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The High Places of Anu: part 2* The Wisdom of Ake Beka being the third parable of Enoch - An interview by Swan Keyes and other revelations…

The High Places of Anu: The Wisdom of Ake Beka being the third parable of Enoch part 2
An interview by Swan Keyes and other revelations…

Swan Keyes
 Is a Psychotherapist, racial justice advocate, meditation teacher, nonprofit development consultant.
Here are some more ‘things’ she is noted for being involved in…
Untraining white liberal racism at Racial and economic justice
Works at Tikkun olam
Psychotherapist at Marriage and family therapy
Former Community and Multicultural Programs Manager at Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Worked at Maintaining a Sense of Humor
Former Psychotherapist at Living Arts Counseling Center
Former Development Director at Buddhist Peace Fellowship
Studied Transpersonal and Somatic Psychology at JFKU
Studied Psychology of Whiteness and Cultural Conditioning at the UNtraining
Studied Literature at Mills College
Studied Literature at Bennington College
Went to the Academy at Charlemont
Went to Mohawk Trail Regional High School
This discourse should be called in the spirit.  And also : subtle deception in the name of peace. I had found earlier this interview by Swan Keyes.
Interviewing “Ake Beka ”Brother  Benjamin. Of the late midnite reggae band. Contemplating the direction, studying it etc. researching it.

I was going to add it to a current work I was doing titled the Master Blaster jamming, so in process of splicing and editing the video, the software froze. Shortly after that I received a message from the west coast from a ‘big’ record producer friend giving me a number telling me to call ABBAZERO “right now” note that Abbazero is the Husband of swan Keyes, who I was just watching interview Ake Beka. And he was the camera man for the video. Strange thing happen. During our conversation. He advised me to search for a video on YouTube he produced  titled: a message to Brother Polight,which was very shocking , in the light of what I was about to disclose about the interview his wife did, note I’m on the east coast and Abbazero and company ,being the music producer etc. had just returned from Hawaii and Abbazero was reading my Book The stoners was after midnight here, close to 2 AM,it has been well over a year since I had been in the presence of or heard from Abbazero. So what we will find being revealed here is the illuminati of the cultural community or the underground shadow government. Basically you are being introduced to the core of a group of people who  intently  indirectly influence social behavior within the culture community as we will learn from the tone or tenor of this video, message to Brother Polight and swan Keyes interview with Ake Beka. In all reality what we are witnessing is subtle deception in the name of peace. Unlike the rampart unchained ignorance of the east coast characteristic of Sa-neter TV,Amon ra squad, Sara sutan seti reality internet. On the west coast we have the refined behind the scene subtle deception in the name of peace, in other words the cultural mafia or illuminati if you will, the west coast are the true puppet masters. One thing I was told in this morning’s conversation with Abbazero is that “poverty  was a state of mind”,(something he has always said to me) which was to be inspiration for me his poor friend. Knowing  I’m a poor man fiscally. Abbazero and his circle are well off, I must add not that I desire to but because spirit has dictated I do: that on a personal level Abbazero is a great mystic who does not touch money with his own hands. but is ‘well off’. I recall one night he had me count well over $40.000 to the point I broke out in a sweat as from hard work. and personally I have handed a bank teller over that much for him for deposit. he knows my statues as I was in his circle for a few years we became associates, and as the saying goes: “once in the circle, always in the circle to a certain degree”, it is now 2:29 am in Florida and I cannot sleep: have to get this message to you. When we factor in Brother Polight. Knowing his nature, and the controversy surrounding him and having Abbazero send him a message from Egypt. And I am to if I so chose reveal this occult connection, we can sense the spiritual nature of this discourse, and yes there is an obvious dark-side. Being true to the spirit of  righteousness I must reveal it as Allah is willing, but first I will return to the swan Keyes and Ake Beka interview and from there my point will be brought forward. First I must say that Abbazero is a Friend. and as an observer and Journalist ,I will also add Spiritual scientist. I will reveal the subtleness of this all, first we must understand that swan Keyes is a ‘white’ Jewish woman. And  Abbazero is a black man. Now we will note her credentials above. And ponder the main question she asked Ake Beka. And at end of video Abbazero ask same Question reinforcing it as Ake Beka never gave a direct answer: “ can a white person be a Rastafari” I feel I influenced that question. This video is also aligned with the previous one I did “The High Places of Anu: The Wisdom of Ake Beka being the third parable of Enoch” where white writers change the lyrics and meaning of the song.  Note the title swan Keyes gave the interview: (race is a creation of the mind) Ake Beka did not say that. I find Ake Beka to be a very wise man as the interview will experience with Swan Keyes is one of observation, some close up and some distance. There are a group of people some may call cultural bandits. I think people like swan Keyes would prefer to be called or known as “change agents” as many shamans on west coast refer to themselves.for I have noticed that their agenda is to change the culture by subtle means. This discourse is for open hearts and open words are audible to spiritual ears only. If we will note her husband Abbazero is black, his relationship with her is voluntary and both have the same intent, Abba Zero is a practicing Jew. Who is in many ways anti Black, he knows about Rastafari, and hang around Rasta’s but is opposed to Rastafari. I will give you an example of his work and mind. He informed me he was at trumps inauguration and is working close to the team how close I do not know, but there is something going on, he was also at Obamas.and I have a picture of him waving to Michelle Obama. When he sends a message to Brother Polight from the pyramids: note he says we were introduced to your work by AA Rasheed. What I know of the nature of Abbazero he knows the mind and soul of polight,he knows polight is corrupt. And in some way polight will be used by him. I PERSONALLY know that this is shamanism on the highest level. There are things I will not reveal according to the laws of integrity. But being that Holy Spirit placed this revelation in my hands, I open Pandora ’s Box for your own observation, you must read between the lines. For good and bad are opposite sides of the same coin. We make our own choices: light or darkness… we will note like In the case Brother Bobby Hemmit, same goes for Brother Polight. When you tamper in the dark arts of culture without proper training and experience you conjure up certain spirits and your own soul hold you responsible for your actions. Note Brother Polight was called out by and man he does not know from the pyramids of Egypt .  Nature will always extract her price…

Signs of the time

                            follow the yellow brick road

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