Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Evidence:The teachings of Ital memory of Minister Lucius Bey on his 104th birthday

I will say:  that what I have to say is most vital at this hour. For it is wisdom of The Rastafari. And you may disagree if you will.
It makes no difference to me, like water off a ducks back. I am sure
Of what I have come to know as words are audible to spiritual ears only.i’m a spiritual traveler of this world:I come to let you know: music is the key to life and as the prophet has said already: “we free our people with music.”

This information was expressly designed to be delivered upon the 104th  birthday of the late Minister Lucius Bey Muhammad. The oldest living member of The Nation of Islam when I interviewed him. He was born 5/8/1913. Left earths plane: 1/1/2017.minister Bey you will find him to be a very important man in the scheme of things but he was not given his due by the nation of Islam under Louis Farrakhan. I have compiled a video from my interviews of him that if studied you will find things never heard before, these videos are a must for the students of  Nation of Islam. Note that this presentation a tribute to minister Bey on his 104 birthday is only a little part of what is known as The Rastafari Mystery School. A work in blog form that is very vital among all other Afrocentric information is a finger pointing to a master work called The Holy Book Of wonder.

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 A work this year 2017 at 36 years in the makings, the most powerful work ever presented upon the earth in our life it ones who truly seek our purpose upon the earth will learn much. I have come to know that there are many delivers of truth upon the planet but they all are missing the point. Each having a little piece of what is needed but none seeing the total picture: in my work all the different elements have fused into one great synthesis and here at the top there is no contradiction. We invite you study our work for time has surly running out…(wan't you help to sing this song)

                          "Redemption Song" Third World w/ Stevie Wonder

God is the only reality
Man is the illusion
Freewill is the responsibility of man
To carry out the commands of the ancient wisdom.
When the evil forces are in control
How can the ancient wisdom commands be carried out.
When there are varied opinions how can there be a collective consensus.
Evil is oft times ignorance not knowing itself to be so…
Elohim in Hebrew is a plural word meaning Gods or the Gods…
These Gods which is the ‘God’ of our bible lore and the Gods of all scriptures left the monuments on earth that we know who they were and are,they left these monument as instructions as to guide us in the hours as such we find ourselves in currently upon earth.we are to follow their dictates to freedom. Here is the message they left us from the tenth Sumerian tablet:

While the Anunnaki were still celebrating the construction of the "artificial mounds", Enki offered a suggestion to his brother, Enlil:

"When in the future days it will be asked: when and by whom was this marvel fashioned?
Let us beside the twin peaks a monument create, the Age of the Lion let it announce,
The image of Ningishzidda (later known as Thoth), the peaks' designer, let its face be,
Let it precisely toward the Place of the Celestial Chariots gaze,
When, by whom, and the purpose let it to future generations reveal!"

Enlil agreed with Enki's suggestion and decreed:

"Let the gazing lion, precisely eastward facing, with Ningishzidda's image be!"
In every era the Gods chose prophets and messengers, to interpret their message for the people of that was the year 1981 I began to wake up receiving the message from the” Lord Of Sirius” that the world know truth in time, it was the year Bob Marley died. I’m confident of this message found in the Holy Book Of wonder. takeing me 36 years to write. It has been interesting watching the peoples response to this message, it is my wish we at this time beat the biblical odds. for the word of the Gods has always like in the time of Noah turn out to be true…it has not been an easy Road for me, yet unto today have I survived… this tribute to Minister Lucius Bey for his 104th birthday is a part of this message I have been delivering for the past 36 years…

 The evidence. an interview with Minister Lucius Bey.for his 104th birthday in memory 

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