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Mother of The matrix revisited (The Wisdom of Sophia the Oracle ) A ‘Black History special’

It is not Ghetto Times save time for the 'underground' or people who are oppressed and the have-nots to raise their consciousness to a higher level and rise up against the machine (matrix) taking their rightful place upon orb ship earth; thanks to the 3- dimensional artistic astral wisdom presenting itself in the person of the goddess Sophia Stewart; who gave one of her first major interviews to the hip-hop media source Da Ghetto tymz

It is time for us to stop exploiting ourselves as black people and show some love for each other.
"Africans love one another." presenting our selves to the world as 'nigas' as portrayed through rap and hip hop music and personified and epitomized by the Da Ghetto Tymz who has placed their logo on the sacred documents of Sophia Stewart appearing as their own copy written works of art in order to monopolize on her fame; those documents are public record and in essence made so by the subtle majesty of the author of  "The Third Eye" ' Da ghetto tymz' has packaged their interview with ms Stewart in order to make a name and profit and has made it known in their disclaimer that Sophia Stewart has nothing to do with their efforts.

She has not as of march 6 2005 received a Penney from the sale of the interview packaged by da ghetto tymz;(in 2004) they are also designing a website saying it is Sophia Stewarts website which she did not give them permission
The lawyers of Ms Stewart has advised her that it would be in her best interest not to have a web presence; on march 6 2005 Ms Stewart was interviewed for over three hours by- Ital Iman I- Editor in chief of Underground News Network which we present below a transcipted twenty five minutes;
The remaining two hours or more were conducted off record, where among esoteric matters the business of the Da ghetto tymz was discussed; Ms Stewart is a very peaceful and loving woman who does not only love her people (Black) but the whole human Race, we send this message out to Da ghetto tymz and all beings upon orb-ship earth that they repent of their evil ways changing their karmatic destiny before it's to late, as for Da Ghetto tymz who we know is a symbol in their ignorance of truth, donate half of every sale of your 'stolen' interview to the legal effort of Sophia Stewart for one day in the future you may find your self in the same boat as the demons who stole
'The Third Eye'; " know that the wrath of God is mightier than the law of man"
Here is the historic link of the controversy between  Ital Iman,Da ghetto tymz and Sophia stewart.
please note even today 36 years after this controversy of The Matrix started, what it implicates is still relevant, it is still my gut feeling that Sophia Stewart is original author of the matrix even though she did not win the case, which is proof enough to me that she wrote it, being that the movie title itself indicate the powers that be she had to face, from my view the matrix is a divine message to the black people of north America. The oracle of the movie is clearly a black woman.
And this black woman represents Sophia Stewart and the entire name Sophia represents in a spiritual sense. Also note Dr. Cornel west role in the movie, and the many other black characters of the movie. Morpheus epitomizes that the movie is the wisdom of the black people. And if you study the movie careful you will see the movies reveal the key to vision or wisdom is meditation. Thus THE THIRD EYE of the writer Sophia Stewart…
The key is in ‘the one’ the being of NEO. If we rearrange the name NEO we will find the key which is NOE. I.e. NOAH of the bible is sometimes spelled and pronounced NOE. And NOAH is same thing…

