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The Publications of -Ital Iman

Highlighting a very special Book:

The Holy Book of Wonder. This Book Was Written Over a 36 year period Of Time, starting in the year 1980,/1981, when Stevie wonder held a press conference. united press building at Washington DC., to cause Martin Luther King Birthday to become a National Holiday…
This Book is inspired and Based on The Album Released in 1981 by Stevie wonder titled “Hotter Than July” which was a multilevel esoteric work. a tribute to Bob Marley and Martin Luther King with Two song.
These two songs proves my thesis. being Master Blaster Jamming and Happy Birthday. Both in a reggae Rhythm. The Album Itself alludes to the hotter days of July and August known as “Dog Days” the time of year when Sirius and earths sun conjuncts. The Dog Days of summer are the hottest and most sultry time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Almanac makers vary in the dating of this period, which lasts anywhere from four to six weeks ... between early July and early September. Some English calendars now list it as the period from July 3-August 11.in ancient Egypt this time was used to mark the yearly flooding of the Nile. A famous line from the song master Blaster Jamming is: “when you are moving in the positive, your destination is the brightest star.” Note that the biggest star in the heavens or night sky is Sirius.in The Holy Book of wonder I show where this song and album is connected to the wreck Stevie wonder had in the year  1973,and the song higher grounds, and his album that was released after the wreck (Journey through the secret life of plants) where there is a song called: “a seeds a star a seed” in this song Stevie wonder sings about the Dogon tribe wisdom, where the small star of the Sirius star system, Polo rotates around the larger brightest of the three star system Sirius A every 50 years, and goes deep into this ancient mystery.in the holy book of wonder one point we bring out is that at time of the car wreck, afterwards Stevie wonders music changed directions. And within it was found a hidden code designed for the redemption of The Black man in the wilderness of North America.at the time of the wreck Stevie wonder was age 23 and so was the driver of the other vehicle. the number 23 is the resonant number of the Sirius star system…in the book we prove that six other artist were also connected to this vibration.ie., their music… note that Stevie wonder had met with Bob Marley and had been inspired, and had become a covert Rastafari, who later collaborated with the reggae band third world to write songs to deliver the message given to him from the prophet of the esoteric movement of the Rastafari, which at this time went to another level from the Rastafari movement known to the public today. The Holy Book Of Wonder is result of those  clandestine collaboration, the holy Book Of Wonder reveal the authors endeavor  to spread this message etc. the current edition ends with and at the grand opening of the national museum of African American Culture and History September 23-24-2016

January 15, 1981- Washington, D.C. Rally for King Holiday
On January 15, 1981, Stevie Wonder led a rally in Washington, D.C. to establish a national holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. This was my first experience as an Independent journalist.

Wonder told the crowd of over 100,000 people, "We ought to have a way to honor this human being and reaffirm the ideals he lived and died for; to honor him through a national holiday would also, of course, bestow a great honor on Black America by implicitly acknowledging him as a symbol of the tremendous contributions Black people have made to this country’s historical development."

He continued, "It would also represent another step forward in officially and symbolically embracing the lives and dreams of all the people who compose the American nation. Designating his birthday a national holiday would create and event for all Americans, for Dr. King was a champion for justice and liberty."

"So when you return to your cities, your homes, your jobs please carry on the vigil. For this dream our dream, goes beyond politics, beyond oppression, beyond mere history, but not beyond hope or love, for this dream shall never die."

Wonder recorded the song "Happy Birthday" in tribute to Dr. King on his Hotter than July album which was released September 29, 1980.

On November 2, 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed the King Holiday Bill, making the third Monday of January a national holiday which was first observed in 1986.

Stevie Wonder With Third World - Master Blaster...live sunsplash 1982

Ravers live The Palace, Hollywood, CA 1985 SBD





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