Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Black woman is not God

This is to dispel the current myth perpetrated by the ‘African American ‘covert
Feminist  enigma. in the Afrocentric communities there is this tendency for ‘down-low’
Men to promote the idea or notion that the black woman is is my consensus that these men mostly were raised by females, and have been caused to contract  rare cases of  mental psychosis due to
Covertly harboring a desire of the feminine nature, where on the other hand ‘black women’ who proclaim this notion are lesbian overtly or covertly, and harbor a profound scorn for black the point they have created myths around their ideology to support their claim, which in essence is unknowingly the result of the once mostly hidden now visible LGBT agenda, and the movement to feminize the ‘black male’. This work is to expose and dispel the attempt to end the gender war

That has produced many casualties …

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