Forsooth Noe lived after the great flood three hundred and fifty years;
29 and all the days of him were filled nine hundred and fifty years, and he was dead. (And all his days filled nine hundred and fifty years, and then he died.) so we see that matrix is a hidden code of and for the redemption of the Black man.this is why the name of Sophia Stewart and the matrix third eye controversy will not die…this discourse also point to Dr. Cornel West but his role in the redemption of the black man will be revealed at another time, my point is the matric plays a major role in black history…
  1.  [before we get into the interview with sophia stewart below which is very timely as we have stated above we talked for about two and a half hours off the record about esoteric things concerning the  apocalypse, here we Will give you a few meanings of this word before we get into the heart of this part of our subject that you get a clear picture
    1. Apocalypse Abbr. Apoc. Bible. The Book of Revelation.
    2. Any of a number of anonymous Jewish or Christian texts from around the second century B.C. to the second century A.D. containing prophetic or symbolic visions, especially of the imminent destruction of the world and the salvation of the righteous.
  3. Great or total devastation; doom: the apocalypse of nuclear war.
  4. A prophetic disclosure; a revelation.
n 1: a cosmic cataclysm in which God destroys the ruling powers of evil 2: the last book of the New Testament; contains visionary descriptions of heaven and of conflicts between good and evil and of the end of the world; attributed to Saint John the apostle [syn: Revelation, Revelation of Saint John the Divine, Apocalypse, Book of Revelation]
we talked about  how in the end days things which have been hidden will and are being revealed,as we closed out our conversation suddenly a blue bird apeared at the window
outside UNN13 studio and office, two major signs happen today in relation to our conversation and interview, one was that Pope John Paul II was to deliver a silent prayer from his window,note he could not speak, save he would apear at the window as a sign or make a sign etc. the second thing of note and you will see below how it relates to the interview, here is the second sign for it was in the news this evening, our interview was conducted  9:30 AM EST  Sunday 7:30  AM MST
ok here is the revelation:- ------------

                     The third Eye is a true look inside the  matrix . when it is said: “MATRIX” it is meant : this reality in which we the ‘common’ people are inslaved. The work of -Ital Iman I, is the great Hammer Breaking down this wall Of Illusion that you discover the practicality of this new and most correct information…  this is a black history month
 treat .also here we have the historic interview  between The Rastafari Mystic Ital Iman and The “mother of The Matrix”   Sophia Stewart. This is a transcript.the audio has long been lost.This interview is great because it is one of the first of the many that was  to come, from others who have been blessed to interview her. Ital Iman Is a pioneer,the true leader of this Aquarian age. this one was around the time of the death of Pope John Paul,with very profound symbolic significance-also at that time in the news:

Experts Uncover Ancient Mayan Remains
Sun Mar 6, 7:03 PM ET
By FREDDY CUEVAS, Associated Press Writer
TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras - Scientists working at the Copan archaeological site in western Honduras said Sunday they have unearthed the 1,450-year-old remains of 69 people, as well as 30 previously undiscovered ancient Mayan buildings.
Copan, about 200 miles west of Tegucigalpa, the capital, flourished between A.D. 250 and 900, part of a vast Mayan empire which stretched across parts of modern-day Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. The site was eventually abandoned, due at least in part to overpopulation, historians believe.
Seiichi Nakamura, one of a team of Japanese scientists working alongside Honduran counterparts, said the human remains likely belong to people who inhabited Copan around 550.
Nakamura said offerings were discovered in and around the sites where the bones were buried and artifacts found near the remains of a 12-year-old child were among the richest ever discovered in Copan, meaning the youngster was likely an important member of Mayan society.
Scientists hope to open the area to tourists in 2007, Nakamura said.
The first European report of Copan is believed to be that of Diego Garcia de Palacios, a representative of Spain's King Felipe II. On March 8, 1576, he wrote to the crown with news of the archaeological site. Accounts published by U.S. explorers John L. Stephens and Frederick Catherwood made the site an international phenomenon in the 1840s.

Once a thriving commercial center, the ancient Maya are thought to have first settled in Copan around 1200 B.C.
UNESCO declared Copan a world heritage site in 1981.
-Ital Iman I
        {3-dimensional Artistic Wisdom from The Astral Plane}

An Interview conducted
By-Ital Iman I.
Production/Program Cordinations
DaUru I
Jacksonville Florida

The Introduction:-

June 1981 "The Third Eye" manuscript was in possession of 20th Century Fox production.

1981: 1+9+8+1=19
This is the galactic code
Governing the scriptures, called the one book-uni-verse
It governs the Quran, 1+9=10 which represent change, it also depict the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega, king and queen.  The union of the original one, the matrix for the new beginning or the start of the apocalypse by the chosen one, the oracle which is Sophia, i.e.  (Wisdom) this is to say the road map for the future or the true blueprint for the revolution was sent forth from the galactic core in the year 1981,we have verified this in our own work and we recognize it in the enigmatic work of wisdom called the third eye by Sophia Stewart.

