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AL-A raf: The Elevated places * Or The Places of the Prophets * Break on through

                            AL-A raf: The Elevated places
                            Or The Places of the Prophets

Ever thing that ‘baal-by-lon’ (meaning golden calf=Money their god is money)has touched they have reversed it, they have contaminated the sacred craft of our ancient forefathers, they are cons in their con-certed (CERN) effort  to pretend they are in search  of it that holds the universe together, when all is already written in the script they are privy to. there is nothing new under the son, they know that the mother Goddess is Black, they know the void is Black, symbolic of the people they have enslaved, and concerning the door or gateway by the son it has already been illustrated in many places for them to see. truth has been well pointed out: the real three wise men are the three stars Mintaka ,anilam,and alnitak in the belt of Orion.
in the kabbalah the so called Hebrew book of mysticism,Daleth the door, is SIRIUS, the identification of SIRIUS as the door may help to explain Jesus,  the son (sun)true intentions when he stated:
"I am the door, if any one enters through me, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture. “the three stars in belt of Orion points to Sirius {the manager of the Christ}
Ital says Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in the heavens...let he who hears the natural mystic blowing in the air, heed the angel and come-this is the song of the prophesized signal for the landing of the holy mother ship-the boat of Ras Noah again; “THE MASTER BLASTER JAMMING"
Hinduism is perhaps the only religion where Shakti (the feminine energy) is worshiped as god. without Shakti the world cannot function. if Shiva is the consciousness then Shakti (devil) is the energy behind the expression.
Shiva and Shakti balance each other. we need balance in male and female energy to bring harmony and peace in the world, this balance is the dance of Shiva. Here we make the Hebraic Sanskrit connection which connects to the origin which is Niburu (Hebrew) or Anunakki, as Ant in Hopi language is ANU, for the three Hopi Mesas points to Chaco canyon (Sirius) the house of bread or Kivas of Grain (Bethlehem)
shi·vaˈSHivə/noun -JUDAISM
a period of seven days' formal mourning for the dead, beginning immediately after the funeral.
"she went to her sister's funeral and sat Shiva".
many people get scared of kali because she is however in reality; she is the most loving form of mother. she protects her devotees and always keep them under her loving and protective gaze. very ferocious and is known for destroying evil forces. Kali is at the center of CERN,as depicted by Aztec stone calendar therefore Babylon will get destroyed, or will and are destroying themselves, and if Shiva is the destroyer, as por-trayed,and in essence Shiva  is husband of kali who laid down before her to calm her down AND SHE DESTROYED him in her anger, Babylon is very confused? What the harlot America is doing is truly in a mad attempt to destroy what is known as GD,in a deception of seeking to discover it that holds the universe together, when it is written that what they say they seek is the invisible thread which binds all things from tiniest atom to largest star…they have not been given the right nor have they deserved the right to find what they say they seek, Babylon herself is Anti-matter, (anti- black,or anti- christ) they in the final scheme of things do not matter, so they will take US out with them, we are as of 2012 reached the house of Aquarius but the fish has not totally died on the cross, what is about to happen is that the current world Christian paradigm is about to shift, their realty is about to be shattered, they will have no more power in THEIR FALSE ILLUSIONARY  God Jesus NAME … we are about to break on through to the other side…

Kali was born from the brow of the demon-slayer Durga during one of the battles between the divine and anti-divine forces. (Note the similarity between the births of Kali and the Greek Goddess Athena, who was born fully, formed, from the forehead of her father, the God Zeus.) The story relates that she was so carried away in battle that she began destroying everything in sight. In order to stop her, Lord Shiva threw himself at her feet. In her shock, Kali stuck out her tongue in astonishment and ended her killing spree. Kali is often represented as a Black Goddess,( BLACK MATTER= Black lives matter.even though BLM works for Babylon indirectly) signifying her all-embracing nature, as the color black absorbs all colors(MELININ) and dissolves them. Her four arms represent the complete cycle of creation and destruction. Her right hands form the mudra of 'fear not' and confer boons, representing her creative aspect, while her left hands symbolize her destructive nature. The bloodied sword and severed head represent the destruction of ignorance the birth of knowledge.
She wears a girdle of severed human hands which represent the principal instruments of work and the action of karma. Showing them as severed symbolizes that the effects of karma have been overcome. Her white teeth symbolize purity and her red, protruding tongue demonstrates that she consumes all in her indiscriminate enjoyment of the world's many 'flavors.'  Her garland of fifty human heads refer to the fifty letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, symbolizing infinite knowledge. Kali's nudity represents her freedom from all covering or illusion. Her three eyes symbolize the sun, moon and fire, with which she is capable of observing the past, present and future. In fact, her name is rooted in the Sanskrit word 'Kala', which means time, and she is so named for her ability to devour time and resume her own dark formlessness.
“the forces are not somewhere out there. They lie within each one of us.”

Shiva as Nataraja destroys the universe by performing a cosmic dance. (Bob Marley) This is how Shiva makes preparations for Brahma to start the process of creation. Without Shiva's cleansing of the old, the path for the new cannot be made. In Sanskrit, the word 'Nataraja' means the Lord of dance. Lord Shiva known for performing a divine Tandava is depicted as Nataraja with his left leg lifted and balancing himself over a demon (symbolized as ignorance). From Shiva's lower right forearm a cobra is shown uncoiling and a crescent moon and skull are depicted on his crest. Shiva performs the anandatandava in this Nataraja form. It is the dance of bliss. Nataraja statues are mostly made in bronze metal and are very commonly seen in India.

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