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THE BIG APE*Jacksonville Fl* THE MAGIC OF SIR PAUL McCartney * spell on Rae Sremmurd*/THE MANNEQUIN CHALLENGE

                             More Proof of End Times ?

“A knight is a person granted an honorary title of knighthood by a monarch or other political leader for service to the monarch or country, especially in a military capacity. Historically, in Europe, knighthood was conferred upon mounted warriors. During the High Middle Ages, knighthood was considered a class of lower nobility. By the Late Middle Ages, the rank had become associated with the ideals of chivalry, a code of conduct for the perfect courtly Christian warrior. Often, a knight was a vassal who served as a fighter for a lord, with payment in the form of land holdings and food from serfs. The lords trusted the knights, who were skilled in battle on horseback. Since the early modern period, the title of knight is purely honorific, usually bestowed by a monarch, as in the British honours system, often for non-military service to the country. The modern female equivalent in the United Kingdom is Dame”.

“On March 11, 1997, at the age of 54, former Beatles and Wings member Paul McCartney received one of Britain’s highest honors when he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. The centuries-old ceremony, officially bestows the title of “Sir” upon all fortunate enough to receive the designation.
It was not the first time that McCartney had received high recognition from his homeland. In October 1965, McCartney, along with fellow band members John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, were given Member of the British Empire medals, much to the shock of the British establishment at the time. Lennon returned his MBE medal in 1969 as a war protest.”

19 years after his knighthood ceremony sir Paul McCartney met two young black men age 21 and  23 of the duo group Rae Sremmurd:
Country boys from Tupelo Mississippi-

“Rae Sremmurd (pronunciation: /ˈreɪ ʃrˈɪmɜːrd/) is an American hip hop duo consisting of brothers Khalif "Swae Lee" Brown (born June 7, 1995) and Aaquil "Slim Jxmmi" Brown (born December 29, 1993) from Tupelo, Mississippi. The duo are best known for their platinum singles "No Flex Zone" and "No Type", which peaked at numbers 36 and 16 on the US Billboard Hot 100, respectively. They are based in Atlanta, Georgia.[4] Their debut album SremmLife was released on January 6, 2015. The name "Rae Sremmurd" is derived from the duo's home label, EarDrummers, by spelling each word backwards. Their second album SremmLife 2 was released in 2016 to positive reviews, featuring the singles "Look Alive" and "Black Beatles", the latter of which topped the Billboard Hot 100, giving the duo (and Gucci Mane) their first number one.”

Please Note: this statement from the duo:
“The first time we went to Coachella with Mike Will, before we blew up, we met Paul McCartney, and he gave us some uplifting words of wisdom. We were humbled. It was a rock star moment to have this dude telling us that. He didn't even know us, but he was just talking to us. I guess it was our aura or I don't know what it was. He just took the time to speak with us before we even made the song. It was crazy”.

Understand that  the duo was at Coachella with Mike Wills of ear drummer their record label April 15, 2016, and the song black Beatles was not released until September 13, 2016 by EarDrummers and Interscope Records .note that Paul McCartney was not in the lineup so Rae Sremmurd had to Meet McCartney under other circumstances

Or even at some earlier date and time. what we do clearly see is that McCartney initiated the meeting, and what is the fact is the song ‘Black Beatles’ was yet to be released at time of the meeting. We are sure the duo was discovered by McCartney as it’s reported Paul has attended the event each year since it’s opening in 2009 when he himself the question is what did Sir Paul McCartney know or see in the boys that inspired him to talk to them and give them advice as the boys stated:
“The first time we went to Coachella with Mike Will, before we blew up, we met Paul McCartney, and he gave us some uplifting words of wisdom. We were humbled. It was a rock star moment to have this dude telling us that. He didn't even know us, but he was just talking to us. I guess it was our aura or I don't know what it was. He just took the time to speak with us before we even made the song. It was crazy”. ("He just took the time to speak with us before we even made the song".?)