From the year 1981 to 2000 we have 19 years, the dawn of the 21st century; 2+1=3, your work was   presented in three parts or three symbolic levels, a nine chapter epic

The movie the matrix came out march 31 1999, from 1981 to 1999 we have 18 years, 18 is the equivalent of 666, here we have proof that the beast, the manipulators of the matrix
I.e. the illusionary machine was revealed by your work,

Like they did Egypt they raped plundered, pillaged, robed and exploited your work.

The Third Eye is the sacred inner vision of the oracle
So with your lawsuit and the majesty of the third eye, which they reversed and dubbed the matrix, you are sent by the law of time and the biosphere to rise up against the machine leviathan
That you liberate the ignorant populous from the illusion thereof.  By so doing we join you in bringing about the second coming of what is called Christ making your so-called science fiction epic in essence a pivotal reality
In the 21st century; you know in bible it is written, when the children of Israel, i.e. (the light) cried out in unison God remembered the covenant-so we join you by helping to broadcast your story which is a vital part of this apocalyptic
Revolution that we inspire, excite others in this holy war
That we call down truth to eradicate the lie that’s been reverberating for much too long upon orb earth, we call upon all to rise up through this message giving the Goddess the power needed…"may the Gods Bless your efforts more abundantly"

Ital- Ms Stewart:

Sophia- Yes…

Ital- Are you aware that the Pope this morning,(3.6.2005) the beast 666, is giving a silent blessing from his window this morning?

Sophia – no I had no idea about it, I can believe it if that’s what you say.

Ital-  The defendants in the case argue that your claims does not meet RICO qualifications when you say the conspiracy started in 1999, they try to belittle you by pointing out that the Terminator was released in 1984 and Terminator 2 (The Judgment) 1991 respectively.

Sophia - That doesn’t make any difference because whatever they say they're lying and they've never denied that I was not the writer of The Matrix or The Terminator, and in fact the court system they have no defense for the Matrix and the only thing they saying about the terminator they took it from me 19 - 20 some odd years ago and the statute of limitations have run out. and The judge pointed out to them to admit that it was willful intent and willful intent didn’t have any defense.

So, they are not denying my claim they are just trying to prove they wrote it, which they cannot because I have a body of work and that’s  why I have the deeds which are the copyrights, two federal copyrights 81/83/84 which supercedes anything they have ever done and my body of work entails graphic illustrations, special effects, character analysis, the original draft the edited version of the draft, the synopsis, the screen treatment which is like a script, the ship and makings of The Third Eye which became the makings of the Matrix. 

Ital-  We have seen the documentation so we know what you say is true.  As soon as you finished the final part of The Third Eye believe it was Oct 1 1983 you took it to warner brothers November 23rd  1983.

Sophia-  It was in the winter of 1983 that I gave them the rest of the work, in 1981 they had the screen treatment, which is like a script it shows you exactly how the movie is supposed to be portrayed upon the screen.  I didn’t finish the whole epic until the winter of 1983 and I called over to Fox looking for Susan Merzbach she had moved over to Paramount she told me send it to David Madden's office via Donald -- at Fox and that’s what I did and didn’t know it at the time but while they were giving me the runaround about getting agents who are signatory with the writers  guild they were in essence creating the Terminator.

Ital- [Note] see the number 10 appear here from 1981 to 1991 is 10 years.  The point of starting over- we see a little bit of George Orwell with the 1984 release of Terminator, the total control and big brother bit.

You submitted third eye to Warner Brothers November 23,1983 for comic book; nine months after   that you registered for copy rights February 2 1983; if I'm correct 16 years past before the battle started June 10 1999 law suit-
As soon as you finished the final part of the third eye, Oct 1 1983 you took it to Warner Brothers Nov. 23, 1983 around 53 days later, i.e. After you reached the conclusion of the epic, do we see any urgency here?

 Sophia-  There was no urgency, it just; I was shopping my work and they were interested in buying it.  I was shopping for buyers actually looking for Lucas.  I understood He worked at 20th Century Fox that’s when I saw Star Wars because my work is the opposite of his work. 

