Monday, December 5, 2016

The Mystery Of The Nyabingi Order Revealed

The Nyabingi was subtly   designed to interplay with the earth’s vibration, as well the vibration of beings of the earth, and to give resonates to inanimate objects, especially those objects created by ancient societies
To enhance and manipulate metaphysical and or etheric forces. Sound vibration directed by intent or impregnated with soul force is a tool for constructing alternant realities, with this tool large objects can be moved, sound is the vehicle for communications. 

The key to the electromagnetic spectrum, this is of the mystery of the tone scientist.  The  soundwave  is a type of intelligence with a life of its own. Like water sound is fluid, like color is to broken light so is sound to broken movement, sound is mind as paper is to the written word, messages can be transported upon sound and be interpreted by other subtle vibrations, science have discovered sound emanating   from the black hole, sound like thought has no boundries, sound is the creator of existence…light and sound is the key to life. Music is the key to life.
As the prophet Bob Marley said:        ”We free our people with music”

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