Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Teachings Of The Last Master *Resurrection of the Black Revolution*

        The Original Ital Iman I; in a light for I and I
                      By -Bismark Kamdem

 We must follow his sayings and apply his teachings. Life can only be made better. I've been following his message since 1999 even though I cannot really say that I could communicate physically or even virtually with him but I feel that he showed me the spiritual way through his teachings for self-knowledge and universal care. I escaped jails, psychiatric hospitals and centers of detoxing officially and for real by teaching his message to all those who were there, the victims as well as the guilty men. The only question which followed my releases was always: Who and Where is this Ital Iman I, and I always answered: In a place where Babylon will never be able to catch him for he's protected by JAH. I swear that millions have been influenced by him, especially those who used to read Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Elijah Muhammad and Yahweh Ben Yahweh. I'm not even certain that he's aware of the number of his followers. My dream is to meet him one day, when Jah will bless and learn more and more from himself. In fact, everywhere I've been, Babylon fear him, more than they fear gunmen and drug addicted because he comes with truth and right, love and light, something they can never overcome. Trust I, I've been close to the Nyabingi, the Bobo Ashanti and the 12 Tribes of Israel and through all my learning, I'm convinced that Ital Iman I is the spiritual master we must rise up above the skies of perception for the children of Africa to see the light. I may exaggerate but I believe what I say and JAH knows through saying so I'm guiding you well. King David said to judge a tree by its fruits. If an elder is philosophically a tree, then its fruits are his disciples. Actually, I've discovered my Native Country, Cameroon that I had left at 6 years old. I've become a Rastafarian, a Shaman and a Griot. More than that, I've made hundreds of concerts in Switzerland, after having met Damian Marley on stage and Sizzla in Person. I've also become a great student and my Master Thesis Subject has been accepted by two faculties, the one of Social Sciences and the one of Theology. My theme is "The paradox of the religious messages for peace in the world" and I found the moral roots of all those achievements in the message of Ital Iman I. I don't pretend not having had an education before. Of course, as every human being born of living parents, I've had some bases of education in my family but I soon entered the ghetto with all its vices. I've made many things of whom I'm not really proud, including dealing and selling stolen things. Without lying, it's the message of Ital Iman I that I received from an old Rastafarian from Bamenda, Cameroon called Ras Barrah and that I later discovered in http://www.unn13.comwhich made I to survive for I'm from very busy parents who even though I know they love me, didn't have enough time to care about each of their 6 children. Dramas happened such as the death of my elder brother and when I was forbidden to wear dreadlocks but the Protestant University of Central Africa, it is the sayings of Ital Iman I on the importance of being a Rastafarian inside even more than inside which made I, I believe, to stay a member of the Rastafari Movement for without my dreadlocks, I was seen by many as being a Babylon because of the baldhead aspect of my head but I realized that spiritually, Rastafari is stronger. I will make dreadlocks again but now, it will be through the blessings of the inside rather than just as a way to oppose Babylon. Of course, I hate Babylon but it's One Love who must guide I and I, not hate for Marcus Mosiah Garvey said "I don't have time to hate". It's for all those reasons that I talk now about Ital Iman I as did Ras Barrah (or at least somehow as he did for he started every sentence by saying "Ital Iman I said" and I think that it's very sad that he has not become popular in Cameroon for he was among the first Rastafarians of this country known as "Africa In Miniature" and when I met him, I was still living in Geneva. To be honest, when I came back, I tried to meet him again. Babylon did all her possible to disallow me to meet him again, including sending someone to go straight on me with a motorbike - honestly, I could have die -. I then left Bamenda for security and academic purposes and then, I heard from a man who had betrayed me after I had given him all the sincere friendship that I could give to someone that Ras Barrah is dead and for real, I don't believe it not only because Lucky Dube said Rasta Never Die - which means we always live in spirit - but also because Ras Barrah is so feared by Babylon that they may have create such a story for all those he baptized to leave the Rastafari Faith, fearing their own death / He is a Rastafarian Priest and he baptized many Rastafarians in Bamenda in his Temple of Rastafari after teaching them all what he learned from Ital Iman I ; he called I "Ras Shamma Selassie I" in my baptism and I still keep that name as an Artist /. So as you understood, I don't fear death, for I was quite dead in mind before discovering the truth of Rastafari. Actually, I expect to prove to the World - and I have a lot of documentation to support my arguments - that Osiris, Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad were Blacks, which means not only that the Prophets are all Black but also that the Black People, who is the first people in existence, is the first one to care about Mankind in the annals of history. Sorry if I'm been too long but as I rarely discuss about myself, I took this opportunity to do so and not for I, seriously, just for those who call Ital Iman Rabbi to continue for he's my Spiritual Master due to his humility and his knowledge, that you certainly discovered as I did. Don’t worry my future comments will not be about I-self. There are too many peoples to save in the world to concentrate ourselves only on our single persons. Out Of Many We Are One And Out Of One, We Are Many. JAH BLESS!

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  1. WoW! You have made quit an impression on this brother! Such an Awesome Blesseded compliment this brother has given unto you to. Makes me want to sing High Praises unto your Sacred name: ✨Ital Iman I✨����

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  3. Greetings sister.or shall I say divine mother.thanks for reading our words.for it's indeed a pleasure to have you in our little humble circle I'm blessed to know of you.may we be a fire for each other in these cold days of end times that we come closer to each other in warm fellowship.around this holy fire we sing one love.
    Where wise men stand sipping from the cup of peace door peep shall not enter

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