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Maurice White: Jupiter . The prophecy and command

In the year 1993 a comet was found by our governments galactic intelligence agencies, it was dubbed Shoemaker-Levy 9 (SL9). then on july 20th 1994 shoe maker levy was confronted by Jupiter. one of these comets was said to be 4,000 miles in diameter, and was headed towards earth. If it had made contact that would have been the end of life on this planet, which has a diameter of 7,926 miles.” So we can see here that earth could have been destroyed. Why did Jupiter take the blow and how.

Jupiter is earths savior:
 From and including: Thursday, February 4, 2016 =  15=6(Death of Maurice White)
To, but not including Saturday, September 23, 2017=23=5 (Jupiter Being Born To Virgo)

Result: 597 days = ( How many Days since death of Maurice White )
It is 597 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date
Or 1 year, 7 months, 19 days excluding the end date

597 days from Maurice white death date until birth of Jupiter on 9/23/2017
5+9+7=21 =Tarot card The world  note Hebrew letters 17 ie looks like one and seven
Meaning of the world card=1.   Completion (completeness) or integration.

2.   The conclusion of a long-term project.

3.   (Sometimes) relocation or a long trip.
If you look closely, you'll see that the four creatures in the corners of this card (the angel, the eagle, the ox, and the lion) are basically the same ones depicted on The Wheel of Fortune. (also represent Jupiter)

These animals are listed in Ezekiel 1:10 and Revelation 4:7.   They are also the traditional symbols of the Four Evangelists (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John)   —   Matthew is represented by a human or angel; Mark by a lion; Luke by an ox; and John by an eagle.

In some of the older decks, the figure in the center was Jesus Christ.

In the number 597 =5+9+7=21 The World 2+1=3 The Empress: The Empress sits on a throne wearing a starry crown, holding a scepter in one hand. The scepter is representative of her power over life, her crown has twelve stars  representing her dominance over the year, and her throne is in the midst of a field of grain, representative of her dominion over growing things. The Empress is representative of the productivity of the subconscious, seeded by ideas. She is meant to be the embodiment of the growth of the natural world, fertility, and what one knows or believes from the heart. Note the crown of 12 stars just like Virgo who will be giving birth to Jupiter.

Many decks depict the Empress as pregnant. This is very symbolic, and when pulled, this card conveys a message that the situation is pregnant with promise - full of opportunity. Along with the symbolism of pregnancy holding promise, comes the waiting period. Just as there is an incubation time until the child comes forth, so too is there a time of waiting until our desires become manifest.

“The Tarot card meanings associated with the Empress are strongly linked with motherhood. When we pull this card for ourselves or for others it is often a message to a mother or from a mother. Keep this in mind as you are conducting your readings.”
“In the Middle Ages the Empress was known as the “Love of Heaven”, the universal creative force. The Empress sits in the center of a radiant sun and her feet resting on the moon. The sun is a symbol of a creative power. The moon under her feet means the insignificance of a matter and the domination of the spirit.”

The following relentless research brought forth the fruit of my intuition of this subject that started out via numerology centered around the death of the prophet Maurice white and his prophetic verse Jupiter…

“The Empress was identified with the woman in the Biblical Book of Revelation, “clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars”, and these features were duly added to the card. The woman from The Book of Revelation is pregnant; consequently the Empress began to be represented in that condition also.”

 In fact, the French school of tarot study was deeply rooted in the Marseilles tarot. Both Oswald Wirth’s tarots (published 1899 and 1927) were based on it, as was the Knapp-Hall tarot of 1929. The chief changes made in these decks were:

    the replacement of the array of sundry items on Le Bateleur’s table with the emblems of the tarot suits;

     the addition of stars on the head of the Empress and a crescent moon at her feet;

     a complete revisioning of the image representing Fortune’s Wheel;

     the addition of a caduceus, symbol of the god Mercury, or the astrological sigil for Mercury, to the Devil card: plus the Latin words Solve and Coagula written on his body;

     and the introduction of a crocodile to the symbolism of the Fool.

These changes reflect esoteric attitudes. Occultists believed that the Bateleurre  presented an individual capable of manipulating the invisible powers lying behind, and supporting and sustaining, the visible universe, and this trait was considered better indicated by the symbols of the tarot suits, themselves taken to signify the four metaphysical elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

About the third eye chakra: The location of the third eye chakra is, within the pineal • plexus at the center of the forehead above the eyes. ... The third eye chakra is a two-petal lotus. ... The planet associated with the third eye chakra is Jupiter.

