Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Devil Rides Our Back-The African American in Wonder-Land

The Devil Rides Our Back
The African American in
-Ital Iman

What you are about to witness here is not to bash or degrade any one. this discourse is a teaching tool.
the 'subjects' here in.Nothing said concerning any of the characters in this discourse is meant to be taken personal...
-Ital Iman

I have given much thought before publishing this Discourse, realizing it is not of the popular thought. that is not my concern. Basically   what has motivated this post is the power behind it, the essence of you may never know. it that has motivated me to create it is really love and most of all the inspiration from the √¶theric realms which guide my mind and ‘pen’.in the air currently the winds of change is blowing hard throughout the earth. The paradigm of society is shifting fast. Natural disasters in diverse places people dying and crying everywhere, seen and unseen, known and unknown…over the past Nine days within the rhythm of the Fidel Castro memorial services etc., I have received a few divine revelations stating that The Gods are with me, and I have encrypted that information into several communications to you, I have looked back over my life realizing my dedication to my work and I’m  satisfied ,as many have accomplished much on the physical plain, amassing  property and great wealth. in that arena I have nothing to show. But I have been assured beyond a shadow of doubt that My sacrifice has not been invain.and my reward is near, and the reward of all those who have been faithful servants of truth over these very trying years under the tyrannical feet of Babylon the great whore of mystery known as USA who has caused the whole of the world to lust after her. I thank God in this message that I’m alive today witnessing his mercy. this is not spoken out of ignorance, I know that internet was given us from the etheric realms that we communicate the many messages of truth making one great song in the end, for we have reached that end…

Entertainment with no substance equals soulless zombies-
 Mere Puppets for the masters, a once powerful people void of consensus.
A soulless being does not desire freedom.
Individuality is the foundation of integrated people is a people without character.
The races were not designed to mix sexually like same-sex marriage is against the law of physics. The law of physics states   (opposites attract, likes repel), we were made different that we learn from the other not create a hybrid race, lost in a none hybrid world; we cannot reinvent the wheel. being separate does not mean waring against each other and hating  each other; respect for all life is civilization. War is barbaric. Civilization is social development and organization that is most advanced.
Sexual race mixing is a violation of civilization…why do you think, you cannot brake away and be free.
Because you have lost your soul which is your freedom .your total power was in your language-
Without it you are weak. Have you notice the black people in London have the British accent?
What does a ‘Black man truly sound like’ we must summon back our soul…
How could I have known this working a nine to five for the past 35 years? I to would be among the living dead, a mere Zombie it is true as the Prophet having “wisdom is much more than silver and Gold”
The pain of losing family and all that goes with it I have been assured is worth it in the end ,I pray my children realize my great sacrifice was that they overcome the evils of Babylon…

It is time we all reflect on our mistakes, and repent fast and pray, for this paradigm is shifting fast.

the offspring of two plants or animals of different species or varieties, such as a mule (a hybrid of a donkey and a horse).
"a hybrid of wheat and rye"
synonyms:          cross, cross-breed, mixed breed, half-breed, half-blood

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