star rotates around the larger star Sirius A every 50 years and it’s celebrated every 60 years the dogon have been recorded as saying:”to renew the earth”

Note that the earliest recorded sigui we have on record is from the year 1907 which is a 17 year ie 1+9+7=17, so we see clearly that 1957 was a rotation year and 1967 a celebration year,but the length of the celebration year has not and will not always been  6 years,-
Now let us examine this enigma a little closer,]
In other words, the hydrogen essence of Sirius A:
· Is ciphoned off from Sirius A by the gravitational pull of Sirius B;
· As it falls toward Sirius B, the hydrogen essence of Sirius A is thrown off of Po Tolo because of its incredibly fast rotation.
· The hydrogen essence of Sirius A gets hurled into space. It streams into the heavens following the celestial landscape created by the strong gravitational fields of Sirius B.
· The gravitational fields of Sirius B lead a stream of Sigi Tolo's Nyama to our planetary system.

The Dogon say that this stream of ionized hydrogen from the Sirius system is purifying to the Sun and planet Earth.

In the documentary below the European anthropologist (Marcel Griaule) who was living among the Dogon saw the locals making elaborate masks and they were told it was for a funeral ceremony (in 1937) but it was a deception by the dogon to hide their knowledge. The documentary said it was actually the sigui ceremony in 1937? I Personally think the narrator is trying to conceal something because no way the sigui can occurred in 1937 when the last one was 1967. If the sigui was 1937 that means the last one was in 1997.....

one thing we can note is that these years end with number 7.the mystery is I think is that this year is a celebration year as well a rotation year.we must also note that jupiter is earths  savior. if it had not been for jupiter,earth would not be here today.this proves that 2017b september is very important(sept=seven=sirius) jupiter is the man from the galaxci= maurice white-earth wind fire. i'm confident that you and I are the true messengers of this hour having correct information...this is a newmoon vibration...
Haru Khuti-Atem  Reply:

I hear you brother....

I've also notice this year rosh Hashanah (September 20-22) in the Jewish calendar will be the year 5778, written as 'Ayin-Chet' or 78 and Surah 78 in Holy Quran is "An-Naba," meaning 'Good News' in Arabic and 'To Prophesy' in Hebrew. In Hebrew Naba is written as nba symbolizing the acronym NBA, national basketball association. So like the tarot cards and Quran, the pro basketball league of the NBA, undoubtedly, can be used as a means of divination. For example; this is the 71st NBA season and 7+1=8. Surah 71 in the Holy Quran is titled "Noah," and Noah was the 8th person in the Ark. Also, in ancient Egypt Noah would be pronounce as "Nu-Aa" meaning the great primordial waters of Nu and within the primordial water dwells the Ogdoad, the 8 gods of "Eight-Town" or 'Khmun'. These 8 Gods were 4 pairs: 4 male & 4 female, just like Noah and his family who entered the Ark (Ankh=Anchor). Hence, 4+4=8. Basketball was invented in December 1891, which was 125 years ago and 1+2+5=8. His majesty will also be 125 years old this year.

Also, the english Gematria (numerical value) of the word 'Trump' is 88 (20+18+21+13+16). 8 is also the number of Infinity, DNA Helix, Tehuti, Sirius & Nibiru. Keep in mind Planet Mercury takes 88 days to orbit the sun, and mercury is synonymous with alchemy. This 88 or 8 goes back to all the ancient cosmological stories of creation: Including the Dogons, Egyptians, Mayans and Sumerians. Naba also comes from Nabi (prophet) which is derived from the Babylonian scribe, Nabu. Nabu is related to the Egyptian word for the Ibis bird known as Habu, representing Tehuti, and symbolize the Egyptian Ba or Soul.
Naba in a sense is like a water fountain that springs up, bubbling up, flowing forth, gushing out or pouring down (science of inspiration).

Nevertheless, lets get back to this rosh hashanah and Ayin-Chet. Ayin means eye and chet means Fence, Tent, Enclosure. Together, Ayin-Chet denote "Eye in a tent," and symbolize the all seeing eye within the pyramid i.e. Pineal Gland (Asar or Osiris=lord of rasta). In the pyramid texts, the construction of the pyramid is Osiris. The Nile Delta positions the pyramids at the same location as the pyramids of the brain in the human nervous system.

In ancient Egypt, Heru-Khuti is Horus of the triangle/pyramid (lord of the lights). The name of the great pyramid was khuti, or the lights. The lights are seven in number and the pyramid is the figure of a 7 which unites the square and triangle in one. Thus, Heru-Khuti is also Heru-Sebti (seb=5, ti=2), which is Sirius. Triangle was the ancient symbol for trinity, eternity, & gateway.

'From Fetish to God in Ancient Egypt' the renowned Egyptologist Sir E. A. Wallis Budge wrote:

"The group of wedges which we read ASARI is in cuniform. The first has the well-known meaning of 'tent', or 'dwelling', or 'resting-place', and the second has the meaning of 'eye', and is placed inside the sign for 'tent'. The two signs by which these are transcribed in Egyptian are a seat or throne, and eye. A title of ASARI in Sumerian is LU DUG, and they mean 'good man or being'. Thus we have 'ASARI, the good being'. But we find in the Egyptian texts that one of the principal titles of OSIRIS is UN-NEFER i.e. the 'Good Being', and it seems clear that this title is the Egyptian translation of the cuneiform (characters meaning 'good man or being'). Thus there is little doubt that the Egyptian AS-AR is the equivalent of the Babylonian ASARI."

As Budge points out, the cuneiform character that means 'eye' is enclosed within that which means 'tent' thus one could quite reasonably translate the title Asari as meaning 'the eye in the tent'. The word 'tent' was a common metaphor for the sky in the ancient world; both the 19th and 104th Psalms contain perfect examples of this.
The 19th Psalm: "In them (i.e. the heavens) He (God) has set a tent for the sun, Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, And rejoices as a strong man to run his course."

Osiris/Asar/Asari/Asshur was typically depicted at the top of the ladder or tree of life as a winged disk with pine cones being presented/pointed to it.

The Winged Disk symbolizes the mother goddes (cosmic womb), vortex, Osiris, Horus & Nibiru

So by putting the pieces together we see a spiritual flood of cosmic energy arriving later this year which will trigger an internal transmutation of our soul, restoring us to a perfected state of godship. Maybe this is what was meant in 1 Corinthians 15:51-53King James Version (KJV)
51 Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed.
52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last TRUMP: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.
53 For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.

My reply:

 Thank you Teacher: you are surely connected to the Gods.peace and more blessings...

                                                              David Austin IV

                    The teachings Of King David El-Shabazz

                                                             GET CONNECTED


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