Ajna (Sanskrit: आज्ञा, IAST: Ājñā, English: "command"), or third-eye chakra, is the sixth primary chakra in the body according to Hindu tradition. It is a part of the brain which can be made more powerful through repetition, like a muscle, and it signifies the conscience. While a person's two eyes see the physical world, the third eye is believed to reveal insights about the future. The third eye chakra connects people to their intuitions, gives them the ability to communicate with the world, and helps them receive messages from the past and the future.
The Ajna chakra is located in the pineal gland directly behind the center of the forehead, but its kshetram, or superficial location, is between the eyebrows at the bridge of the nose. The pineal gland deep inside the brain is also associated with Ajna, as both are considered a "third eye".The location makes it a sacred spot where Hindus apply a vermilion bindi to show respect.

Ajna is described as a transparent lotus flower with two white petals, said to represent the nadis (psychic channels) Ida and Pingala, which meet the central Sushumna nadi before rising to the crown chakra, Sahasrara. The letter "ham" (हं) is written in white on the left petal and represents Shiva, while the letter "ksham" (क्षं) is written in white on the right petal and represents Shakti. These two petals also represent the manifest and the unmanifest mind, which are sometimes said to represent the pineal and pituitary glands.

Inside the pericarp of the flower is the hakini Shakti. It is depicted with a white moon, six faces, and six arms holding a book, a skull, a drum, and a rosary, while making the gestures associated with granting boons and dispelling fears. The downward-pointing triangle above her contains a white lingam. This triangle, along with the lotus flower, can represent wisdom. In some systems the deity Ardhanarishvara, a hermaphrodite from Shiva-Shakti, resides within the lingam and symbolizes the duality of subject and object.

The seed syllable of Ajna is Om, or "Pranava Om", which is believed to be the basic sound of the world and contains all other sounds. It is considered the supreme sound of the universe. The Bīja mantras are monosyllabic seed sounds which, when they are spoken aloud, activate the energy of the chakras in order to purify and balance the mind and body. The energy resonates in the chakra associated with the mantra, helping the speaker become aware of their body's needs

Ajna translates as "command" or "perceive" and is considered the eye of intuition and intellect. Its associated sense organ is the brain. When something is seen in the mind's eye, or in a dream, it is being seen by Ajna. It is a bridge that links gurus with disciples while allowing mind communication between two people. Meditation upon Ajna supposedly grants siddhi, or occult powers, to quickly enter another body at will and to become omniscient. The beholder of these powers realizes unity with Brahman, who has the ability to create, preserve, and destroy the three worlds.

As Hindus believe that spiritual energy from the environment enters their body through the Ajna chakra, they take great care to protect it with spiritually positive and protecting forces. The various religious marks on the foreheads of Hindus, for example bindis, are the spiritual gifts of their respective forms of the Hindu gods.

Directly above Ajna is a minor chakra known as Manas. This chakra is responsible for sending sense perceptions to the higher chakras. Manas has six petals, one for each of the five senses and one for sleep. These petals are normally white but take on the color of the senses when activated by them, and are black during sleep. It is associated with the parietal eye of a juvenile bullfrog.

Now we have explained to you of the flower mentioned in the prophetic song by Maurice white and earth wind and fire how it relates to Jupiter and virgo and year 2017 it’s connection to tarot divination etc., now read and study the song with new eyes clearer vision:

                       The prophecy and the command. 


Searching in the sky one night, while looking for the moon
I viewed a mighty light approaching in a zoom
Need was there to tell someone of my discovery
Fifteen seconds later, a light appeared in front of me
To my surprise, there stood a man with age and mystery
His name was Jupiter and came to visit me
The name is Jupiter, from the galaxy
I came to meet you, to make you free
Deliver to you a flower from
A distant planet, from where I come
Keep your eye on Jupiter, such beauty in the sky
We will wait for your return in the by and by
Keep your eye on Jupiter, memories we shall fulfill
Just to view a brighter day, and do a righteous will
Watching and considering my visual state of mind
The flower fragrance help reveal to me the sign...

               Jupiter and virgo 2017

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