What did he whisper in their ear drum to cause them months after to create and write the song “Black Beatles” WHAT DID HE DO TO THE,HOW DID HE DO IT,HOW DID HE KNOW THEY WOULD DO IT?

Here we will arrive at the mystical and magical powers and the origin of the magician musician knighted by the Queen of England “Sir Paul McCartney:”

Sir Paul McCartney's long winding road to his ancestors

HE IMMORTALISED the Mull of Kintyre in song and now it can be revealed that Sir Paul McCartney has Scottish roots. Although he is as Scouse as Lime Street and the Mersey, Macca has always been proud of his Irish heritage. But when his brother, Mike McCartney, took a fresh look at the family tree he was amazed to find a Caledonian connection to throw into the mix. The former frontman of the 1960s group The Scaffold found that the McCartney family took a long and winding route across the Irish Sea to Scotland before eventually settling in Liverpool. The discovery has prompted Scottish Government genealogists to invite the McCartneys to head back north of the border to find out more about their Scots forebears. McCartney made the find while compiling a book of photographic images of the Highlands, which will be exhibited in the Scottish Parliament next month. He said: "Scotland is an area that has strong links with my family. In fact I have done some research and traced our roots back to the McIntosh clan. It seems my family came over from Ireland to Scotland about 150 years ago or so – before travelling down to Liverpool." It is believed that the McCartneys' great-great-grandfather settled in Scotland in the mid-19th century.
There is evidence from other sources to support the idea that the McCartneys moved from Ireland to Scotland. American-based family genealogist John McCartney, who specializes in the history of his famous surname, said members of the McCarthy Mor family of Munster left Ireland for Scotland around this time, with many of them starting a new life in Galloway. Kirkcudbright resident and Beatles fan Sandra McCartney was tickled by the suggestion that she might be distantly related to Sir Paul. She said: "It's a bit of a coincidence. When people hear my surname they often ask me if I am any relation to Paul McCartney. I usually laugh and tell them he's my uncle, but from what I hear I might not actually be that far off."

The General Register Office for Scotland urged Sir Paul and his brother to return north to investigate their Caledonian heritage further as part of the Homecoming 2009 celebrations. A spokesman for the Scottish Government body said: "Our Scotland's People Centre staff would be delighted to assist Sir Paul or Mike McCartney in tracing their Scottish ancestors." Mike McCartney's collection features 31 images of the north Highlands, including the world's shortest street, in Wick, the Dounreay nuclear plant, and a remote chocolate factory in Durness. One of the most rewarding parts of his Highland odyssey came at Castle of Mey in Caithness, where staff revealed that the late Queen Mother was a big fan of his 1967 hit 'Thank U Very Much' and enjoyed belting out the lyrics after evening refreshment. He said: "Apparently, after dinner, Her Majesty would insist on going solo for the 'Thank U very much for our Gracious Queen' line at the climax of the record. I didn't have the heart to say that the actual words of my song were 'Thank U very much for our gracious team'." The Merseyside-based photographer became fascinated by Scotland's far north during an earlier visit. He said: "I was really struck by the place. The climate up there is very differ He said: "I was really struck by the place. The climate up there is very different, as are the people. These are folk who don't want to be at the centre of the universe. The things I saw when I was up there were incredible."


Now allow me to dive ever deeper into the pool of mystery concerning this great knighted Magician who casted a spell upon two young Black aspiring ‘Rappers’ while at “Coachella”


“The Scottish people have a name that has a meaning that befits the land where the Templars settled after mapping the Earths coastlines and the Pagan civilizations. Piri Reis, a Templar copied the maps of Columbus that came from the Templars. They had been banned from France by Phillip the Fair in 1305 and the return from the mapping to Scotland was approximately 1312. The peoples of the British Isles were a mix at that time from a Saxon and Welsh Presence in the south with Celtic presence to a Nordic in the north. Since the crusades Latin was a language that was respected and used in academic circles, the name;


Was coined. The word "skotos" means darkness. The medical term "scotoma" defines an area of diminished vision. Scotopia is an ability to see in dim light. The people that were occupying the land of Scotland when the Templars settled there must have been amiable to the unconscious uses of the ancient trance in structuring their society. A word with a similar meaning as occult but with less negative connotation.

