Saturday, December 24, 2016

Urgent ! Correct curriculum for our in crisis Afrocentric communities


Satan is in New York. The so-called culture community is not and has not been setting great example for our people, it is at best entertainment, and it is low quality. It’s not time to get real, time to repent of our past sins and except truth…we can call the SaNeter TV studios network “reality internet” in the same light of degradation as reality TV,what is now popular conscious black intelligence coming from the so called young intellectual thugs , like “young Pharoah,Sara Sutan Seti,and others has to be reexamined, you all know those platforms are not credible and are not worth your attention and hard earned money, they are all directly or indirectly controlled and guided by the same force as control black lives matter, “Brother Polight “ is perfect example of the “reality TV model” sooner or later it will be east coast west coast beef just like the music industry became before the death of has already started with Tariq and Tommy Sotomayor
“My name is Jupiter from the galaxy I came meet you to set you free”

Maurice white from song Jupiter
The black  conscience communities are in a crisis, this video has been formulated as the correct curriculum, in hopes that students of black consciousness pass it on to others that we form a consensus in time… as we reach The end of year 2016 and beginning of 2017 brings the expiration of the white-man’s wisdom.
The black man must face certain facts. One is the fact that the future in the past lies.
The average life span of ancient civilizations we can place at no more than 550 years on the average.
Ancient Rome lies in ruins today as example. Central America and Egypt are our focal points; America is a very unique and special place in is a European experiment known as Babylon the great mystery

The fastest growing and the most influential entity in recorded history currently at 240 years, we do not expect her to survive as long as other great civilizations, as her destiny was written in the stars and recorded in our holy scriptures in allegories metaphors and similies.for the past 36 years her destiny has been sealed and we have found that 2017 she will come face to face with here destiny, we have composed a book over 565 pages over the past 36 years titled THE HOLY BOOK OF WONDER which is a great light in the Afrocentric communities whose time has come to shine. We advise all to order a copy of this great work that you align yourselves with truth in time, for time is quickly running out…

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