Thursday, November 24, 2016

"Through the Wire,” - YEEZUS ROSE Again - The conver-sion OF Saint Pablo

An analytical look at the paradoxical paradigm called kanye west

and the meaning of his  "the life of Pablo" dialectic .

this film could very well define him as AN ARTIST AND HIS ART...

This view or information is an alternative to the common Rhetoric on the subject of the Kayne west enigma-I will reveal that he was Never  ‘fully  in’. as his subconscious was that light always shining through his art… this is not bias conjecture ,save wisdom from beyond the scope retrospectively of all other presenters with a broader listener base where we find ‘agents’ and much hypocrisy, as these factions have caused out that the populous see a conspiracy theory of spiritual attact,which is not the case:  
Simply Kanye west went against the power structure, that control him and many others: the powerful companies.
He is 39 years of age, sura 39 is Al-Zumar: The Companies, if we cypher this chapter,
39 the 8 sections; the 75 verses we will find the name of the companies.
3+9+8+7+5=32 is the adoration; we must look at this number 32 which is number of free masonry
So we see he went against the masters of the royal secrets .so we see the skull and bones number 322, and when we go to sura 32 verse 2 we see these words to prove my point here: 2.) The revelation of the Book, there is no doubt in it, is from the lord of the worlds. This reveals that the ones who we view as illuminati or the ones who went through the skull and bone rites and rituals know that Holy Quran is word from Anunakki or (Allah) what I reveal in this video is that Kanye west like Paul (Pablo) had a sudden conversion, or he say the light, Thus the ending of the Mr. West Pablo tour…note that the number 32 is 23 backwards ,this number 23 is the resonant number of Sirius…

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