Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Synchronicity ,science of the soul and the star Sirius in the lives of Black people

Since the days of the soapbox in the parks-and Xerox copies and bookstore meetings, in the land of  Hidden colors 1.2.3./4
Internet has been great tool for spiritual growth, synchronicity etc. Reflecting on an essay I had wrote in 1994.
I was just thinking about those years before internet the complexities of broadcasting the message and studying the not so perfect paper having written-
Contemplating the scope and grasp of this ongoing message in relation to my growth when a foreign student sent the following message through my inbox: this is around 4:29 am 11/30/2016 hours after a new moon…

“Greetings Spiritual Master. I would like you to know that I learned a third great concept from you, after ontology and permaculture (that my brothers and sisters, friends and girlfriends, both in Africa and Europe are nowadays putting into practice), which is Astro-theology. Maximum Respect for having revealed it and let Jah keep you save for I and I fi get the honor to learn more and more from you. Let Rastafari make your message to be revealed to the four corners of the Earth. Jah Bless”!

The resonant number of Sirius is 23- this number is also the mystery of the psalms. If we add the numbers in year 1985 i.e., 1+9+8+5=23 we find the mystery of the move bombing parable.
Indicating the intelligence of the bombing came from the solar system ,or Sirius star system, this can be verified to open minds by ciphering the address of the move house involved in the Bombing:6221 Osage Ave., 6+2+2+1=11 this reveals the number of people murdered in the house, two escaped.Romona and Birdie Africa, which makes the number 13 the number of people in the house, the parable of move as was coined by me is what has come to be known as the Mayan factor, being that the Maya number system is based upon the number 13,so the bombing of move family in the 23 year 1985 was the first sign of the Maya factor or the Sirius vibration working through human DNA as a sign of communications to the Black people in the wilderness of north America, note that 1985 minus 2017 will equal 32,which is the number 23 reversed…( consult holy book of wonder  to study parable of move)

                       THE HOLY BOOK OF WONDER
In year 2017, in retrospect; 1994 we also come to a 23 year.1+9+9+4=23
This was the year the 23rd psalm code was manifested to me, the code of regeneration, this story can also be found in Holy Book of Wonder. Also you can read my blog post on the subject at the link I will leave below…
During the 20th century there are only six years that have the unique distinction of having the sum of the integers adding up to the number 23.these are: 1949, 1958, 1967, 1976, 1985, and 1994. Which will not surface again for 400 years in the year 2399, we will leave this for you to ponder…
Note that 2399minus 2017=382 and 3+8+2=13)

It’s time we stop and ask ourselves questions about certain things
like what is the purpose of certain actions, are these actions viable to the current scenario etc., lets view standing rock, let’s take an eagles eye view, we see the thousands of people, what are their purpose, what is the purpose of the mass gathering, is it organic, is it divine, must be the questioning, what are the future plans, is it organized beyond the coming and the gathering, is it void of political infiltration, what help or support are outsiders bringing to the spiritual plight of the natives…

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