Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The supreme wisdom. 23rd Dub

The supreme wisdom.
The covenant of the ark.
The message in the music.
Being the Ethiopians spiritual science.for these are the songs in the key to life.
When it is said Ethiopian we are referring to the original people of North America.

The so-called Black man.when we say: covenant of the Ark: we are speaking of the word of The Gods transmitted through the music and song of the seven Major Prophets. The agreement of the builders of the pyramids. The music is the Ark, the vehicle for the spirit or word of the Gods. Being inspiration in essence. This is the supreme wisdom. It that is above all and it that is the foundation of all. When it is said Knowledge is power. This is it that has always been and this is it that is now…this is the essence of the Holy Book Of wonder. Many are called. Few are the chosen. for these are the songs in the key to life...

-Ital Iman I

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