A trusted Scottish source with Masonic ancestry defines those people as Druids. I would agree. I would extend that the Cistercian monks were Druids once removed by the crusaders imposition of the consciousness disabling fears that drives the secrecy. The Cistercians created the "Nine Knights of France", men programmed in a somnambulistic trance as small boys to revive the crusades and control. The Cistercians were a merging of Druidic and Celtic people’s knowledge. The surrounding peoples probably named them Scots. Shortly afterward, perhaps around 1550 the Templar's, hiding from Inquisition realized that they were making it possible to identify them by carrying names with the prefix, Mason Clan, i.e. Mason Clan Gregor became McGregor. They forgot over a few generations what the Mc meant.”

So now we see and are aware that Sir Paul McCartney is a member of a secret Masonic Clan, with connections to the knights Templars…

The young rapper duo are pawns in a societal hypnosis drama…
Rae Sremmurd  takes credit for the mannequin challenge but the origin of The Challenge arises from the river city Jacksonville Florida.

It is known as river city for its historic river St. Johns being the only river major river flowing north like the Nile in Egypt: The Nile is a major north-flowing river in northeastern Africa, also in the river city there is a 42 story just a few stories (3) shorter than the great pyramid, and in front of that there is a step Mayan looking structure, and entering the city from the east  the apex of the pyramidal structure appears to rest atop a flat toped building like the missing capstone of great pyramid.

So what we have here is a societal hypnosis phenomenon controlled and directed by seen and unseen forces, known and unknown, ancient and modern we will present the following video by YouTube channel KijaniAmariAK  to explain:


what we must understand is that white people, white artist,etc., have always mimicked black people,artist,they have always envied the black people, wanted to be like black people to the point of stealing the culture as their own, twerking is current example, we know that Beatles, Elvis Presley and all the great rock and roll stars have mimicked black people and stole greatly from them, we will call them cultural bandits. Note that the word MANNEQUIN and Mime is synonymous as the mime mimics the mannequin. Here now we will reveal the ancient origin of the Manikin in the light of the mannequin challenge and it’s metaphysical  message to us currently during this hypnotic trend:

The Creation story and the great flood from the definitive Book of the Maya. The Popul Vuh:

"It is well that there be your manikins, woodcarvings, talking, speaking, there on the face of the earth."

"So be it," they replied. The moment they spoke it was done: the manikins, woodcarvings, human in looks and human in speech.

This was the peopling of the face of the earth:

They came into being, they multiplied, they had daughters, and they had sons, these manikins, woodcarvings. But there was nothing in their hearts and nothing in their minds, no memory of their mason and builder. They just went and walked wherever they wanted. Now they did not remember the Heart of Sky.

And so they fell, just an experiment and just a cutout for humankind. They were talking at first but their faces were dry. They were not yet developed in the legs and arms. They had no blood, no lymph. They had no sweat, no fat. Their complexions were dry, their faces were crusty. They flailed their legs and arms, their bodies were deformed.

And so they accomplished nothing before the Maker, Modeler who gave them birth, gave them heart. They became the first numerous people here on the face of the earth.

Again there comes a humiliation, destruction, and demolition. The manikins, woodcarvings were killed when the Heart of Sky devised a flood for them. A great flood was made; it came down on the heads of the manikins, woodcarvings.

The man's body was carved from the wood of the coral tree by the Maker, Modeler. And as for the woman, the Maker, Modeler needed the pith of reeds for the woman's body. They were not competent, nor did they speak before the builder and sculptor who made them and brought them forth, and so they were killed, done in by a flood:

There came a rain of resin from the sky.

There came the one named Gouger of Faces: he gouged out their eyeballs.

There came Sudden Bloodletter: he snapped off their heads.

There came Crunching Jaguar: he ate their flesh.

