Friday, December 23, 2016

'The assorted ground' The state of the Afrocentric and black conscience communities. 2016 in review

The assorted ground
The state of the Afrocentric and black conscience communities
2016 in review

This is of the Afrocentric intellectual grass-roots Atrocity. Like Atlanta was once the BLACK cultural Mecca Save now LBGT haven: We have come from a time of Dr. Dell Jones, Jewel Pookrum,steve Cokely, Frances cress Welsing, Ramona Africa, just to name a few. from wisdom and true experience, like Black panthers to black lives matter. to the abomination of today, the brother polite, Sa-neter,sara-sutan seti,young pharoah,Tommy Sotomayor. Just like reality TV we have in Black Cultural community: Reality internet…
As many discarded objects found upon the grounds of the world so are there varied beliefs, opinions, knowledge, characters etc., if we would go into any low Income neighbor in the world, we would find
Upon the ground, used condoms, cigarette butts, used panties, broken glass, drug needles, just a myriad of Things, chicken boxes, I think you get the is this compared to the black information circuit
Which is without consensus, in cyber space it has become a circus of we will call it reality internet,
An arena of senseless debates, quasi intellectual brain brawls.

 This is the black cultural community…the current black intelligence

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