That's right my franchise it’s the opposite of what Lucas had written glorified Darth Vader (Satan fallen from the light to the dark side )and my work was the second coming of Christ or Christ consciousness, which is The consciousness of truth.

Ital-   In as few words as possible what have you learned from your experience?
Dealing with the illuminati (Chess movers of the movie industry etc.)

Sophia-  What I've always known about them that's why I took out the federal copyrights; they have always stolen, its common but the masses are so asleep, what they don’t realize Hollywood is nothing but an illusionist, its illusion makers it is Their job to sell people illusions and dreams and lies, that’s what Hollywood is; so me studying at the USC film school earning a degree in journalism I already knew how these people work so that’s why I protected myself and I got the federal copyrights

Ital-  you were trained in the Arts of Law and have a working knowledge of hollywood
this is how and why you were so effective in bringing a lawsuit against such a parimount group is this correct

That’s right that’s correct not only was I trained in that area I am a paralegal a lot of people don't know that and I hold double minor in law and psychology.  Let me give you some background information: I studied under masters; very famous prolific writers who are famous in their own field and very successful; Matt Siegle, former famous journalist used to be with New York Times, Amil Pukya renown author, writer Paul Cherry big apple play right Leon Roth, whose son is Eric Roth that wrote Forest Gump he was one of my teachers over at USC film school.  I took the New York regents when I was in junior high school went into college scored a 98 on the IRS exam to work for them so I could work for them anytime I wanted to.  I was doing taxes since I was 12 years old and I was doing payroll for a construction company when I was a teenager so I'm very prolific and well versed in numbers, very knowledgeable about working because I am a seer, gifted like Nastrodamus, Edgar Cayce, Leonardo Da Vinci…

Ital-   we are aware of that…

Ital- A personal question;not getting off the subject we'll get back to that:
What will you do with the money you get from your settlement?

sophia-   When I win…  I've already won actually its just gonna materialize very very soon upon the earth which a lot of people don’t see that these things are meant to be is already done; they will be consciously aware of it when it happens.  When I get the money I am going to first thing give unto God what is his, I will tithe with God first.  Then I will open up a foundation that will help the poor and the children cause that was the reason why I created the work in the first place was to inspire the black children to become greater, to become greater than myself because I was so sick of the negative roles they suggested in all the movies and here Octavia Butler, one of the greatest science fiction minds of a black woman and there has never ever been any movies with this lady's work they do not want to glorify black people intelligence they want to degrade black people and if the black population would wake up they would look at all these Stupid movies and stupid sitcoms they put on TV to degrade black people.

Ital- you are aware that you are the core,the essence of the spiritual evolution the revolution of our people  upon orb-ship earth
the true light that all might see…come in time

Sophia-   Well I knew that from the beginning you know how you hear some people are chosen for something to do; oh I knew from the beginning god put a hand on me and raised me up for this purpose and I knew I was doing his work.  I wanted to tell you this:- your introduction is more true than you can imagine, its more real than anyone  else ….

Ital-  I'm going to sound like you  now;(chuckle) "I am aware of that:"

yea it's end time prophecy those numbers have everything to do with me and my purpose and why I created what I created because you're bringing in change, progress and the way of life of Hollywood is on its way out it has to go out because its built on greed and ignorance

Ital-   This is the epidome of what they call the Apoculipse the revealing or uncovering here on orb earth, it seems to me that the women,the black women who are in the cultural movement always talking about the godess princple and energy should jump on the band wagon what I call plug in to the force which is the one, they will not because thy have the wrong intent and are jelious etc. many will miss the boat
like I said above this thing started in 1981, stevie Wonder did some work pretaining to this, if only they would do what they are supposed to do,we would have so much power…The Time Is now

