Friday, November 4, 2016

Rastafari stand with standing rock

                 Black Nation and Red Nation United.

  • No matter how you try and bend it. standing Rock is about aboriginal redemption. Many will try and dilute this fact, but at the end of the day, this standoff at standing Rock is spiritual in nature. it is an inevitable event. it will call into mind of the aboriginal people the old ways, which many nations have gotten away from. it will cause out that enough black people remember truth about their plight here on turtle Island, causing them to explore the practically of uniting with their red brothers now that they have broken down the walls of illusion that had for so long separated them. The spirits of the great warriors of past are returning,  foremost among them the messiah, Wovoka. it is time for the 21st century Ghost dance. many will not see and understand this spirit at first, but the spirit of the past warriors will themselves reveal this reality. taking all fear from the hearts of the leaders of the aboriginal nations, who must realize they cannot trust the white man’s promises any longer, and come to the reality of this final hour. standing rock save the water event is multi-level in nature. It is a sacred rite, which sooner or later should not include the white man. it will be realized it is the only way the great Holy  spirit will bless and honor the righteous cry of the aboriginal people of turtle island: to the many nations to the four corners The Rastafari send a voice of the ancient of days. 
-Ital Iman I
Chilam Balam (Ek Balam)

                               SO MOTE IT BE


    Greetings from the unknown hidden ones: The Metaphysical Brotherhood of the Book


  1. Those people at Standing Rock aren't the aboriginal/indigenous people of the Americas, they are the damn fakes. Your people are the so called African Americans that are dying in the streets while you are silent. You people are amazing, you throw your support behind anybody but your own.

  2. we know what you speak,and what you speak is truth,but there is a Divine order,the true people of turtle Island are a patient and very peculiar
    people with a history of great wisdom,please note that we who are the Elders and keepers of the sacred stones and calanders are aware of the timing,please see the following link, and thanks very much for your input love...