Thursday, December 8, 2016

'NMAAHC' * The Ethiopian spiritual science

'NMAAHC' * The  Ethiopian spiritual science.

The two planes of life, the objective and subjective, are scientific facts, no longer disputed by well-informed minds.  this is an experiment  in the exchange of thought. Which in reality has become universal among  educated minds during  our lifetime, it here I try and cause out that you see.
Is an ethnographic sight and sound panorama of African American cultural interplay with its 21st century oral tradition. A scientific description of the call and response dynamic of the Black man in America interfacing  the  two planes of life, known by well-informed  minds .

is an invitation that you study my work at my blog that you become aligned to what is it that is now urgent we do and what it is that is coming up in year 2017 which is now upon us. I stress that you order the “Holy book of wonder” as well study my blog, you who are the black survivors it’s time we all unite join as one children in Jah-Allah whatever name you call this vibration is one and information here is right and in order and ‘on time’. remember it is all about us now.what anyone else says is obsolete. It is not about white Israel or anything white media broadcast it is about the survival of the black man in the wilderness of North America. 

There is something that is happening we all need to know about and the only place you can know about it is at my blog and in the Holy book of wonder now over 598 pages, 36 years in the writing… so listen ,view,study this video order the book and prepare…
Remember: we are all God communicating to the other. “each one teach one”
I am the Master collagist
-Ital Iman I 

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