Sophia-  Well its meant for some of them to miss the boat cause the bible says he who have eyes to see the truth and some have ears to hear it and those who do not see and hear it are spiritually asleep anyway and it doesn’t matter their names are not written in the book of life anyway so whatever their destiny is that's their destiny So like Kanye West said, we are not here to convert atheists to believers you can take a horse to water but you cant make him drink all this is going to occur and you cant stop it from occurring cause its meant to be.  The Third Eye is the Eye of Horus the eye of god and if people do not recognize that this had to come upon the earth to wake up the masses so they can make spiritual choices and if they do not want to make those spiritual choices then they will have one made for them that they are not going to like and all those people who do not come behind this great movement and bring about what is suppose to occur upon the earth and then they will sit back from afar and they will be looking and they wont be apart of it they wont share in it cause its definitely gonna happen cause it was meant to be and its so much deeper than these people can even understand if people even read the Da Vinci code all of this is in the Da Vinci code is about me,

Ital- did you invision black people as your characters

Sophia-  This was black characters if you would go through the archives Los Angeles Centinal and I will send you a copy of the paper but It can be documented they wrote about me in June of 1981 there is a story in the los Angeles centennial talking about a black science fiction the first of its kind ever done before with black super heroes dedicated to my friend Muhammad Ali to eradicate the negative roles currently projected by all those black exploitation movies.all this was ment to be  matrix 1 is the first black science fiction ever put upon the screen and believe me they would have never put it upon the screen if they knew what it was.  The god helped me to disguise it in science fiction from nothing that has been express before

Ital-  they did'nt realize when they called it the matrix they helped you out in essence

Sophia- The matrix in the bible means the womb when you say the third eye it’s the eye of god the eye of Horus and when you look into the terminator it’s the end time revelation the end, that's right; and the matrix is the womb hidden in the womb and you come out of the womb into consciousness, truth cause I wrote the evolution of consciousness and you evolve three different ways you evolve by what they would say walking upon earth, is one level of consciousness under the earth is the second level of consciousness, and when Neo flies that is the third level of consciousness

Ital-  Neburu  [planet X]
Space star,is what you named your ship in Third Eye
Nebekanezar  is what name warner brothers named the ship in matrix
so the end of nebekanezar(zar) sounds like star in your ship space star
I see the play on the words there how they turned every thing around you did etc.

Sophia- Yeah well nebukanezar is in Daniel the book of Daniel is revelations is Daniel also it’s the last book of revelation but the book of Daniel it also speak of end times now when they were looking at my work they were getting certain references and the only thing they could figure out well lets deal with the book of Daniel that sort of revelations cause they can understand that a little bit more than the last book which is of revelation they cant understand most of the symbolism those symbolism is so much deeper than the book of Daniel where revelations spoken about in the bible so they understand a little bit but they didn’t understand enough

Ital-     speaking of star ship do you know about Neburu {planet x}

Sophia -No but I understand, like I told you sacred geometry and numerology I'm well versed in those areas…

Ital- well Nasa is aware of This ship or planet which makes an eliptical orbit round
our solar system every so many thousand of years,it is now on its way to us
as it gets closer it effects our sun,causeing sun spots flares ect. which causes climatic changes upon orb-ship earth-this is what caused the Tsunami's
what about Sirius star I'm sure you know about that..

Sophia-  Oh I know what you're talking about yes I know exactly what you're speaking about

Ital  - God is speaking through you, you are in essence the oracle, it’s a very powerful thing

Sophia-   Yes because see its always been male prophets and there is a female prophet and the femininity and the wisdom of god when its being spoken the mother is the nurturer the womb where everyone comes out of the enclosure into the open which is revelations or revealing truth its actually hidden until the open.

Ital- so you don’t have any fear of the illunimiti the powers that be etc.

Sophia- No they know who I am they have my phone tapped they been knowing who I was for a long long time the illuminati the masons all of these the powers that be secret societies they know who I am and they know what this is all about.

Ital- they know that they can't touch that

Sophia-  They cannot touch it because gods laws supercede all other laws, alchemists or any other thing upon the earth it supercedes and what happened was is why they cannot win in the court system is because I invoke the law of god upon them I try to tell a lot of people what it means but they have no idea that god is a physical law just like you see calculus just like you see quantum physics god is a physical law to invoke that law an I invoke that law they entered god into the court system and god once he's entered into the court system he will not be moved he will not be moved out of that space.