There came Tearing Jaguar: he tore them open.

They were pounded down to the bones and tendons, smashed and pulverized even to the bones. Their faces were smashed because they were incompetent before their mother and their father, the Heart of Sky, named Hurricane. The earth was blackened because of this; the black rainstorm began, rain all day and rain all night. Into their houses came the animals, small and great. Their faces were crushed by things of wood and stone. Everything spoke: their water jars, their tortilla griddles, their plates, their cooking pots, their dogs, their grinding stones, each and every thing crushed their faces. Their dogs and turkeys told them:

"You caused us pain, you ate us, but now it is you whom we shall eat." And this is the grinding stone:

"We were undone because of you.
 Every day, every day,
 In the dark, in the dawn, forever,
 r-r-rip, r-r-rip,
 r-r-rub, r-r-rub,
 right in our faces, because of you.

This was the service we gave you at first, when you were still people, but today you will learn of our power. We shall pound and we shall grind your flesh," their grinding stones told them.

And this is what their dogs said, when they spoke in their turn:

"Why is it you can't seem to give us our food? We just watch and you just keep us down, and you throw us around. You keep a stick ready when you eat, just so you can hit us. We don't talk, so we've received nothing from you. How could you not have known? You did know that we were wasting away there, behind you.

"So, this very day you will taste the teeth in our mouths. we shall eat you," their dogs told them, and their faces were crushed.

And then their tortilla griddles and cooking pots spoke to them in turn:

"Pain! That's all you've done for us. Our mouths are sooty, our faces are sooty. By setting us on the fire all the time, you burn us. Since we felt no pain, you try it. We shall burn you," all their cooking pots said, crushing their faces.

The stones, their hearthstones were shooting out, coming right out of the fire, going for their heads, causing them pain. Now they run for it, helter-skelter.

They want to climb up on the houses, but they fall as the houses collapse.

They want to climb the trees; they're thrown off by the trees.

They want to get inside caves, but the caves slam shut in their faces.

Such was the scattering of the human work, the human design. The people were ground down, overthrown. The mouths and faces of all of them were destroyed and crushed. And it used to be said that the monkeys in the forests today are a sign of this. They were left as a sign because wood alone was used for their flesh by the builder and sculptor.

So this is why monkeys look like people: they are a sign of a previous human work, human design--mere manikins, mere woodcarvings

“  "Black Beatles" is a song by American hip hop duo Rae Sremmurd. It was released on September 13, 2016 by EarDrummers and Interscope Records as the third single from their second studio album SremmLife 2. The song features guest vocals from American rapper Gucci Mane and is produced by Mike Will Made It. It is both Rae Sremmurd's and Gucci Mane's first number-one single on the US Billboard Hot 100 following viral exposure, and marks their first top ten appearances in territories such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK.”

“Why the title? Did the concept and inspiration hit once Gucci joined?

I came up with that whole concept as I was just rhyming. I'm just thinking of dope, big concepts, just like different phrases I could say. The whole concept "Black Beatles" was about the way you dress, the way you perform at your shows. You have people who love your craft and your music. You're traveling around and living the whole rock star lifestyle. I always loved John Lennon's swag. I like his glasses. Saying "Black Beatles" is a lingo. I just thought it was a dope phrase and it went with the whole song that I was making. And then the intro — [Singing] "I sent flowers, but you said you didn't receive them" — it's like the heartbreak of the song. It's got all the elements.
Were you and your brother fans of the Beatles' music before?

We always liked their tunes; the whole movement, their style. But that's just one reference that just came to mind. In a lot of [our] songs, we try to sound like heavy metal. Just loud. We have a lot of music with rock & roll references. And we live our lifestyles like rock stars.

Now with the Mannequin Challenge, this is now the second meme to come from the song following one where people photo shopped your faces on famous Beatles photos when it first came out.
Yeah, that was pretty funny! We even recreated their Abbey Road photo for our video, or like, we crossed Abbey Road, but we actually crossed a road in Atlanta. But we did our version of the whole walk across Abbey Road. Now everybody wants to be a black Beatle.

