Thursday, February 23, 2017

Debate of the decade? In the valley of the dry bones.

In the valley of the dry bones.

The African American cultural community in desert of dry bones.
I will start here and this is how it truly went Down: from Florida after much prayer and a few days of fasting. I drove to Washington DC. 2/21/2017 in a Journalistic capacity to cover what was  erroneously dubbed “The Debate of the decade”. An ‘Afrocentric’ forum built by the former head of New Black Panther party and Lawyer: Malik Zulu Shabazz.
 At the united press club 13th floor A stage set for a theatric showoff of he and The counselor: Dr. Cornel West.
my host for my stay in Washington D.C. was my good friend to who I’m grateful: was Brother David Austin. Who put me up in one of the area’s finest hotels,  our stop before the event to refresh after parking at a very nice bar for a few shots of sake/J├Ągermeister was a splendid acquainting time…   a very brief walk down to the press club. Entering catching elevator to the 13th floor the show is about to begin, few venders in the lobby.Sa-Neter  TV From Brooklyn New York is the only main media camera crew at the venue.
SA-Neter dressed in classic New York style controls the operation in a well filled room. From the start I started sizing up the event taking pictures and filming getting the fill of the place there were a full section of Independent media and others covering the event. About half hour into the event I stop recording etc. in disappointment: this was not the debate of the decade. I left to go sit in the lobby, And reflect. After a while in walks a man I had seen on Facebook and admired a great deal, he walked by me to go into what was a small space at the end of the hall where I was seated just a few feet from me. I spoke to him who said give him a moment for he was about to pray. so as this man went into a Muslim posture prayer I began to film him. and as he got up I began to interview him.even followed him into the event filming him. and at this time I’m feeling better about the event. But later back at my hotel room I notice nothing I filmed  of him was on the disk only a brief part when he first went down to pray with his back towards camera and the loud voice of Malik Zulu Shabazz from the press room saying “and I had a vision” it was then I understood the Mystic had come to deliver a divine message.

as myself and the student minister Brother David Austin had also come to deliver a message, mystics were on the one. as I sat again in the room waiting the end for I would go upon the stage and deliver the message I came to deliver to Dr. Cornel west. As the mystic who on Facebook calls himself Zxulu Biggr Lipps pasted me leaving the room he tapped his staff on the floor at my feet and left with his confidant…as the question and answer section was ending, I rose from my seat in the audience walking past security stepped upon stage placing my hand upon the shoulder of Dr. Cornel west in Islamic embrace and began to deliver the message of the Master Blaster Jamming: informing him we had seven months left to organize, telling him about Revelations 12,in bible,as it relates to September 23 2017.

 which he said he had to look into it. writing a note of remembrance On my calling card I had given this interview I asked him: how did he get the part in the movie the matrix. he said:” that’s a good Question. I don’t know. They called me” I explained to him how important he was in all this. I explained to him how the lead characters name NEO when rearranged spelled NOE which is how NOAH in bible is written sometimes. At the point I spoke into his ear that the seventh degree of the Royal arch masonry was the key to this endeavor.

 he became excited and said: “oh we got a talk now” all the while we are talking Malik Zulu Shabazz is trying to pull him a way, reminding him of his agenda that night.

 In this  impromptu interview with Dr Cornel west on stage at the press club. I became part of the closing ceremony, we held hands in a circle in song and prayer, a spiritual moment of fellowship for Cornel west and myself a sort of esoteric bonding, all the while I was in his ear filling his soul with Rasta man vibrations of The Master Blaster Jamming. He was stunned when I told him of The Holy Book of Wonder and that it took 36 years to write. I told Him at the introduction, I am here that this event not be in vain…

Dr. west gave me his word he would contact me… many people did not buy tickets for the event knowing it would be same rhetoric as normal at these black power events we have been having since the 80’s to no avail. I ask a young man that walked outside into the lobby where I was did he get anything out of the meeting, he said yes and I asked what, his face went blank, I said be honest: you did not hear anything you have not heard before Right? He admitted it but became irritated by the conversation, his software just froze. Then as he walked back in. I realized he was a gay. that alone is what made his software freeze up. he does not have the capacity to reason being in a state of reprobate mind due to his soul condition. As I was traveling back home to Florida the followed inspiration flowed: This alone will give us a clear picture of what has taken place and what is transpiring…I had to find a rest-stop and record this angelic message: George Soros black lives matter puppet show has trickled over into the so-called black power movement like salt and pepper onto a medium rare T-bone steak. 

The well filled national press club was like a colorful salad bowl of whites, gays, and lesbian, misfits seeking a hole like a fat ostrich to hide their Obama-nations head, while the panel and moderators went through their preconceived act of democratic debating .a scripted right out of the government agenda they pretend to be against. Donald trump is the new scape goat for the black cultural pimps and their money making schemes and egotistical minds.

Nothing has changed, like many predicted: “same old rhetoric”
Heading back to Florida now. Stopping along 95 south to record these thoughts. Falling like Babylon in my brain.

Journalist on a journey. “Soon they will find out who is the real revolutionary” the prophet Marley has said already… they ask in this asinine debate: “which way trump” I say to you: Trump is a sign. The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the message is in the music. Like the prophet say: “we free our people with music” this is of the last Trump-ET sound. The Holy Master Blaster Jamming. Who is intelligent enough to overstand what Jah Rasta man is trying to convey to egotistical stiff necked fools who prey on the ignorance of our na├»ve people, there need not be another debate. time is out for the rhetoric . The true cultural factor was missing in this so-called debate. The spiritual side of our culture. The esoteric side is very vital to our survival. Truth is Malik Zulu Shabazz is only an extension of the old guard, it’s time for new blood. The time of Nation of Islam and Black panthers is long gone. New information is needed as offered by the one writing…The Holy Book of Wonder Holds the key.

The debate of the decade?

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  1. Brotherman, what did you SMOKE before you went to this event??? You sound like you've lost your mind!!!. You so UNconscious and brain-dead, are you sure you're alive???