Ital- reality of that law is is what they mimic

Sophia- That’s right he occupying that space and no matter what they do they will loose.
They will loose because he will not be moved so if they stay in the court system they have lost totally.

Ital - have you had any corrospondence with blackbull stevie wonders company there in Burbank California

Sophia-   No.  There is a lot of celebrities that are getting in touch with me and calling me and joining with me wanna do this and everything and people all around the world the international media people even china have sent me blessings and they are quickly jumpin on cause they recognize what's going on more so than the American people cause half the American people are still asleep a third of them they wont even let them realize about me or know about me because word of moth has always been the great communication on earth when there was no television no kind of form of communication that they control; its not going to stop this, its spreading around like cancer .  I am getting calls day and night and they are spreading it with other people.  People are just *****ing because they cannot control the internet the internet is uncontrollable just like the satellites which are coming in is going to be uncontrollable so therefore they cannot stop this even if they wanted to and they cant do anything but bow down.

Ital-   so you are embarking upon a tour here around the 20th for a few days

Sophia-  Yes I am going to be doing touring, and media and very important work which is going to be spread upon the earth this all goes back to the period of Akanoton
The 18th dynasty when they tried to bury the law of the one from the earth from the clutches of the one like a lot of people think the ten commandments but no it’s the law of the one all nine numbers of law flow into the one that’s what the ten is about you see and that’s what its all about because the nine is flowing into the one and there was a prophecy that was two to four thousand years ago that once the consciousness of the one comes upon the earth again the law of the one is brought back then all the masses and all the people  of the earth would wake up upon the earth
and see they hid it the high priest of that era were making money off the many gods had people worshiping the many gods of that people making money off wooden and stone gods but there was only one god the living god of the most high he was alive and if you look at the word live L I V E and you flip it backwards e-v-i-L meaning that when you live your life backwards from a lie you actually living in ignorance,
That’s right; in bondage, oppression

Ital-  evil is oft times ignorance not knowing itself to be so

Sophia-  Its not knowing thyself, you don’t know who you are that’s what ignorance is not knowing yourself and so when this was brought about the earth Michelangelo the renaissance period semi posed the white religion upon the black one and in essence hid it and that law of the one was hidden all these years and not understood until the matrix was released with my work and its glory upon the earth and woke up the masses they can never ever be put back to sleep again now.

Ital- lets talk alittle bit about the up comeing hearing,what date is it..

Sophia-   I don’t know the date but anyone can go to the court system the judge name is Margaret M. Morrow her clerk's is name arnell call up and arnell will give them the date the court pleadings is on one of the websites call the ….and anybody can find that information give them case number and they will give the exact date, I know the middle number is the date.  July 2005 is definitely the month and the year

Ital-so that’s when it will be determined  that the case will be settled

Sophia-   The settlement, right now they have the choice to settle once they go into the court system's and as RICO stands they are going to jail they are gonna lose and everybody in the world is gonna see that they are nothing but liars they have no source work and that the work is original and to admit that there is no source work nothing to base it on they're in trouble cause they have no deeds which is no copyrights to the work no ownership they cannot prove ownership and they cannot prove where they got it from.  Reading a book and dreaming about it is not gonna get it

Ital-so you; are you getting enough rest, are you takeing care of your self, I know your work is great..

Sophia- Yes I am fine, very much.  Everything that is going on is meant to be and everything that I have to do cause I am still continueing in the work a lot of people don’t know but the saga continues with' soul-less' human but not a human born without a soul it takes the work to the next level of revelation the threshold of the planet where they were creating the artificial intelligence the androids and how the android came to be born through cloning, artificial insemination and so forth.

Ital  -the group I was speaking of The Anunaki,The Ancient Black Gods who from heaven to earth came in the beginning,they are the ones in Bible when it is written Let 'US' make man in our own Image you can read about it in the lost book of Enki, story of the geniticly engrnered humans who are now rebeling against God'US'

sophia- Exactly, in my book Soul-less I explain all that, it goes back to the garden of Eden and genesis if you look at the word genesis its genes that’s right it gives you the hidden meaning in genesis is genes the beginning of genes is the human evolving all starts in genesis.