And now that Paul McCartney did the Mannequin Challenge, it feels full circle. What was your reaction when you saw that?
So I was on my tour bus, and I woke up and checked my Twitter, and everybody was hitting me up with "Paul McCartney did the Mannequin Challenge!" I'm like "What song did he play?" That was the first thing I was thinking! He played "Black Beatles" and it just blew our minds! Cause when you've reached a real Beatle, it's the ultimate co-sign. It's like dang, respect. We reached a real Beatle and it's crazy. And the fact that he said "Love those black Beatles," it's crazy.
The first time we went to Coachella with Mike Will, before we blew up, we met Paul McCartney, and he gave us some uplifting words of wisdom. We were humbled. It was a rock star moment to have this dude telling us that. He didn't even know us, but he was just talking to us. I guess it was our aura or I don't know what it was. He just took the time to speak with us before we even made the song. It was crazy.
What have been your favorite interpretations of the Mannequin Challenge so far?
McCartney, of course. LeBron James, Steph Curry. This might sound crazy, but we saw this dog do it. The dog that did it was like frozen, sitting in chairs, sitting on his back. Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama did it. There's just so many names. Like all kinds of big names have done it to our song. It's mind-blowing. 80-year-olds, five-year-olds, black people, white people, Indian people. Every race is doing it.
"Black Beatles" is far from the first hit you two have had, but what makes this song feel so special for you and your brother?
Our biggest hit prior to this song was "No Type." It went platinum or two times platinum. I don't even know. A lot of people were like "Man, how they gonna top this? How they gonna top that?" This is definitely the highest we've ever been on the charts. We broke into the pop world. We broke out of just the hip-hop world. And I think all those hits before this one just built our fans up for this bomb to drop, for "Black Beatles" to drop when it did. Everybody was ready for it.
Any collaborations with Paul McCartney in the future? It wouldn't be his first foray into hip-hop.
Oh man, you never know. I'm definitely very down for that. That’s necessary for the culture. It's only right. We can mellow down and make some crazy stuff. Make some platinum stuff. That would be like the real Beatles.”


Could the trending mannequin challenge be trying to warn us of impending or imminent world destruction 

On August 24, 79 AD, Mt. Vesuvius in Pompeii, Italy exploded in a volcanic eruption. Tons of molten ash, pumice and sulfuric gas went miles into the atmosphere. In the 1800's, Archeologists were able to make casts of the bodies from the victims by filling the cavity with liquid plaster then carefully chipping away the lava, eventually to reveal a perfect cast of the body.

When Mount Vesuvius erupted cataclysmically in the summer of A.D. 79, the nearby Roman town of Pompeii was buried under several feet of ash and rock. The ruined city remained frozen in time until it was discovered by a surveying engineer in 1748.

By James Owens
On a fateful summer morning in A.D. 79 Mount Vesuvius buried the vibrant Roman city of Pompeii—and many of its citizens—beneath tons of volcanic ash and debris.

"Darkness fell, not the dark of a moonless or cloudy night, but as if the lamp had been put out in a dark room," wrote Pliny the Younger, who witnessed the cataclysm from across the Bay of Naples.

The darkness Pliny described drew the final curtain on an era in Pompeii. But the disaster also preserved a slice of Roman life. The buildings, art, artifacts, and bodies forever frozen offer a unique window on the ancient world.

Since its rediscovery in the mid-18th century the site has hosted a tireless succession of treasure hunters and archaeologists.

"Pompeii as an archaeological site is the longest continually excavated site in the world," says Steven Ellis, a classics professor at the University of Cincinnati and the co-director of the Pompeii Archaeological Research Project: Porta Stabia.

"Because of this, what we find in Pompeii is that every step in the development in the science of archaeology was tested out in Pompeii—with mixed results," he says.

For early archaeologists the disaster of the city's final days was the primary draw, unearthing buildings and streets as they stood at the time of the eruption.

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