Ital- Speaking of genes,  last night while doing a google search on your Name (Sophia Stewart) I found it quite Ironic that there were 635 entries displayed concerning you and the matrix,ie. your law suite against warner brothers; if one would rearange the number 635  365 would apear as days in our calender year
now "check this out" the result pages as they go from left to right goes to 64
this corespondes to the ancient Maya culture the tzolken the 64 unit matrix or genetic sounding board which is also a calender of sorts,

Sophia- Yeah because all synchronicities, the chips are falling in place and they are falling into place behind me because this is meant to be and they know it.  They never bothered me they never once harassed me or anything like that I haven't had any struggle or any problem this is something that is meant to be it will be a smooth transition cause that’s what god is about he's not about confusion he's not about struggle and scuffling and things he's about smooth sailing and opening those doors where has to happen.  Everything is falling into place

Ital -there is something else I'd like to ask you is about your pictures Circulating on the internet they are  old pictures, ancient, is there a reason for that

Sophia- There's a reason for it because those pictures are the pictures of the eighties and the reason they are pictures from the eighties is because it is when the work was done and there is a reason for the symbolism so therefore that’s why whatever you see is meant to be and god has a purpose for it being revealed and things are opening and happening

Ital - is there any thing you have not  shared with any one else you would like to share with us this morning..

Sophia- Yes I would like to tell people that what is going on is Hollywood is having a great shift and its not only occurring upon the world and the earth but in Hollywood itself and the music industry their whole method has been based on greed and is an oppression that has injured consciousness and its just built off making money excuse my language tits and ass degrading names to people putting out degrading messages to the masses my god its enough, make your money some other kind of way, cause you're going out of business cause once digital come into place in 2010 and the whole way of life is going out and they are going to have to find another way of making a living the satellites are gong to rule the earth just like the internet it will not be dominated by anyone; free  enterprise and trade will come upon the earth again and everybody can make money like they’ve done always .

When you got a monopoly its greed only the people who control the monopoly is the ones who can make money that’s right so Hollywood and the music industry is nothing but monopoly and they been monopolized and crushing and hurting and stealing ruthlessly and been allowed freedom upon the earth but now as you see that their counterparts are being put into jail Martha Stewart, the Enron criminals and all the other white collar criminal crimes are going to be brought to justice cause its called divine justice their money and power will not protect them from truth .  So their greed and arrogance and ignorance is over and done.  The new consciousness and truth of understanding and wisdom upon the earth and that's gonna dominate

Ital - we  started around time you started around 1981 and we have been waiting on you, that femminine energy, This circle to be completed and we welcome the earth changes,seems as if all has been on the verge,The Mother has come to deliver The Baby

Sophia--Oh its coming even sooner than you can even imagine they gonna be brought to justice and everything: we have to wait until it materializes cause its already happened that’s what I keep telling people but now people just have to wait for it to materialize the consciousness of everybody see cause right now the consciousness Is being awakened and spreading fast and those who are in power admit to put them away Is all wakening up cause god has a process and no one understand the mind of god but all we have to do is wait diligently for everything to occur cause its just like this a giant tsunami comes in and wipes everything away all the trash everything they have accumulated on the earth will be washed away.

Ital- are you aware of the now polar ice shift; speaking of  Tsunami's…

Sophia-Yes because all of that is bringing in change…when great change come upon the earth when people have…

Hi Underground News Network,
Due to a copyright claim, your YouTube video has been blocked. This means that your video can no longer be played on YouTube.
Video title: Mother of The matrix revisited (The Wisdom of Sophia the Oracle ) A ‘Black History special’
Includes: Visual content
Claimed by: Warner Bros. Entertainment
Why this can happen
  • Your video might contain copyrighted content.
  • Copyright owners can choose to block YouTube videos that contain their content.
- The YouTube Team

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